In Southern Light: Treks Through Brazil and Africa

In Southern Light: Treks Through Brazil and Africa

by Alex Shoumatoff

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Vicarious travel with Shoumatoff is always rewardingnot only is he well informed, he is interested in everything. An earlier journey produced The Rivers Amazon; here he treks to the remote and sparsely populated Rio Nhamunda in northwest Brazil. Legend has designated the area as home of the Amazons, ``women without husbands,'' and Shoumatoff traces this universal myth among fragmented Indian tribes. In the jungles of Zaire, he walks with pygmies through the Ituri Forest, visits missionaries and hitchhikes to a nature reserve at the Ugandan border. It is an extraordinarily colorful voyage; Shoumatoff captures the essence of people on the move as well as the sights of exotic places. First serial to the New Yorker. (March)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Although few people could consider trekking in Zaire and the Amazon to be an ideal vacation, this book is undeniably enthralling. Shoumatoff seems equally at home in the Brazilian jungle searching for a legendary tribe of Amazon women or marching through an African forest with BaMbuti pygmies. On every page the reader is sure to find intriguing details about local flora and fauna, exotic natives, or the latest calamity to befall the intrepid author. Shoumatoff's grasp of jungle lore, his appreciation for natural wonders, and his taste for high adventure make this one travel account about which readers won't exclaim, ``Not another book on . . . .'' Ian Wallace, Agriculture Canada Lib., Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

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