In the Balkans

In the Balkans

by Nikos Economopoulos, Magnum Photos, Inc. Staff

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Gretchen Garner
Like the news from Bosnia, the black-and-white photographs in this book are confusing and grim. Yet Economopoulos has photographed all over the Balkan Peninsula without finding differences demarcated by national borders; "the Balkan people," he writes, "have created their own curious identity, unique across ethnic borders, political divisions, and religious schisms." Nevertheless, they continue to annihilate one another in ethnic warfare. Economopoulos' photographs are long on style--a spontaneous documentary style that owes equal debts to Henri Cartier-Bresson and Gene Richards--and ask more questions than they answer. Economopoulos is not an "event" photographer but rather a "street" photographer, simply alert to what might happen visually, and his pictures never explain anything. They do, however, put a human face on the part of the world that consistently produces the day's worst news--achievement enough for any book.

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