In The Closet

In The Closet

by Ana Star

Thirteen year old Perina goes to a teen make-out party and falls for Stephanie, a tomboy Latina girl. Read from where it all began . . . in the closet.


Thirteen year old Perina goes to a teen make-out party and falls for Stephanie, a tomboy Latina girl. Read from where it all began . . . in the closet.

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Thirteen years old Perina sat on a sofa hugging a brown pillow close to her chest. She watched her friends paired together as they danced to the loud romantic music. Like most weekends, there were no parents here to supervise the party.

She gazed out, nowhere in particular, feeling invisible to the crowd although she didn't mind. None of the guys appealed to her. A few sat down, invited her for a make out session but she declined them all. Though being ignored by her peers didn't bother her, she couldn't help but feel alone in a world of partnerships. Why do I even bother coming to these parties? She thought, feeling like an outsider. A movement on the couch distracted her and a voice said, "Hey, Perina."

Perina smiled and nodded shyly. "Hi, Stephanie." She twirled a lock of blond hair around her finger.

Chewing her nails, Stephanie asked, "You're not dancing?"

"No, you?"

"Nah, all the guys are ugly," She chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, I think so too."

Perina felt Stephanie's deep, brown eyes watching her. She blushed, clutched the pillow tighter and stared out, trying to look unaffected by Stephanie's attention.

"You wanna see something cool?" Stephanie asked. She stood up and held out her hand.

Perina hesitated, then nodded and, holding hands, followed her through the basement and into a closet. Closing the door behind her, she sat on the floor and said, "Sit down here." She pulled Perina down in front of her.

"What did you want to show me?" Perina asked. Her eyes squinted and tried to see through the darkness but she could barely see Stephanie's Latino features.

"Close your eyes and I'll show you," she murmured.

Perinainnocently closed her eyes and waited. A warm, hasty yet hesitant breath brushed her face, before a wet, fleshy pressure covered her lips. Completely stunned, she froze up; her heart skipped a beat and she felt an unusual tingling in her chest.

Stephanie kissed her gently before she pulled away quickly.

Opening her eyes, Perina asked, "Why did you stop? I don't taste good?"

"No. It's not that," Stephanie said in a trembling voice. She blushed and retreated into her own world.

Perina's body heated up at the thought of her first kiss. It felt strange, but somehow, way more pleasant than when she watched her friends make out with their boyfriends. She moved closer and surprised Stephanie with another kiss. Her mouth remained closed and pressed on her lower lip, slightly rubbing in circles. She sat on her lap sideways as one of her arms wrapped itself around Stephanie's shoulders. They stopped kissing and she nested her head between Stephanie's neck and shoulder, her free hand petted her black curly hair. The world disappeared, leaving the two locked in their silent embrace. She felt soothed, calm and content. This was blissful experience, different from what she expected.

"That was really nice," Perina whispered as she inhaled deeply and smelled a sweet, delicious bubblegum scent.

"I like you," Stephanie babbled. Her face burned instantly. "I've watched you in class and here."

Perina rubbed her nose affectionately against her cheek. "Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

"No. I only wanted to kiss you." She shyly looked away.

Perina hugged her tightly and her hands petted the back of her head. She enjoyed being clutched in Stephanie's embrace. It felt warm and safe. She wished she could remain like this forever. This was a thrilling sensation of completion. Something she had never experienced, not even in her dreams.

Meet the Author

Ana Star grew up in Canada, in the French province of Quebec. She began to write in her early teens and has never stopped since. English is her second language and yet a major part of her writing life. When Ana is not writing, she takes care of her guinea pigs, Yuki and Kyo, and loves to go to the movies. She has a passion for Asian movies, music and foreign cultures.
Ana’s writing genres are fantasy, horror and erotica.

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