In the Company of Others / Edition 2

In the Company of Others / Edition 2

by Rothwell

ISBN-10: 0767430093

ISBN-13: 9780767430098

Pub. Date: 08/08/2003

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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McGraw-Hill Companies, The
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Older Edition
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8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Communication Competence
A Head: Reasons to Study Communication
A Head: Communication Myths
A Head: Communication Defined
A Head: Communication Competence Model
Chapter 2: Creating a Communication Climate
A Head: Competition and cooperation
A Head: Connecting Bids
A Head: Establishing a Constructive Communication Climate
Chapter 3: Perception of Self and Others
A Head: The Perception Process
A Head: Perception fo Self
A Head: Perception of Others
A Head: Gender and Perception
A Head: Strategies for Communicatiing Competently
Chapter 4: Intercultural Communication
A Head: Cultural Value Differences
A Head: Intercultural Miscommunication
A Head: Intercultural Communication Competence
Chapter 5: Language: Sharing Meaning with Words
A Head: The Anatomy of Language
A Head: The Power of Language
A Head: Competent Language Use: Problems and Solutions
Chapter 6: Nonverbal Communication: Sharing Meaning without Words
A Head: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Distinctions
A Head: Interconnectedness of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
A Head: Types of Nonverbal Communication
A Head: Communicating Competently with Nonverbal Cues
Chapter 7: Listening to Others
A Head: The Listening Process
A Head: Specific Listening Problems
A Head: Competent Informative Listening
A Head: Competent Critical Listening
A Head: Competent Empathic Listening
Chapter 8: Power: The Inescapable CommunicationDynamic
A Head: Definition of Power
A Head: Indicators of Power
A Head: Power Resources
A Head: Problmes of Power Imbalances
A Head: Competent Communication and Balancing Power
Chapter 9: Technology and Communication Competence
A Head: Trends in Communication Technologies
A Head: Consequences of Communication Technologies
Chapter 10: Making Relationships Work
A Head: Stages of Intimate Relationships
A Head: Relationship Dialectics and Communication Competence
A Head: Intimacy and Love
A Head: Intercultural Relationships and Communication Competence
Chapter 11: Interpersonal Conflict Management
A Head: Definition of Conflict
A Head: Communication Styles of Conflict Management
A Head: Managing Conflict Competently
Chapter 12: The Anatomy of Small Groups
A Head: Pros and Cons of Groups
A Head: The Structure of Small Groups
A Head: Leadership
Chapter 13: Teambuilding and Teamwork in Small Groups and Organizations
A Head: Teambuilding
A Head: Teamwork
Chapter 14: Beginning the Speech Process
A Head: Speech Anxiety
A Head: Topic Choise and Analysis
A Head: Audience Analysis
Chapter 15: Developing a Speech
A Head: Researching the Topic
A Head: Competent Outlining and Organizing
A Head: Gaining and Maintaining Attention
A Head: Introductions and Conclusions
Chapter 16: Presenting a Speech
A Head: Presenting Supporting Material
A Head: Competent Style
A Head: Delivery
Chapter 17: Informative Speaking
A Head: Distinguishing Informative from Persuasive Speaking
A Head: Types of Informative Speeches
A Head: Guidelines for Competent Informative Speaking
A Head: Competent Use of Visual Aids
Chapter 18: Persuasive Speaking
A Head: Foundation of Persuasion
A Head: Persuasion Strategies
Appendix: Interviewing

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