In the Doctor's Bed

In the Doctor's Bed

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by Brenda Jackson

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The skills of a surgeon…

Having a crush on her drop-dead-gorgeous boss could get Hopewell General intern Jaclyn Campbell fired…especially with the prestigious Virginia hospital reeling from a shocking scandal. But head resident Lucien De Winter is impossible to resist. And he's arousing a healthy dose of desire as the good doctor wages an


The skills of a surgeon…

Having a crush on her drop-dead-gorgeous boss could get Hopewell General intern Jaclyn Campbell fired…especially with the prestigious Virginia hospital reeling from a shocking scandal. But head resident Lucien De Winter is impossible to resist. And he's arousing a healthy dose of desire as the good doctor wages an all-out war to make the sheltered Southern belle his own…

The heart of a lover

Head over heels for Jaclyn, Lucien vows to keep their relationship a secret. He knows they're playing a dangerous game, but he can't live without the sensual sister. Even if it means putting his hard-fought career on the line, the seduced surgeon is ready to risk it all. Because Lucien knows that the only thing to cure his acute condition is a lifetime of love…

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"In a heartwarming story, rife with tension on the set, sexual tension between the couple and the steamy love scenes Jackson does so well, this is entertainment at its best" -RT Book Reviews on STAR OF HIS HEART

"Sexy, and sizzling..." — Library Journal on INTIMATE SEDUCTION

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The moment Jaclyn Campbell stepped off the elevator she felt her nerves kick in. Tension stirred in the pit of her stomach, and her pulse throbbed at the base of her throat. It was as if she was back in high school and had been called to the principal's office. The only difference was she wasn't sixteen anymore, but a twenty–six–year–old woman, an intern at Hopewell General Hospital, and she had gotten summoned to the office of the chief of staff, Dr. Germaine Dudley.

Taking a deep breath and inserting her sweaty hands in the pockets of her slacks, she paused at the desk of Dr. Dudley's administrative assistant, Mona Wells. The older woman glanced up from the paperwork just long enough to say, "Go on in, Dr. Campbell. They're waiting on you in the conference room."

They?The pit of Jaclyn's stomach nearly dropped to the floor. Who were "they"? She wondered just what kind of trouble she had gotten into. Granted she and Kayla Tsang, E.R.'s head nurse, never saw eye–to–eye on much of anything. Jaclyn had known from the first day of orientation it would behoove her to stay out of the woman's way.

Nurse Tsang was a stickler for rules and had the attitude of an old sourpuss, which was sad for someone who was only thirty–five years old. Jaclyn smiled to herself upon recalling what her roommate and fellow intern, Isabelle Morales, had told her just last week. "Miss Thang"—as other staff members called the nurse behind her back—needed to get laid.

Quickly wiping the smile off her face and drawing in another deep breath, Jaclyn knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Jaclyn entered the room to find three individuals sitting at a long table. Her gaze first went to Dr. Dudley who was seated at the head of the table, and as usual his gaze raked over her. It wasn't the first time she'd thought the man had a roving eye. Isabelle also had caught him ogling her and other young female interns the same way. That was probably the only mark against the man. The married, sixty–something father of three was well–respected in the medical field, and he had some political clout as well because he and the governor were college chums.

Her gaze then swept across the length of the table. The woman seated to the right of Dr. Dudley was Ca–mille Hunter, the attractive public relations director of the hospital. Although Jaclyn didn't know Camille that well, she'd always found the young woman friendly enough when they'd passed in the halls or met in the elevator.

And last but definitely not least was the man who'd captured Jaclyn's heart her first day at Hopewell. Dr. Lucien De Winter, chief resident.

She wasn't ashamed to admit to herself that she had a crush on the man and had for months. Her mother had warned her that it would be that way when she met her true mate. Jaclyn wasn't sure how Dr. De Winter would fit into her future, but right now he was just a nice specimen of a man that any woman would love to lay claim to.

Even while sitting down, Dr. De Winter was tall, and had a muscular build. His black hair was cropped short and he had the sexiest brown eyes any man had a right to have. And that neatly trimmed mustache and goatee only accentuated a pair of sensuous lips.

Their gazes met briefly before she swiftly moved her eyes back to Dr. Dudley. "Nurse Tsang said you wanted to see me, sir," she said.

"Yes, come in and join us, Dr. Campbell. We won't bite."

She nervously crossed the room and sat in one of the chairs that happened to be directly across from Dr. De Winter.

"Now, Dr. Campbell, the reason you were summoned here today was to first thank you for your bravery as well as your loyalty in reporting the drug abuse of one of your fellow interns. I know that wasn't an easy decision to make, and I want to assure you that you did the right thing and you are appreciated for doing so. We were hoping we would be able to handle this matter rather quietly, but it seems that won't be the case."

Jaclyn nodded, trying to follow what Dr. Dudley was saying, but her close proximity to Dr. De Winter was distracting her. Was that heat she felt radiating off the man? She wouldn't be surprised given how drawn she was to him. It was an attraction she'd constantly tried to downplay, thanks to the hospital's no–fraternization policy regarding managers and those reporting to them.

"The Matthews family has threatened the hospital with a lawsuit."

Jaclyn blinked. Lawsuit?That one word pulled her attention back to Dr. Dudley. "I don't understand, sir."

"And neither do we, Dr. Campbell. Thanks to you reporting to Dr. De Winter what you knew regarding Dr. Matthews and our own proof of certain events, we'd hoped the matter could be handled discreetly. However, we have been notified that the Matthews family has decided to sue the hospital."

Jaclyn raised a brow. "On what grounds?"

"That we reacted in the extreme and that Dr. Matthews was wrongfully terminated."

Jaclyn frowned. "How can they say that?" Although she'd asked the question, in a way she already knew the answer. The Matthewses just happened to be one of the richest families not only in Alexandria but in all of Virginia. It was a known fact they were Hopewell's biggest benefactors. They even had a wing named after them. Their son Terrence had also been an intern. Jaclyn hated being the reason for Terrence's termination, but she felt she'd done the right thing when she'd witnessed his attempting to steal drugs from the hospital pharmacy more than once.

"The hospital feels we had sufficient grounds to release him. And although we are faced with a lawsuit as well as the withdrawal of the Matthewses' support to the hospital, we will deal with it," Dr. Dudley said assuringly.

He then glanced over at Camille. "As public relations supervisor it will be your job, Ms. Hunter, to make sure the hospital maintains its stellar reputation through all of this. I can just imagine the type of image the Mat–thewses will try painting us with."

Camille nodded, her expression sober. "I will."

Dr. Dudley smiled at Camille, a smile that made Jaclyn's flesh crawl. She wondered if she was the only one who'd caught on to it. She glanced over at Dr. De Winter and their gazes met, and not for the first time she thought she felt something emitting from the dark eyes holding hers.

Knowing she was just imagining things, she drew in a deep breath and shifted her attention back to Dr. Dudley as a question suddenly burned in her mind. "Now that there's a lawsuit pending, does that mean I will be named as the person who was…"

"The whistle–blower?" Dr. Dudley finished for her. "You won't have that to worry about. Your name will be held in the strictest confidence and protected by hospital policy. It has been proven that Dr. Matthews does indeed have a drug problem and it will be up to the Matthews family to prove otherwise."

Jaclyn was glad to hear that. She knew that once the news broke everyone would wonder who had snitched on Terrence because he was well–liked and had a promising future. It hadn't taken her long to figure him out and she'd been able to read the signs mainly because her older brother had had the same problem before he'd gotten help. Now he was married with a little girl and volunteered a lot of his time trying to help others kick the habit that had nearly destroyed him eight years ago.

"And because of the sensitive nature of the matter and the Matthews family's association with this facility, we have decided to hire someone to handle the suit that is not one of our regular hospital attorneys. In other words, we've decided to bring in the big guns."

"But we can assure you again, Dr. Campbell, that your confidentiality won't be compromised," Dr. De Winter interjected.

Jaclyn nodded while trying to ignore the warm, husky tone of his voice that seemed to caress every inch of her skin. She glanced over at him, met his gaze, felt her heart rate quicken. "Thank you."

"That will be all, Dr. Campbell," Dr. Dudley said, reclaiming her attention.

"All right." She stood and turned to leave. Although she was tempted to glance back over her shoulder to look at one person in particular, she was fully aware that doing so would be foolish as well as risky, so she continued to move toward the door. Lucien entered his Georgetown row house at close to eight that night, hours later than his schedule at the hospital dictated. But then when was the last time he had what he considered a bona fide schedule? Certainly not since he'd taken the role of chief resident at Hopewell. At least this group of interns was halfway through this leg of their training. He had high hopes they would become good physicians one day. Some more so than others. There were a few he still needed to work on.

And one in particular he needed to keep his mind off.

Scowling, he paused and rubbed his hands down his face. Jaclyn Campbell would be his downfall if he wasn't careful. He of all people knew the hospital's non–fraternization policy and the consequences if it wasn't obeyed. Yet that hadn't stopped him from remembering every single thing about her whenever he saw her.

Take today, for instance. A surge of desire had rushed through him the moment she had entered the conference room. And when their gazes had connected it seemed that every nerve ending in his body had awakened.

Drawing in a deep breath, he forced one foot in front of the other as he made his way into the kitchen. Tonight would be one of those nights when dinner would be a guessing game and frankly he wasn't in the mood. He could have stopped somewhere to eat before coming home, but this was one night he wanted to put as much distance between him and the hospital as he could.

The day hadn't gotten off to a good start. The moment he'd entered the hospital and been told Dr. Dudley needed to see him immediately, he'd gotten a clue how things would be. Because Lucien had been the one to actually terminate Terrence, his name would come under fire as well. The thought of the Matthewses actually filing a suit against the hospital when they knew their son had a drug problem was ludicrous. It only went to show that people with money thought they could do just about anything.

Lucien opened his freezer and pulled out a microwave dinner. Moments later while waiting for his meal to heat up he decided to switch his thoughts to more pleasant things.

Namely, Jaclyn Campbell.

After the morning meeting with Dr. Dudley, they had met again when one of her patients, Marvin Spencer, had presented with shortness of breath and she needed approval to increase the dosage of the man's medication. As usual she was precise and right on point. There was no doubt in his mind that she would become an outstanding physician. On her previous rotations she'd received nothing but compliments from patients and fellow doctors alike. Patients felt she listened to what they'd had to say, and doctors remarked on her professionalism.

His thoughts shifted back to their time in Mr. Spencer's room. They had worked well together, adjusting the intravenous line, asking the patient questions.

Jerome Stubbs, a male nurse who usually worked in O.R., had also been in the room. But even while Lucien was checking Mr. Spencer's vital signs, the only person he had been aware of was Jaclyn. The first time it happened had been her first day at Hopewell, over a year ago. He'd gotten upset with himself for his immediate attraction to her, and he still wasn't sure what had brought it on. For some reason the sight of her in her pale blue scrubs had been a total turn–on.

Later that week, when the staff had joined the interns offsite at a nearby bar and grill for a casual get–acquainted session, all it had taken was seeing the way her body had been shaped by a pair of denim jeans and a pullover sweater, and his mouth had watered for days.

And then he had run into her at a grocery store one Sunday. She had been dressed for church and he'd gotten a chance to see the most gorgeous pair of legs any woman could own. She had looked so good in her peach–colored fashionable two–piece suit that he had only narrowly avoided running his grocery cart into a display of canned goods in the middle of the aisle.

Never had any woman been able to dominate his attention like she had, especially in the workplace. And no matter how much he'd tried, he hadn't been able to lick his inappropriate attention for the female doctor who was reporting to him directly. And that wasn't good.

The bummer was that the attraction was one–sided. There was not one incident he could cite as being deliberate on her part. She had the type of beauty a woman didn't have to flaunt. It was just there and he honestly doubted she knew the effect she had on men.

Hell, he'd even seen Dr. Dudley eye her down more than once and had to bite down the jealousy that had consumed him. But then the old man was known to have that bad–ass habit with the female interns. Lucien was surprised no one had filed a sexual harassment complaint against him. Lucien wasn't blind.

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Brenda Jackson is a New York Times bestselling author of more than one hundred romance titles. Brenda lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and divides her time between family, writing and traveling. Email Brenda at or visit her on her website at

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In the Doctor's Bed 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 72 reviews.
marianne68 More than 1 year ago
I just love Brenda Jackson's books and this was no exception. Good romance, good plot. Can only recommend
msblue18 More than 1 year ago
I LOVE Brenda Jackson, but this one wasn't the greatest of her novels. It was okay. It's a quick read. But not as steamy and "Brenda Jackson-esque" as some of her other novels...but it's okay...
hebehills More than 1 year ago
In The Doctor's Bed - Kimani Romance # 245 - August 2011 - Brenda Jackson - The 1st book of the "Hopewell General" series. - Jaclyn Campbell hadn't totally believed her mother when she had said that Jaclyn would know her soul mate when she first met him. But eighteen months ago, when Jaclyn had walked into Hopewell General Hospital and laid eyes on her new boss, Doctor Lucien De Winter, it was love at first sight. Jaclyn had to keep her feeling to herself. The hospital had a nonfraternization policy. She could lose her internship if she acted on her feeling. Dr. Lucien De Winter loved his job and would do anything to keep it. Even try to forget the feelings that he was beginning to have for the beautiful intern, Jaclyn Campbell. Jaclyn was a young doctor who had a bright future in medicine. But, the time came that they both were unable to stop their feeling from surfacing. Now they would have to keep their secret or risk losing both of their jobs. Brenda Jackson has written the first book of a series that brings love and emotions to the pages, making it hard to put this book down. See if Lucien and Jaclyn will be able to find a way to their true love. Watch for the next book in this series # 250 "The Surgeon's Secret Baby" by Ann Christopher available August 30, 2011.
Courtney Johnson More than 1 year ago
I reallly did not enjoy this book. It seemed very rushed and the conversations between the characters were very stiff. Waste of money!
gapeach312 More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of Brenda Jackson and love her books! I felt it was rushed and throwed together and was not a normal BJ book. Although it was a happy ending, it was not a good book and I was very disappointed. I expected more! There was nothing that stood out, and I felt plenty of good material left out. What happen to Terrance and his family lawsuit? Ms. Thang and Mr. Dudley? To much left out the book which would have made it a great read.
Shannon Frazier More than 1 year ago
I have read many of Brenda Jackson's novels and I must say that this book felt rushed and was lacking. There was no real emotion or romance and I did not enjoy reading it.
Jacquetta Thomas More than 1 year ago
Wasn' t that interesting not her best work
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It derek!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Jackson sticks to a tried & true formula. This is no exception. Her books have started to feel the same to me with different character names. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan but one of books hasnt made it to my "fave of all time" list in a long while. That being said, the plot was believable here and the romance between Lucien and Jaclyn was sweet. Makes you root for their HEA against the odds. The chemistry between H/h was more of a simmer, not a boil! This is a quick read. Looking forward to the other authors' books in the Hopewell series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago