In the Garage

In the Garage

by Alma Fullerton

This compact novel is a sharp read that few will be able to put down.
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This compact novel is a sharp read that few will be able to put down.

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"It is helpful for teens to read about characters going through similar situations so they will realize they are not alone. . . Fullerton has written a novel that will likely be well received by high school teens of both genders."


CM Magazine

"In a quick read with heartbreaking results, Alma Fullerton touches base with dilemmas faced by many teens today."


"The lessons about friendship and betrayal will resonate with many teens."

School Library Journal

"Recommended. . . Facing the consequences of our behavior is the valuable lesson left by this novel."

Winnipeg Free Press

School Library Journal

Gr 9 Up Because of the scar on her face, BJ has always been a victim of ridicule and harassment. Shunned until the third grade, she is befriended by Alex, who becomes her best friend for the next eight years. Alternating between BJ's narration and Alex's journal, written in verse, Fullerton establishes the emotional connection between the two high schoolers while also creating a fast-paced plot that will lure teens, particularly reluctant readers. BJ's status as the social outcast starts to change when two of the most popular girls in school suddenly take an interest in her. By taking advantage of her insecurities about her relationship with Alex, they convince her to steal his journal. Going against her better instincts, BJ reads it. Shocked to learn that he is gay, she loses track of the book, and its contents quickly become public knowledge throughout the entire student body. At the same time, the questionable reason behind BJ's adoption into the popular girls' clique is revealed and she slips into an immediate depression. The novel climaxes as she attempts to vindicate herself only moments before Alex is attacked and killed by a mob of angry homophobes. While the plot and characters are somewhat exaggerated, the lessons about friendship and betrayal will resonate with many teens. Readers looking for a more realistic portrayal of struggles associated with coming out and sexual orientation should take a look at Kathe Koja's Talk (Farrar, 2005).-Lynn Rashid, Marriots Ridge High School, Marriotsville, MD

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Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Limited
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
4.50(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
12 - 15 Years

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