In the Mix: The Sound of the Eleventh Season

In the Mix: The Sound of the Eleventh Season

by Sven Väth

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Disc 1

  1. Pink Painter  - Elle P.
  2. 1 In the Morning (At the Club)  -  Gerd
  3. Oblique  -  Mano le Tough
  4. Who Told You That  - Jacek Sienkiewicz
  5. Wrong Shirt  - Till Krüger
  6. Southern Dandy  - Brett Johnson
  7. 2 O'Clock  - Daniel Stefanik
  8. Sbooty  - DJ Koze
  9. Trails  - Speedy J
  10. Dyr Bul Scyl  - Soul Center
  11. Nous Sommes Mmm  -  MMM
  12. Wumme  - Till Krüger
  13. City & Industry  -  B.D.I.

Disc 2

  1. Law  - DJ QU
  2. Blume Der Nacht  - DJ Koze
  3. Convolution  -  Skudge
  4. Sisi  -  Solomun
  5. Two  - Daniel Stefanik
  6. Love or Leave Me  - Johnny D.
  7. Since You Looked Into My Eyes  -  Kabale und Liebe
  8. Herb House  -  Maetrik
  9. Song Six  - Martin Buttrich
  10. Dressed In Dresden  -  Hundred in the Hands
  11. Lost In the Streets of Ny  - Tom Trago
  12. Dett  -  Plaid
  13. Sick  -  Komaton

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sven Väth   Primary Artist,DJ
Orion   Vocals

Technical Credits

Gerd   Composer,Producer
Thomas Brinkmann   Composer,Producer
Martin Buttrich   Composer,Producer
Turner   Composer,Producer
Jacek Sienkiewicz   Composer,Producer
Errorsmith   Composer,Producer
Brett Johnson   Composer,Producer
Tom Trago   Composer,Producer
Daniel Stefanik   Composer,Producer
Brian Sanhaji   Mastering
Basti Grub   Composer,Producer
Eric Estornel   Composer,Producer
Mladen Solomun   Composer,Producer
Stefan Kozalla   Composer,Producer
Johannes Debese   Composer,Producer
Friedman   Composer,Producer
Handley   Composer,Producer
Daniel Woeller   Cover Photo
Iftah   Composer,Producer
Elle P.   Composer,Producer
DJ QU   Composer,Producer
Skudge   Composer,Producer
Till Krüger   Composer,Producer
Niall Mannion   Composer,Producer
Toma Ivanov   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Lehner   Composer,Producer
Jochem George Paap   Composer,Producer

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