In the Rift (Glenraven #2)

In the Rift (Glenraven #2)

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by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Holly Lisle

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Since her family's refusal to accept her as a pagan, and her lover's suicide from depression, Kate Beacham has been trying to rebuild an independent life for herself as a fine craftsman. Now that life is threatened not only by the religious rightists who have killed her horse but also by a magical book that has deposited four nonhumans and a large monster from a magical land (detailed in the first book in this series, Glenravan) literally on her doorstep. The magical book claims that Kate and these unusual allies must work together both to close the rift that has brought monsters into Glenraven (and is now threatening our world) and to prevent Kate from being killed by her human enemies. But there is a traitor among the outworlders, an evil wizard in Fort Lauderdale and, to further complicate matters, Kate is blind to the workings of her own explosively powerful magic. The bonding between Kate and the outworld woman, Rhiana, is touching, but the authors spend too much time preaching to the converted against sexism, racism and religious intolerance. This and inconsistent plotting render an otherwise entertaining adventure less compelling than it ought to be. (Apr.)
VOYA - Linda Roberts
After being assaulted by three thugs, Kate Beacham arrives home to discover that her favorite stallion has been killed, with a note attached to his corpse reading "You're Next." Believing the thugs will return, Kate finds and loads her shotgun, thinking she is prepared for any eventuality--but she could not expect what happens next. On her bedside table, Kate finds a guidebook to a place called "Glenraven," that had not been there before. When she opens the book, the words "Get out of the house, quick" magically appear. Imagine Kate's surprise as, running into her front yard, a hole opens in midair and people on horseback being chased by a huge flying monster gallop by. Kate instinctively raises her shotgun and shoots the monster, which falls dead and crashes through her front door. Thus begins an exciting fantasy full of magic, mystery, and suspense. Kate must learn to focus her magical powers to enable this group of Glenraveners to return to their world. The survival of Earth and Glenraven, a parallel world, depends upon her success. This second book in the Glenraven series easily stands alone. Frequent references are made to the first volume, Glenraven (Baen, 1996), but enough information is provided that readers will understand the connections. Bradley and Lisle have created interesting, well-developed characters, and a believable fantasy world. I had a hard time putting this one down--teens should love it! Even those who don't read fantasy will enjoy the mystery and suspense. The cover art features a very buxom woman dressed in revealing clothing, so with that caveat, I would recommend this book for middle and high school libraries and young adult sections in public libraries. VOYA Codes: 5Q 5P J S (Hard to imagine it being any better written, Every YA (who reads) was dying to read it yesterday, Junior High-defined as grades 7 to 9 and Senior High-defined as grades 10 to 12).
Kirkus Reviews
A second in the Glenraven series by Bradley (Lady of Avalon, 1997, etc.) and paperback author Lisle. Kate, a young woman in a small North Carolina town, comes into possession of a magical book that links her to the alternate world of Glenraven. Four denizens of that world, only one really human in appearance, arrive in her front yard. Kate kills the monster pursuing them, then learns that both Earth and Glenraven are in danger and must unite against the enemy. The Glenraven exiles help Kate defeat local thugs who attack because of her Wiccan religion; at the same time, she and Rhiana, the most human of the visitors, explore her latent magical talents. Meanwhile, in Florida, Callion, an exiled wizard from Glenraven, plots his takeover of Earth. Kate and the exiles travel to confront him, with the more alien-looking Glenraveners pretending to be costumed science fiction fans. (This, plus comparisons of our world and the quasi-medieval society of Glenraven, provides a fair amount of humor.) Callion, we learn, has an evil entity in captivity—one that feeds on human flesh. We also learn that one of the exiles is a traitor, seeking to make common cause with Callion to return to Glenraven and seize power. With each of the aliens having a separate agenda, and with Kate becoming more and more alienated from her own society, the tension builds until the confrontation with the wizard. There are a few satisfactory twists of plot before Kate manages to defeat the evil wizard—a triumph that is as much a victory over herself as over the external enemy. A smoothly plotted fantasy, with a strong woman protagonist, that should appeal to fans of both authors.

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Glenraven Series, #2
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