In Two Weeks

In Two Weeks

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by Jen Talty

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Jen Talty is an award-winning and bestselling author of romantic suspense.

Ryan O'Conner has the world at her fingertips. She's strong, feisty and has everything she's ever wanted, except the right man. Jared Blake represents everything Ryan doesn't want. He's controlling, overbearing and now he's moving. Having had a crush on him for years, Ryan decides to seduce


Jen Talty is an award-winning and bestselling author of romantic suspense.

Ryan O'Conner has the world at her fingertips. She's strong, feisty and has everything she's ever wanted, except the right man. Jared Blake represents everything Ryan doesn't want. He's controlling, overbearing and now he's moving. Having had a crush on him for years, Ryan decides to seduce Jared. A goodbye thing. However, her plans change when someone starts stalking her. With her life on the line, she turns to Jared for protection and finds the not so perfect man is the perfect man for her.

Restless and bored, NY State Trooper Jared Blake accepts a transfer from his position in Lake George, NY. Jared craves the rush of adrenaline and his current post is too tame. As soon as he moves, his career will take off, but his plans are put on hold when a friend is threatened by a stalker. Jared has exactly two weeks to find out who is behind these treats.

And in two weeks, Jared will lose is heart forever...

Dark Water is book 2 in the NY State Trooper Series.

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Meet the Author

Jen Talty co-created Cool Gus Publishing with NY Times Best-Selling Author Bob Mayer, and runs the technical side of the company. She is a published romance author, and teaches Creative Writing at various writing conferences across the country.

Jen grew up in Rochester, NY, a city with the highest murder rate per capita in the entire state. With notorious cases such as The Alphabet Murders, The Genesee River Killer (Arthur Shawcross), The Murder of Kali Ann Poulton by Mark Christi, and the case of funeral homes stealing body parts from corpses awaiting cremation, Jen became fascinated by the darker side of human nature. She brings this fascination to her romances, creating dark villains who wreak havoc on the hero and heroine, and producing page-turning suspense.

Jen received a BS degree in Business Education with a concentration in Marketing and Sales from Nazareth College of Rochester. She taught Business Applications at both the high school level and in Continuing Education. She was a co-leader of Distributed Education Clubs of America and worked with students in developing marketing, sales and public speaking skills. After leaving the teaching profession, she worked as a product and sales trainer for various hardware and software companies such as 3Comm, HP and McAfee, and was the regional merchandising representative for Buena Vista Entertainment.

Cool Gus Publishing was formed as a vehicle to launch Bob Mayer's backlist into digital publication. It was built on the notion that writers produce the product, readers consume the product and everything else is in between. The 21st century has brought the rise of the digital author. It is time to take control.

Write It Forward, a division of Cool Gus Publishing was formed because both Bob Mayer and Jen Talty believe the two most important people in the publishing business are the writer and the reader. The key to being successful in a business where 99% of what is submitted or self-published is rejected or fails is education and understanding. Write It Forward is dedicated to giving writers the tools and information they need to increase their chances of success. It truly is a great time to be an author.

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In Two Weeks 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
EliseMarion More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This book started out really strong. Right off the bat you get a strong sense of the history and chemistry between Ryan and Jared. The age difference between them has caused Jared to treat Ryan like a little sister for most of her life. He has a strong sense of responsibility toward her, since her life has not always been a bowl of gravy. He feels like he needs to be there for her. Ryan idolizes Jared, and uses him as a measuring stick against which all men are compared. Ryan seems like the kind of woman who thinks if she loves a man enough, it will pull him out of his pain...and Jared has a lot of pain. After his wife leaves him and his son dies suddenly, Jared is left bitter and scorned. He decides that love and family are not for him, and that a change of scenery is just what he needs to move on with his life. A promotion to an exciting new job takes the front seat in his life, and there isn't room for much else. Two weeks before he leaves town for good, Ryan begins receiving threats and vicious notes. Someone's out to get her and Jared frantically tries to solve the mystery before his two weeks are up. He won't leave town until he knows she's safe. The suspense was built up nicely through most of the book, and just when you thought you knew who the villain was, another person would pop up with a grudge against Ryan and throw the entire investigation for a loop. For the most part the characters were likable, although I liked Jared more than Ryan. At times she seemed a little self-absorbed but she's pretty young and that's to be expected. I felt sympathy for Jared and my heart hurt for him and the loss of his son. I wanted him to be healed and realize that Ryan truly loved him and was perfect for him. The love scenes are hot! This was one area where Jared and Ryan didn't seem to have any problems. For most of the book they try to pretend as if the sex is enough; each time Ryan tells Jared that it won't happen again. But their bond is too strong by this point and when things get rough and Ryan goes to Jared for solace, all talk of ending their sexual relationship is ended. There were a few issues for me though, and as always I have to address them in the review. For one thing though, I felt as if there was way too much rehashing of the past. It seemed like there was too much lingering in Jared or Ryan's thoughts, all of which seemed to go back in time. After a while it just got old, especially since it had all been spelled out early on in the book. By the time I got to 50% I started to lose a bit of the sympathy that had been sparked in me when first reading their back story. ***Slight Spoiler*** I also found the revelation of the villian to be incredibly confusing and anticlimactic. At first one man is arrested, and then a few pages later it is revealed that someone else was the culprit all along. It was never explained, though, what the first man had to do with the crime if anything. After he was arrested and the second man was fingered as the perp, no one said anything about whether or not the first man had anything to do with it. Was he released? Was he even guilty of anything? It was a bit of a let down after all of the suspense that had been built. In the end it turned out to be the person I suspected, but even that was a bit anticlimactic as I found the
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book and these characters! Wish there were more books with them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fun read. Lots of romance with a touch of suspense.
autryreads 8 months ago
Strong willed Ryan O'Connor is pushing barriers, she wants a relationship with her brothers best friend, Jared. She has always had him on a pedestal, he has always had her back and helped her through some of the hardest times in her life. But Jared still sees her as the little sister, until she propositions him. In one of the hardest decisions of his life, Jared decides to leave town and leave his past behind him. He has two weeks to get all of his case work settled and prove to Ryan that he's not the man she needs. All that can go wrong in those two weeks does, Ryan and Jared become intangled lovers, Ryan's safety is compromised as her stalker steps up his game. The anniversary of Jared's sons death is approaching and leaning on Ryan at the cemetery becomes tense when graced with the presence of his ex-wife. As the plot thickens and more characters become suspects, Ryan's behavior starts to unravel, her emotions are all over the place. Yes, she has a stalker who is becoming more and more violent but I didn't get the sense that she was all that worried about the stalker. She was upset one minute then making love to Jared the next. Jared was a little more solid on emotions, kept reminding Ryan to be safe and having the feelings of guilt for not being able to save his son. I understood where he would come from emotional, not wanting to take the risk and have another child, or possibly get married. It's an emotional journey for Jared to say the least, and he still had me wondering, towards the end of the book which way he would go... would he leave or would he stay. My happily-ever-after thoughts wouldn't have allowed him to get as far as he did. The plot held some secrets back, the stalker wasn't exactly who I had pegged. It played it to the story very well, and had me intrigued about some secondary characters. I loved Penny, she's the best friend we all need. She was fun, funny, caring, had a strong personality, and she lives life loud. Overall I enjoyed reading In Two weeks, a lot of action happened within the two week time span but it was well written, and believable. The only thing that distracted me from the novel it's self was Ryan's emotions, they seemed a little to high-maintenance or wishy-washy for me. I would and have read more form Jen Talty and am looking forward to what is coming next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book, romance and intrigue. A bit of a fast flat finish for me, thats the reason for only 3 stars. Will read more by Jen Talty. GJRA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She smiles all she wanted was her best fried bak
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is a romance novel but is very supiioud to i loved it