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Incitation to Desire: Tangos for Yvar Mikhashoff

Incitation to Desire: Tangos for Yvar Mikhashoff

by Yvar Mikhashoff

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Release Date:
New Albion Records


  1. Tango from Exiles' Cafe, for solo piano
  2. Perpetual Tango, for piano: Vers. A
  3. Tango d'Antan, for piano
  4. Tango Voices, for piano
  5. Fromage Dangereux, for piano
  6. The Curriculum Vitae Tango
  7. Ms Jackson Dances for the World, for piano
  8. Tango after Syrinx, for piano
  9. Incitation to Desire (Tango), for piano
  10. Tango Music, for piano
  11. Tango Dreaming, for piano
  12. Tango, for piano
  13. Tango?, for piano
  14. Tango no Tango, for piano
  15. Tango auf drei Beinum, for piano
  16. Hear Ye! Hear Ye!, ballet in 2 acts: Tempo di Tango
  17. Tango, for piano
  18. Perpetual Tango, for piano: II
  19. Thorn-Torn Lips, for piano

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