Income Maintenance Policy

Income Maintenance Policy

by Michael J. Hill

ISBN-10: 1840643250

ISBN-13: 9781840643251

Pub. Date: 01/01/2001

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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International Library of Comparative Pub
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Table of Contents

1Paying for Social Rights3
2Poverty in the UK. A Comparison with Nineteen Other Countries26
3Social Protection Versus Tax Benefits31
4Hybrid or Unique?: The Japanese Welfare State Between Europe and America75
5Identifying Welfare State Regimes: The Links Between Politics, Instruments and Outcomes86
6How to Design a "Liberal" Welfare State: A Comparison of Canada and the United States112
7Beyond European Welfare Regimes: Comparative Perspectives on East Asian Welfare Systems136
8The Paradox of Redistribution and Strategies of Equality: Welfare State Institutions, Inequality, and Poverty in the Western Countries154
9Social Assistance in OECD Countries183
10The Development of Social Assistance and Unemployment Insurance in Germany and Japan210
11Beyond Social Security: The Economic Value of Giving Money to Unemployed People235
12Watching the Defectives: Observers of the Underclass in the USA, Britain and Australia264
13Gender and the Social Rights of Citizenship: The Comparative Analysis of Gender Relations and Welfare States287
14Dual Welfare and Sex Segregation of Access to Social Benefits: Income Maintenance Policies in the UK, the US, the Netherlands and Sweden313
15The "Southern Model" of Welfare in Social Europe343
16Gender, Cash and Informal Care: European Perspectives and Dilemmas364
18Welfare States Under Pressure: Cash Benefits in European Welfare States Over the Last Ten Years393
19Eurosclerosis in European Welfare States: Regime Theory and the Dynamics of Change411
20Politics Against Convergence? Current Trends in European Social Policy411
21A New Convergence? Recent Policy Developments in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand443
22Summary and Policy Implications459
23A Risky Strategy: Reflections on the World Bank Report Averting the Old Age Crisis464
24The Case of European Public Pension Systems Since 1950482
Name Index507

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