INCredible Sound of Drum'n'Bass

INCredible Sound of Drum'n'Bass

by Goldie

With the release of his outstanding American album debut, 1995's TIMELESS, Goldie was crowned the great crossover hope of drum 'n' bass. Although his success created an opening for artists like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Photek, and others, the hard-driving, quickly…  See more details below


With the release of his outstanding American album debut, 1995's TIMELESS, Goldie was crowned the great crossover hope of drum 'n' bass. Although his success created an opening for artists like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Photek, and others, the hard-driving, quickly mutating genre failed to penetrate mall culture as easily as more accessible fare from beat masters like the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim. Instead, Goldie used his stature to embark on several ambitious experiments. He collaborated with Pat Metheny, Noel Gallagher, and David Bowie and on his second recording, SATURNZ RETURN, included an hour-long symphonic work influenced by Górecki's Third Symphony. On INCREDIBLE, Goldie gets back to his drum-'n'-bass roots with a double CD of his mixes of tracks by many of the top names in the genre, including Size, Doc Scott, Grooverider, Source Direct, and Alex Reece. In that regard, this disc works as an update for the 1996 double-disc PLATINUM BREAKZ, with Reece's "Pulp Fiction," included on both sets, serving as a barometer of Goldie's distinctive style. Where the earlier album offers Reece's original mix, a quiet track that nestles the rhythmic chatter alongside the vocals, Goldie's INCREDIBLE mix renders the beat deep, dark, and dominant. A clean, progressive sound and frequent lead vocals marked Goldie's early work, but on INCREDIBLE he favors a busier, more oblique style with fewer vocal tracks, featuring surf-music riffs on London Elektricity's "Dirty Dozen," abstracting Source Direct's "Sculptures Hide" to create a stark perspective, and making intriguing use of Roya Arab's Björk-esque vocals on Grooverider's "Rainbows of Colour."

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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - John Bush
He's known more for his production expertise and musical vision than his skills behind the turntables, but Goldie has been a DJ almost as long as he's been a producer. And despite the fact that it's not his specialty, INCredible Sound of Drum'n'Bass is a solid album. Though his mixing isn't up there with the best (Grooverider, Fabio, Bukem), Goldie's track selection is excellent. Almost half of the tracks either originally appeared on Goldie's Metalheadz label or were produced by close compatriots. The nepotism is hardly a problem, however, since Metalheadz released a raft of crucial singles -- "Pulp Fiction" by Alex Reece, "The Angels Fell" by Dillinja, "To Shape the Future" by Optical, "The Warning" by Grooverider's Codename John project, "Here Come the Drumz" by Doc Scott, "Your Sound" by J. Majik -- that can only help any collection they're on. The second disc also includes two of Goldie's earliest productions, "Manslaughter" and "Terminator." Goldie usually plays out most of the songs before moving on to the next, but drops in plenty of twists to keep listeners into it. True, a better mix album by a less popular name would never sell in the numbers this one has, but Goldie proves with INCredible Sounds of Drum'n'Bass that his status as jungle superstar number one is untouched.
Spin Magazine - Jon Dolan
...wonderful singles leap out of the void.

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Disc 1

  1. Here Comes the Drums  - Doc Scott
  2. Pulp Fiction  - Alex Reece
  3. Spacefunk  -  Digital
  4. Thursday  -  Deep Blue
  5. The Calling  - DJ Die
  6. Unofficial Ghost
  7. See Red  - Jonny L
  8. Close Range  - DJ Kalm
  9. Warning  -  Codename John
  10. No Reality  -  Ram Trilogy
  11. Bambaata Back to the Core  - Shy FX
  12. Otto's Way  -  Vegus
  13. Rainbows of Colour  -  Grooverider
  14. Fade 2 Black  -  Souljah

Disc 2

  1. Manslaughter
  2. Angels Fell  -  Dillinja
  3. Terminator
  4. Dark Angel  - Doc Scott
  5. Gesture Without Motion  - Neil Trix
  6. Far Out  -  Digital
  7. Dirty Dozen  -  London Elektricity
  8. Sahara Dawn  -  Randall
  9. To Shape the Future  -  Optical
  10. Your Sound  - J Majik
  11. Sculpture Hide  -  Source Direct
  12. Convoy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Goldie   Primary Artist
Source Direct   Track Performer
Shy FX   Track Performer
Deep Blue   Track Performer
Ram Trilogy   Track Performer
DJ Kalm   Track Performer
Roya Arab   Vocals
Norman Robinson   Vocals

Technical Credits

James Baker   Producer
Chris Goss   Producer
Randall   Producer
Tony Colman   Engineer
Alex Reece   Producer
Doc Scott   Producer,Remixing
Goldie   Producer
J Majik   Producer
Freddy Fresh   Producer
Andy C.   Producer
Roni Size   Producer
Dillinja   Producer
Grooverider   Producer
Jonny L   Producer
Roger Martin   Text
DJ Die   Producer
Optical   Producer
Codename John   Producer
Cool Hand Flex   Producer
Shimon   Producer
Souljah   Producer
Sam Bryant   grooming
Fresh'n'Vegas   Producer
Phil Aslett   Producer
D.J. Freebase   Producer
Scott McIlroy   Producer
S Midgley   Producer
Ant Miles   Producer
E. Morris   Producer
S. O'keeffe   Producer,Engineer
Clifford Price   Producer
Jamie Quinn   Producer
Marcus Rutherford   Producer
Neil Trix   Producer
Vegus   Producer

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