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InDesign CS3 in Easy Steps / Edition 1

InDesign CS3 in Easy Steps / Edition 1

by Robert Shufflebotham

ISBN-10: 1840783494

ISBN-13: 9781840783490

Pub. Date: 05/01/2008

Publisher: In Easy Steps Limited

This latest entry in the In Easy Steps series is written for both beginners and for those who know earlier versions of InDesign or other DTP software but want to grasp the features quickly. Author Robert Shufflebotham starts with the basics and then builds from them to cover the more extensive range of functionality the new software has to offer. By


This latest entry in the In Easy Steps series is written for both beginners and for those who know earlier versions of InDesign or other DTP software but want to grasp the features quickly. Author Robert Shufflebotham starts with the basics and then builds from them to cover the more extensive range of functionality the new software has to offer. By following the book's logical structure, readers can develop the core skills needed to master the program. Shufflebotham clearly explains the fundamentals of page layout, creating a platform on which to build new skills. Then he explores InDesign's comprehensive typesetting capabilities such as color; text editing; paragraph, character, and objects styles; master pages; and document construction and layers. Later chapters deal with tables of contents and indexes, the book palette, InDesign's industrial-strength print, PDF export and XML capabilities, together with InDesign's powerful table functionality, and its sophisticated Bezier curve functionality.

Product Details

In Easy Steps Limited
Publication date:
In Easy Steps
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
7.30(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

The Working Environment     7
Document Setup     8
The Working Environment     10
The Toolbox     12
Opening Documents     14
Bridge     15
Managing Panels     18
The Control Panel     20
Ruler Guides     21
Saving Documents     23
Zooming and Scrolling     25
Projects - Introduction     26
Project 1: Publicity Leaflet     27
Building Pages     29
Creating Frames     30
Moving Objects     32
Selection Techniques     33
Control and Transform Panels     35
Lines     38
Manually Resizing Objects     40
Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear     41
Project 1: Building Frames     42
Text Basics     43
Entering and Importing Text     44
Basic Text Editing     46
Highlighting Text     48
Threading Text     49
Understanding Text Threads     51
Story Editor     53
Glyphs     54
Special Characters and White Space     55
Text Frame Options - Columns     56
Text Frame Insets & Vertical Alignment     57
Project 1: Entering Text     58
Character Settings     59
Font, Size, Style     60
Leading     62
Kerning and Tracking     64
Horizontal and Vertical Scale     66
Baseline Shift and Slanted Text     67
Project 1: Formatting Type     68
Paragraph Settings     69
Indents     70
Space Before/Space After     71
Alignment     72
Drop Caps     73
Aligning to a Baseline Grid     74
Hyphenation     76
Keep Options and Breaks     78
Text Composers     80
Paragraph Rules     82
Bullet Points and Lists     84
Images and Graphic Frames     85
Placing an Image     86
Fitting Options     87
Scaling and Cropping Images     88
Stroking a Frame     90
Image Links     91
Managing Links     92
Clipping Paths     94
InDesign Clipping Paths     95
Image Visibility Controls     97
Project 1: Placing Images      98
Arranging Objects     99
Stacking Order     100
Creating Layers     101
Understanding Layers     103
Moving Objects Between Layers     104
Managing Layers     105
Hiding and Locking Layers     107
Grouping Objects     109
Working with Groups     110
The Group Selection Tool     111
Aligning Objects     112
Distributing Objects     113
Anchored Objects     114
Project 1: Arranging Objects and Color     116
Working with Color     117
Filling and Stroking Objects     118
The Swatches Panel     120
Add, Delete and Edit Swatches     121
The Color Panel     123
Color Matching Systems     124
Creating and Applying Gradients     125
Managing and Editing Text     127
Spell Checking     128
Adding Words to the Dictionary     129
Find/Change Words     130
Find/Change Basic Text Formatting     131
Text Wrap     133
Irregular Text Wrap     135
Type on a Path     136
The Pages Panel and Master Pages     137
The Pages Panel     138
Inserting and Deleting Pages     140
Repositioning Document Pages     141
Setting Master Pages     142
Add and Delete Master Pages     144
Automatic Page Numbering     146
Overriding Master Page Objects     148
Applying Master Pages     149
Project 2: Newsletter     150
Paragraph, Character & Object Styles     151
Paragraph Styles     152
Character Styles     154
Applying and Editing Styles     156
Copying Styles     158
Nested Styles     159
Object Styles     160
Project 2: Paragraph, Character and Object Styles     162
Tables and Tabs     163
Inserting a Table     164
Add and Delete Rows/Columns     165
Highlighting and Moving Techniques     166
Resizing Columns and Rows     167
Entering Content in Cells     169
Cell Controls     171
Cell Strokes, Borders and Fills     172
Alternating Fills and Strokes     174
Importing Tables     176
Table and Cell Styles      177
Setting and Editing Tabs     179
Project 1: Table     182
Table of Contents, Indexing and Books     183
Table of Contents Style Setup     184
Creating a Table of Contents     186
Creating an Index Entry     188
Generating an Index     190
Creating and Managing a Book     191
Synchronizing a Book     193
Project 3: Building a Book Chapter     194
Printing and Exporting     195
Printing a Composite     196
Preflight     199
Package     200
Exporting to PDF     202
Creating XML Tags     205
Applying Tags     206
XML Structure Pane     208
Exporting XML     209
Snippets     210
Export to XHTML     211
Transformations and Transparency     213
The Rotate Tool     214
The Scale Tool     216
The Shear Tool     217
The Free Transform Tool     218
Transparency and Blending     219
Effects     220
Project 2: Effects     222
Paths and the Pen Tool     223
Points and Paths      224
The Pen Tool     225
Selecting and Manipulating Points     227
Smooth and Corner Points     228
Converting Points and Cutting Paths     229
Creating Text Outlines     231
The Pathfinder Panel     232
Project 1: Logo     234
Index     235

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