Indiana Rocks: A Benefit Recording

Indiana Rocks: A Benefit Recording

by Bob & Tom

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Disc 1

  1. Indiana Rocks
  2. Traffic Control
  3. I Can't Drive 465
  4. Big Peter
  5. It's a Hoosier Thing
  6. Indy's Big Bust Tour
  7. Don't Have It in Me
  8. The Q95 News Team
  9. Weathergirl
  10. Indy Radio
  11. He's a Mad Dog
  12. Bob Knight in Australia
  13. The Talking Bob Knight Doll
  14. Hoosier Prayer/Coach Potato
  15. Bob Knight... the Early Years
  16. The Indianapolis Song
  17. Pan Flute: The Hadji Method
  18. My Birthday Wish
  19. When the Beer Runs Out
  20. The Indy Song
  21. My Town Brownsburg
  22. On the Road to Indy
  23. The Mr. Oblivious Show
  24. 500 Miles

Disc 2

  1. Big Knockers 2000
  2. Reggie
  3. Chasing Spike Lee
  4. Pacer Tribute
  5. Reporting from Atlanta
  6. Rik Smits Can Dance
  7. Reporting from the Airport
  8. Skin to Win
  9. Larry Bird
  10. Boom Baby 2000
  11. Mad Dog Sings the Blues
  12. Mr. Oblivious & The QB
  13. Let'er Rip
  14. Harry & The QB
  15. Go Colts
  16. Lord Help Our Colts 2000
  17. Dickie V
  18. Do the Mad Dog
  19. The Indy Song 2
  20. Naptown Blues
  21. If Santa Was a Hoosier
  22. The Indianapolis Christmas Song
  23. The Griswolds Who Stole Christmas
  24. The Rooster Song

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob & Tom   Primary Artist
Duke Tumatoe   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer,Group Member
Bill Baker   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Allee   Trombone,Keyboards,Group Member
Tim Ayers   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Andy Burton   Fiddle
Kirk Butler   Drums,Group Member
John Cascella   Organ
Mark Cawley   Bass
Dane Clark   Drums,Group Member
Jim Farrelly   Saxophone,Woodwind,Group Member
Jeff Gerson   Percussion,Group Member
Randy Melson   Bass,Group Member
Toby Myers   Bass
Andy Newmark   Drums
Mark Christopher Rohrman   Bass,Group Member
Rick Rydell   Vocals,Track Performer,Group Member
Carl Storie   Vocals
Larry Wiseman   Trumpet
Bill Mallers   Vocals
Mark Radway   Saxophone
Sam Scott   Percussion,Group Member
Rick Bole   Drums,Group Member
Alan Johnson   Track Performer
Roman Broadus   Vocals,Group Member
Frank Smith   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Doug Benge   Vocals,Group Member
Frank Glover   Saxophone
Jay Young   Saxophone,Woodwind,Group Member
Heywood Banks   Track Performer
Tom Griswold   Vocals,Group Member
Tom Meyer   Saxophone
Mark Buselli   Trumpet
P.J. Yinger   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Group Member
David Dugan   Track Performer
Steve Brunner   Drums,Group Member
Chris Pyle   Drums,Group Member
Dick Vitale   Track Performer
Becky Martin   Vocals,Group Member
Peabody   Synthesizer,Group Member
Matt Roush   Vocals,Group Member
Stan Hillis   Flute,Saxophone,Group Member
Pam Williams   Violin
Josh Quirk   Drums,Group Member
Steve Altman   Keyboards,Vocals,Track Performer
Marc Much   Track Performer
Ted Benson   Keyboards
Charles Allen Smith   Guitar,Group Member
Michael Clark   Banjo,Dobro
James De La Garza   Trumpet
Marty Bender   Track Performer
Michael Stricklin   Saxophone
Whit Grayson   Track Performer
Dave Gunn   Track Performer
Anne McCafferty   Cello
Chick McGee   Vocals,Group Member
Dean Metcalf   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Stuart Mitchell   Guitar,Vocals
Chooch Kennedy   Vocals,Group Member
Bob Kevoian   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Group Member
Dimitri Alano   Bagpipes
Jennifer Ayers   Vocals,Group Member
Jim Blankenbaker   Drums
Sam Griswold   Track Performer
Ezra Todd Shelton   Vocals,Group Member
DáRon Washington   Vocals,Group Member
Terrence Cook   Oboe,Saxophone
Donnie Lee Clark   Guitar,Group Member
James M. Hill   Keyboards,Group Member
Jay Baker   Track Performer
Rick Knapp   Bass
Sandy Williams   Guitar
Jeff Reed   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Leroy Carr   Writer
Duke Tumatoe   Composer,Producer,Writer
Steve Allee   Arranger,Producer,Writer,Music Direction
Tim Ayers   Writer
John Howcott   Engineer
Mark Patrick   Writer
Rick Rydell   Producer,Writer
Alan Johnson   Producer,Engineer
Mark Allison   Writer
Rob Day   Logo Illustration
Chris Greene   Engineer
Heywood Banks   Composer,Writer
Tom Griswold   Producer,Writer,Executive Producer
Andy Symons   Producer
P.J. Yinger   Art Direction
David Dugan   Writer
Rob Carpenter   Engineer
Kristina Lee   Writer
Kent Vernon   Engineer
Steve McQueary   Engineer
Drew Carey   Producer,Production Director
Cathi Hauck   Marketing,Promotional Director
Dan Mettler   Engineer
Steve Altman   Writer
Marc Much   Writer
Steve Salge   Writer
Brian Toombs   Art Direction
Ted Benson   Producer
Brett Johnson   Engineer
Jake Robinson   Engineer
Tyler Jones   Engineer
Joni Downing   Office Coordinator
Marty Bender   Writer,Program Director
Doug Boodt   Engineer
Scott Fenstermaker   Engineer
Laura Gonzo   Marketing
Barclay Grayson   Writer
Whit Grayson   Writer
Dave Gunn   Writer,Contributor
Chick McGee   Producer,Writer
Dean Metcalf   Producer,Writer
Stuart Mitchell   Writer
Bob Kevoian   Producer,Writer
Eddie Hazel   Engineer
Jason Barnes   Engineer
Jim Blankenbaker   Live Production
Robin Shanks   Engineer
Robb Clayton   Engineer
Jay Parnell   Cover Illustration
Jay Baker   Writer
Michael Clark   Producer
Thomas Douglass   Engineer
Steve Holler   Engineer

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