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Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality

Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality

4.6 5
by Chris Grosso

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From a recovering addict, musician, and tattooed indie culturist: a guidebook for today’s generation of spiritual misfits who crave a dogma-free path.

Brutally honest and radically unconventional, Chris Grosso’s collection of stories and musings about his meandering journey of self-inquiry, recovery, and acceptance shows what it means to live a


From a recovering addict, musician, and tattooed indie culturist: a guidebook for today’s generation of spiritual misfits who crave a dogma-free path.

Brutally honest and radically unconventional, Chris Grosso’s collection of stories and musings about his meandering journey of self-inquiry, recovery, and acceptance shows what it means to live a truly authentic spiritual life.

Set amongst the backdrop of Grosso’s original music (includ­ed for download via QR codes in the text), Indie Spiritualist encourages you to accept yourself just as you are, in all your humanity and imperfect perfection.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
It may seem paradoxical that the author is a tattooed, punk/grunge, skateboarding, freelance musician and writer. Paradoxical because who would imagine such a social rebel to have any affinity for spirituality as it is commonly perceived; yet not so surprising, because this is not your typical book extolling fashionable spirituality. Grosso, now 35, has always been a free-thinker blazing his own path. He has known both ecstatic moments and years of addiction, rehab, and recovery, which he exposes in this collection of essays and musings. He writes with refreshing wit and candor, deeply and broadly reflecting on what it means to be human, personally and collectively. Grosso’s life experiences are unique, sometimes gritty and perhaps countercultural, but his book shows spirituality is universal—no matter how people get there, all roads lead to essential insights and awakening, beginning with self-love, self-acceptance, and mindful living. Grosso has a fresh and unconventional voice of truth-seeking, notable for persistence, humility, and wisdom. Agent: Michele Martin, MDM Management. (Mar. 4)
skateboarding icon - Tony Hawk
"Chris Grosso seamlessly blends the ideas of individuality and spirituality in a way that is selfless, easy to read, and inspiring. He can help you find a purpose and be proud of yourself."
Marci Shimoff
"Chris Grosso's message is simple: dogma-free spirituality that's available to everyone, at all times. Whether you're attending a meditation event, a rock concert, a yoga class, or even a rehab program, spirit is always accessible. I'm grateful for what I've learned from Chris, and I'm excited to see the impact that his wisdom and work will undoubtedly have on the world."
Lissa Rankin
"Those of us who are muddling and meandering our way along aspiritual path often wind up befuddled, a bit lost, and in need of guidancefrom someone with the chops to light the path so that we can find our own way.Chris Grosso is just such a light-bearer. With his own quirky breed of indiespiritualism, Chris seeks the sublime and invites us to seek it for ourselves.His book, Indie Spiritualist, will be a great service to those looking outside traditionalreligious paths to find divinity within themselves and in the world."
Chuck Treece
"Chris Grosso and his book, Indie Spiritualist, are a perfect example of the alternative mind-set. Combining punk rock, skateboarding, spirituality, and more. Indie Spiritualist is blazing trails like no one else."
Bernie Siegel
"Chris Grosso is a caring and compassionate human being who can also be relied upon to do things right. i have worked with him and can verify that he comes form his heart while maintaining the ability to use his intellect and intuition to make the right choices and do the right things."
Lama Surya Das
"[The Indie Spiritualist]website is an edgy field of delights. [Chris’s] interview questions set methinking in new directions. I have found his website . . . to be an interestingattempt to capture the Spirit of the times: timely, timeless, and otherwise."
Ken Wilber
“This is ragged truth-telling at its best, and Chris speaks directly from nothing but his own experience. It is therefore as honest and authentic an account of spirituality as you will likely find anywhere. What else could you ask for? We have known for some time now that the spirituality of tomorrow will not be your father’s spirituality—it will be different; it will be wilder; it will be more direct; it will be more real and authentic; it will speak, not of creed’s or beliefs, but directly to the heart and mind in the most certain and unmistakable words imaginable. In other words, it will speak a lot like this book does. Pick it up; read it; find out for yourself; and you’ll be very glad you did.”
Tara Brach
"Chris writes from the inside out about learning to love without holding back. This book is alive with truth-telling: It is a transmission that will turn you towards the light of your own awakening heart."
MC Yogi
"Indie Spiritualist offers clear insight and fresh inspiration for this emerging generation of truth seekers. Its a great read and serves as a good friend to have along the path."
Ram Dass
"Chris Grosso, in a well written book, takes us into his mind and through a plethora of experiences. Indie Spiritualist guides readers to greater awareness and love."
Jarvis Jay Masters
"Indie Spiritualist by my dear friend Chris Grosso cuts right to the heart of what engaged Dharma Buddhism is all about, while sparing the bullshit. Chris' writing, while relevant for all readers, does something most contemporary spiritual teachers don't, and that is make spirituality accessible for our youth, especially the inner city homies who are thirsty for it but need the message straight up. Thank you Chris for this book which is sure to change the lives of those who read it."
Jessica Pimentel
"Chris Grosso shares his life experiences and spiritual awakening with depth, clarity, humility and understanding. Chris's words are tangible for "lost soul" teens who are completely dissatisfied with the world, longtime spiritual practitioners, and those just looking for something more. Chris has truly given us a useful gift."
Betsy Chasse
"Every generation finds a voice that speaks their language while also sharing the wisdom of the past. Chris Grosso is that voice for our generation as he speaks the wisdom we need to hear while weaving in real life. Indie Spiritualist is practical, heartfelt and the truest of truths."
Stephen and Ondrea Levine
"There's a new generation of spiritualist emerging, and Chris's work on his website, The Indie Spiritualist, has established him as a leading visionary among them. We believe there is no better voice than Chris's for this project, and know that this book will be of great support to all who seek wisdom."
Naughty by Nature Treach
"Chris Grosso and his book Indie Spiritualist ain't going nowhere. Feel the vibe or get left behind."
Gavin Van Vlack
"Chris Grosso walks us through his own experiences, devoid of grandiosity, and with a sense of knowing that each answer gained unravels further inquiries and opportunities for self-exploration. Thank you, Chris, for an entertaining and smart read."
Andrew Harvey
"Chris Grosso is a humble, wise, penetrating writer and spiritual pioneer. I tremendously enjoyed the range and depth of Indie Spiritualist and found myself drawn into unsuspected mysteries and depths. I believe his book will be immensely useful, accessible, and a source of joy to many seekers."
Amy Ahlers
"There is just something about Chris. He is a voice, an energy, a life force that brings together our inner rebel with our inner wisdom. He is destined to leave a profound mark on this planet through his innovative writings, musings, and questioning of what it means to be here and human."
Lisa Marie Selow
"Chris Grosso is a brilliant curator of all things cool, underground, and enlightening for the newer generations of misfit mystics, musicians, and artists who take the road less traveled. He presents creative expression and spirituality as a positive, alternative route to that of self-destruction."
Kate Bartolotta
"In a society where spirituality has been commodified and repackaged as a lifestyle accessory, Chris's zero-bullshit approach to our spiritual lives is a much-needed reality check...If I had to pick one spirituality writer to watch this year, it would be Chris."
Tommy Rosen
"Chris sets a high bar combining authenticity with concise, wise self-reflection, which inspires us to consider our own experience and find our own spiritual truth."
Noah Levine
"In this open, honest, and wise reflection on his path, Chris Grosso offers us his heart. May this book inspire you to become independently wise and compassionate."
Brad Warner
"Chris Grosso has written a rowdy and real guide to spiritual practice that avoids the fluff and 'fast food for the mind' rhetoric that one so often find in the 'spirituality' section of bookstores these days. Indie Spiritualist is highly recommended for those who are serious about spirituality and not just looking for a happy pill to make it all better."
don Jose Ruiz
"Chris Grosso shares a message from the heart with honesty and deep awareness. He has created a masterpiece of art, an expression of his love. Indie Spiritualist brings us a beautiful introduction to a new era of spirituality."
Jack Kornfield
"You awaken your True spirit by way of the broken heart: ragged, vulnerable, fierce and finally compassionate. Chris trod this rough way and shows honestly how it can be done."
Library Journal
Written in short chapters peppered with advice, perfect for the blog reader and Twitter follower, Grosso (creator, indiespiritualist.com, musician, and a regular contributor to the radio show Where Is My Guru) somehow embraces a loving God, Hindu meditation, and hard-core rock, adding advice and favorites lists that are perfect for young spiritual seekers. It is too easy to assume that America's young rockers and hipsters are all casually nihilistic, but Grosso taps into the deep yearning for authentic spirituality—questions allowed. VERDICT Not suitable for family reading, but this off-the-cuff volume should speak to a broad spectrum of readers under age 30.
Kirkus Reviews
In a mixed bag of introspective insights and navel-gazing, Grosso tells the story of how he finally entered recovery after years of drug and alcohol abuse, which set him on the path of investigating his spiritual side far outside of organized religion. It's a bit like mid-1990s MTV meets New-Age mysticism, and they have a tattooed hipster baby. To give the author credit, it sounds like he was truly messed up before he got his act together, and his explorations may appeal to Daily Show viewers who feel like they need a shot of new-time religion. The book is composed of short, easily consumed chapters kicked off with quotes from usual suspects like Hunter S. Thompson, Aldous Huxley and Charles Bukowski and carrying titles like "The Tao of Checking Yourself" and "Jesus, Hitler, Bieber, Slayer & God." It's a collection that's likely to cause mixed reactions, much like the work of journalist Neal Pollack, who retired from his own celebrated superstardom to study yoga—at which Grosso makes a few good-natured swipes (the yoga, not Pollack). There are good moments, like the way Grosso describes reaching a state of meditative bliss during an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo. How you feel about the pseudo-advice in lines like, "You were born to be real, not to be perfect," will probably depend on your own spiritual sense of well-being at the time, though more cynical readers are likely to raise an eyebrow or two here and there. That's even truer of Grosso's postmodern experiences, littered with self-promotional links, like discovering the meaning of life while scrolling Facebook. For the record, the meaning of life is "Be cool" and "Don't be an asshole." It's an artifice, sure, but compared to nonsense like The Secret, indie spiritualism has a lot going for it—maybe even some actual sincerity.

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Meet the Author

Chris Grosso is a tattooed, independent culturist, freelance writer, spiritual aspirant, recovering addict, and musician. Chris writes for such venues as Rebelle Society, Huffington Post, Intent blog, and is a monthly contributor on the radio show Where is My Guru? He created the popular hub for all things alternative, independent, and spiritual with The Indie Spiritualist website. A self-taught musician, Chris has been writing, recording, and touring since the mid-1990s playing with independent bands.

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Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She smiled gently. "I wouldn't mind." She waved her tail.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Raw, insightful and engaging.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Easily one of the most honest and engaging books that I have read in a long time. The author shares his story of addiction and recovery, but more importantly he offers Hope and Help to those who are struggling in their own journey. His no BS exploration of Spirituality is relatable and insightful no matter where you are on your spiritual path. The author writes from his heart in short easy to read chapters. It is one of those books that is hard to put down, and you can't wait to pick it up again to read more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked this book for a while. Then I started to notice that whenever the author criticizes a person or a trend it is directed at women. And whenever he praises a great thinker or artist its always a man. It really bugged me. I think he has issues with women.