Individualism And Community: Education And Social Policy In The Postmodern Condition

Individualism And Community: Education And Social Policy In The Postmodern Condition

by Michael Peters, James Marshall

ISBN-10: 0750704853

ISBN-13: 9780750704854

Pub. Date: 04/01/1996

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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New Prospects Series
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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
List of Figures
Introduction: The Crisis of the Welfare State in the Postmodern Condition1
Sect. ICommunitarian Approaches to the Crisis
1Social Policy and the Move to Community21
2Democracy and Community-based Social Policy34
3Welfare and the Future of Community: The New Zealand Experiment51
Sect. IINeo-liberal Individualism
4The New Right Reforms of Education65
5The Politics of Choice: Public Choice Theory and the Autonomous Chooser77
6Children of Rogernomics: The New Right, Individualism and the Culture of Narcissism98
Sect. IIIMethodological Responses to the Crisis
7From Education to Evaluation: The Ideal Learning Community115
8Educational Policy Analysis and the Politics of Interpretation137
Sect. IVThe Postmodern 'Way Out'
9Postmodernism: The Critique of Reason and the Rise of the New Social Movements157
10Beyond the Philosophy of the Subject: Liberalism, Education and the Critique of Individualism173
11Individualism and Community: Education and the Politics of Difference191
Conclusion: Critical Social Policy in the Postmodern Condition207

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