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Indoor, Conservatory and Greenhouse Gardening (Wisley Handbook Series)

Indoor, Conservatory and Greenhouse Gardening (Wisley Handbook Series)

by Ann Bonar, Alan Toogood, Ray Waite, Dennagh Goold-Adams

Editorial Reviews

Alice Joyce
Three previously published handbooks emphasizing various aspects of indoor gardening are brought together in this compilation. The initial section describes a good number of houseplants for specific situations, their general care, and cultural requirements. One authority lends his expertise to the realm of conservatory gardens, pointing out the importance of researching the types available before ordering one; he also recommends permanent choices for both cool and warm conditions as well as plants that should be shifted to the outdoor garden once they have flowered. Although England's climate does not correspond to many U.S.D.A. zones, much of the information contained in the book's final section on climate zones should prove interesting to greenhouse gardeners. Color photographs enliven the informed text.

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Cassell P L C
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Wisley Gardening Companion Ser.
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