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Infatuate: A Gilded Wings Novel, Book Two
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Infatuate: A Gilded Wings Novel, Book Two

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by Aimee Agresti

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Haven Terra is still recovering from an internship that brought her literally to the brink of hell when a trip to New Orleans leads to more trouble. There, while taking part in a student volunteer program, Haven and her friends Dante and Lance run across an enclave of devils known as the Krewe.

     These shape-shifting devils are more


Haven Terra is still recovering from an internship that brought her literally to the brink of hell when a trip to New Orleans leads to more trouble. There, while taking part in a student volunteer program, Haven and her friends Dante and Lance run across an enclave of devils known as the Krewe.

     These shape-shifting devils are more reckless and vicious than any Haven, Lance, and Dante have encountered. Yet the friends soon discover that their French Quarter housemates are also angels in training, and together they must face off with the Krewe in their quest for wings.

     But Haven’s resolve is tested when Lucian, the repentant devil with whom she was infatuated, resurfaces and asks her for help escaping the underworld. Can he be trusted? Or will aiding him cost Haven her angel wings—and her life?

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

"Infatuate will not leave you disappointed! There's plenty of love drama packed into this page-turner."

"Stands atop the current heap of angel books."
Kirkus Reviews

"Agresti pumps adrenaline into nearly every scene. . . . The characters are just as compelling as the action."



* "Smart, well-crafted and sophisticated; without a doubt, this belongs on the top of the stack of the current crop of angel books. More, please!"
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Part The Picture of Dorian Gray, part The Devil Wears Prada, this original and engrossing story will keep surprising readers right up to the thrilling climax."
Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed

"Haven is a character who will definitely surprise you—in the best way possible. Mysterious and deliciously creepy, Agresti's debut will keep you turning pages until the explosive climax."
Cara Lynn Shultz, author of Spellbound

"Agresti's story accelerates to an exciting climax, and the blossoming romance is sweet and satisfying."
Publishers Weekly

"Move over, Twilight!"
US Weekly

"Equal parts romantic and mysterious, and will keep you itching for the next installment!"

"Such an enchanting book and we can’t wait to read more in the Gilded Wings series. While the cover reels you in (How could it not? It’s so pretty!), the words inside keep you reading. There’s angels, mystery, beauty . . . which all rolled up into one, makes it magical."
Just Jared Jr.

Children's Literature - Lisette Baez
The battle of good versus evil continues in the second book of the "Gilded Wings" series. Haven Terra, an angel in training, is anxiously awaiting her wings, along with her friends Lance and Dante. They quickly realize the French Quarter of New Orleans has more surprises than they expected. They have encountered a new species of devils, shape-shifters, whom are more violent than ever. The Krewe, as this new pack is called, is just another obstacle standing in the way of these three friends receiving their wings. The Krewe is not Haven's only problem though. She must decide if helping Lucian escape the underworld is worth the risk of not getting her wings. Her infatuation for Lucian runs deep and she quickly finds herself at a crossroads. This decision weighs heavy on her; for she is not confident that Lucian can be trusted. This time, Haven, Lucian and Dante find there are other "angel" allies ready and willing to help them fight so they can earn the wings they so desperately desire and deserve. Reviewer: Lisette Baez
Kirkus Reviews
This sequel to the well-imagined Illuminate (2012) falls off slightly but continues the mostly interesting story. After the fall of the insidious Lexington Hotel, Haven, her boyfriend, Lance, and her friend Dante head off to New Orleans, where they'll ostensibly become high school volunteers on numerous projects. Recruited and led by Connor, they really join a group of angels-in-training, volunteering by day but strengthening their powers at night. Each of them will face a challenge that may tempt them to abandon their angel status and join the devils. Early on, they encounter a raucous group called the Krewe, which goes on bloody rampages at night. Clearly, these are the devils they'll have to fight, but Haven has other problems. In the haunted mansion next door, Haven meets Lucian, the devil from the Lexington Hotel who nearly captured her heart and who now needs her help to escape the underworld. Agresti again focuses on Haven's developing powers and on her relationships, but the battles with the devils that introduced action in the previous book seem less suspenseful this time, as readers see them mostly from afar. This time, although said to be much stronger than before, they emerge only as an occasional threat and so feel less dangerous. The plotline with Lucian stands out as the most interesting part of the story. Nevertheless, this stands atop the current heap of angel books. (Paranormal suspense. 12 & up)
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—Six months have passed since Haven, Dante, and Lance learned of their angels-in-training status and saved their high school prom from going to Hell-literally. Now the trio goes to New Orleans where they meet up with other teen angels to take part in the next round of training. Mystery and mayhem abound as shape-shifters from the infernal regions, known collectively as the Krewe, are bent on harvesting the angels' powerful souls, and it is up to the angels and their scarcely tried skills to stop their enemies. Agresti pumps adrenaline into nearly every scene so that with a frantic swim in an alligator-infested swamp, shady goings-on in New Orleans alleys, and run-ins with the Prince of Darkness himself, the drama hardly flags. The characters are just as compelling as the action. Haven is a believable heroine. Her ability to know the state of someone's soul by looking at his or her photo becomes stronger. Still, she is filled with normal teenage insecurities. Handsome but devious Lucian seems repentant and wants Haven's help, but can he be trusted? Then, Haven loves Lance, but is he falling for Sabine? The story is steeped in New Orleans culture and lore, from the teens eating at Antoine's to Lucian's portal being in the infamously haunted LaLaurie Mansion. The pulse-pounding, decisive battle takes place amid the gilded chaos of Mardi Gras. A major cliff-hanger ending will have readers anticipating the third volume.—Jennifer Prince, Buncombe County Public Libraries, NC

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.60(d)
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12 Years

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The Calm Before the Storm

I hadn’t expected the end of high school to feel this way. Sure, there was a certain fizzy exuberance warming the chilly hallways of Evanston township High School. There were joyous squeals and heartfelt hugs. There were colorful tatters of festive wrapping from token gifts littering the floor. There was that spirited roar of hundreds of our classmates simultaneously buzzing about their plans for the coming week. But all of that had nothing to do with the milestone I had reached with the ring of that final bell seconds earlier, and everything to do with the winter white blanketing the football field outside the window, where cars screeched out of the parking lot, their horns honking wildly. The holiday break was upon us all. That Dante, Lance, and I wouldn’t be back here until June’s graduation ceremony wasn’t news on anyone else’s radar. I gazed out the window again as the chicago wind wrapped a wayward sheet of newsprint around the goalpost. In my mind, memories swirled in the same reckless way. Graduating early had to be the ultimate anticlimax.
   The locker next to me slammed and Dante appeared. “Sooooo, everyone seems to be going to Jason abington’s christmas party tonight,” he needled me, eyebrows twitching up down, up down. He was making fun of me in the way that only best friends can get away with.
   “Fantastic,” I said with the full dose of necessary sarcasm. I pulled off the taped photos from the inside of my locker door and gave them a last glance—all featured me with either Dante or Lance—then grabbed my bag and coat. I nodded at the now empty locker, then closed it one last time. Bang. I flashed Dante a look that said I wouldn’t be sweet-talked into any party-crashing expeditions. “Spend the evening with a house full of sloppy drunks in Santa hats while Jason and courtney hook up in every room?” I had gotten over my longtime crush, but I still didn’t feel like watching Jason paw at his brainless bombshell of a girlfriend. No thank you.
   After the conflagration that was our prom—no metaphors here: the entire event really had gone down in flames, taking with it the historic Lexington Hotel downtown in what had been dubbed “the Great chicago Fire, Part two” by the Chicago Tribune—Jason had actually called me once. It was soon after school let out for the summer. I had thought it was Dante playing a trick on me, and by the time Jason convinced me it was him, I was too shocked to speak. It didn’t really matter, though—by then I was uncharacteristically settled in the boyfriend department.  Maybe boys have some sort of radar for when you no longer need them and that is precisely when they finally start noticing you.
   “So, then that’s a no?” Dante asked with mock innocence.    “That’s a ‘not-if-everyone’s-life-depended-on-it’ no . . .again.” I couldn’t resist adding that last bit. It sometimes felt like Dante, Lance, and I lived in an entirely different universe from everyone else at school. We had played this odd role in, well, saving them from losing their souls this past spring, but it’s not as though any of them knew. I was beginning to think I had hallucinated it all. Our lives—Dante’s, mine, Lance’s—had changed, but no one else’s had.
   “Okay, okay, got it.” He put his hands up in surrender. “You’re no fun.” He paused, and then asked with a smirk, “How ’bout a christmas carol?”
   I scanned the area around us, but as usual none of the bodies bouncing like charged atoms along the crowded hallway paid us any mind, so I played along, with just the slightest roll of the eyes: “ ‘angels We Have Heard on High’?”
   Dante gave me a friendly smack on the arm. “Ha! am I crazy or do these jokes never get old?” He fixed his attention over my shoulder. “You’re still coming over for holiday movie madness, right?”
   “Sure thing.” It was Lance’s voice behind me. Two vinelike arms wound around my waist and held me close. He leaned his chin on my shoulder. “What time do you want us?
   “Happy graduation, by the way,” he said. He turned to me, lunging, to peck me fast and firm on the lips.
   “And to you, too,” I said, just flirtatious enough, kissing him back.
   “Ugh. I swear, sometimes you guys are worse than courtney and Jason.”
   “I’m offended,” I said in mock protest.
   “I’m not!” Lance said, squeezing me. He planted an exaggerated smack of a kiss on my neck but then straightened up just as fast. He pushed his clunky black glasses farther up on his nose, his gaze darting. From the corner of my eye, I saw my favorite English teacher passing, trying not to see us, it seemed. Even after Lance and I had been together so many months, I still blushed when we had these moments at school. I never would’ve guessed I would be the type to even have moments like this at school. I had proved to be anything but this type for my entire high school career up until this last semester.
   Dante shook his head. “the things I put up with in the name of friendship.” It was true. The three of us had one another and we were grateful. Dante and I had been pals since we were little kids. Lance had been something of a loner until that fateful internship brought us all together in our junior year. It had been his idea for us to do summer school and graduate early. “What would we miss? another prom?” he’d joked. And so we had spent those sunny months studying, writing papers, taking tests, and now we were done.
   After we cleaned out our lockers, we set off down the hall, Lance’s warm hand in mine. “I was starting to think this one might be a flight risk tonight,” Dante said, nodding in my direction.
   “Fine, I’ll be there.” I sighed. “I just have to finish my college applications,” I explained to Lance. “We can’t all be evil geniuses like Dante, who can write application essays in his sleep.” I was done with the ones I really wanted—Northwestern, university of chicago, Princeton, and Harvard and Yale (those last two were just for kicks)—but I still had my safety schools left. I had waited till the last minute on those in the hopes that I wouldn’t really need them.
   “Whatever, there’s plenty of time,” said Dante, who seemed to score perfect grades without breaking a sweat.
   “They’re due in, like, a week.” Lance laughed. He was also brilliant, but was supremely organized and had sent his off back in September.
   “Exactly! Plenty o’ time!” Dante flashed that wide, winning smile. “Dude, I’m finishing mine on the way to the airport. I’ll send ’em before the plane takes off.” I slapped his arm playfully. He was kidding now.
   The hallways had mostly cleared by the time we made it to the door. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and Lance held the door for me. The three of us stepped out, and a gust of wind swooped to meet us. Heads down, we pushed on to the L station.

Meet the Author

Aimee Agresti is the author of the Gilded Wings Novels, Illuminate and Infatuate. She is also an entertainment journalist whose work has appeared in People, the Washington Post, Mademoiselle, and the New York Observer. As a staff writer for Us Weekly magazine, she interviewed many celebrities and penned the magazine’s coffee table book Inside Hollywood. She lives in Washington, D.C. Visit her website at www.aimeeagresti.com.

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Infatuate: A Gilded Wings Novel, Book Two 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
crayolakym More than 1 year ago
This is book two in the Gilded Wings series. I haven’t read book one but that is okay, you don’t have to read it to read this one as the author does well to explain the characters and storyline so you know what is going on. “… You haven’t lived until you’ve seen two sweaty sunburned women from Alabama get in a tug o war over the last voodoo doll for attracting marriage.” Haven Terra isn’t a normal teenage girl. She is super smart and graduated high school early and decides to go to New Orleans for the last semester and do some community service with some friends. But it doesn’t take long before the kids realize this isn’t going to be a trip they had expected or will ever forget either. See, there are shape-shifting devils, know as Krewe, running all over the city and terrorizing everything they come in contact with. Thankfully, Haven soon finds out though that her roommates are angels in training and have been tasked with defeating the Krewe before they can earn their wings, Haven included. But it’s not this easy as her old love Lucian, who is a devil and from book one, comes to her asking for her help. Haven’s past feelings for Lucian, and her current task obviously don’t go together so she must figure out whom she can trust and if it is worth it as it could result is her failing to get her wings, or ultimately cost her her life. This is a longer book, which is nice, as you get more time to get to know the characters and are able to have more action for the preangels and Krewe. I wouldn’t be surprised if this series eventually becomes a movie.*This book was provided in exchange for an honest review*         *You can view the original review at Musing with Crayolakym and San Francisco & Sacramento City Book Review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
StephieLB More than 1 year ago
I liked this book enough to email the author & ask if she could send my boss an email explaining why I was going to be incoherent today since I stayed up late reading it. I really enjoyed it. It was a quick, easy read & I enjoyed the plot line very much. I had some theories rolling around in my head about what might happen, but was happily proven incorrect!
CherieReads More than 1 year ago
I don't quite know what to say about this one. I don't really have a strong opinion, good or bad. Haven's continuing journey towards becoming a full-fledged angel was interesting and some parts were exciting but the book as a whole moved really slowly. I also thought it was entirely too predictable. From the very beginning I could predict all of the major plot points and I wasn't wrong about any of them. Despite those things I still enjoyed the book enough that I want to read the next one to find out what happens to Haven, Lance, Dante and the rest of the characters. You won't find anything mind-blowing here, but it's still a fun read and I would recommend it to fans of angels and demons.