Inflammatory Diseases of the Central Nervous System

Inflammatory Diseases of the Central Nervous System

by Trevor Kilpatrick

Defines the interactions between the immune and nervous systems and the diseases caused.See more details below


Defines the interactions between the immune and nervous systems and the diseases caused.

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Preface; Part I. Interactions Between the Immune and Nervous Systems: 1. Effectors and determinants of the innate and adaptive immune responses Edgar Meinl and Hartmut Wekerle; 2. Microglia: protective and pathogenic mediators Bevyn Jarrott and Karina Apricò; 3. The role of dendritic cells in neuroinflammation Heather Donaghy, Edwina J. Wright and Anthony L. Cunningham; 4. Negotiating the brain barriers: access of immune cells and pathogens into the CNS Britta Engelghardt; Part II. Autoimmunity: 5. Immune effector heterogeneity in multiple sclerosis and related CNS inflammatory demyelinating disorders Shaunu F. Roemer and Claudia F. Lucchinetti; 6. Multiple sclerosis: neuroimmune crosstalk in acute and progressive stages of the disease Martin Kerschensteiner and Reinhard Hohlfeld; 7. CD8+ T Cell-mediated autoimmune diseases in the CNS Lisa Walter and Matthew L. Albert; 8. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: determinants and manifestations Eppie M. Yiu and Andrew J. Kornberg; 9. Primary angiitis of the CNS and its mimics Tina Chadha, George F. Duna and Leonard H. Calabrese; Part III. Microbiological and Traumatic Challenges to the CNS: 10. Acute viral encephalitis: role of the immune system in viral clearance from the CNS and in the generation of pathology David N. Irani and Natalie Prow; 11. Chronic HIV infection of the CNS: role of the immune system in virological control and the generation of pathology Carolyn F. Orr and Bruce J. Brew; 12. Brain inflammation during bacterial meningitis Trine H. Mogensen and Lars Østergaard; 13. Parasitic infections of the brain: malaria and beyond Stephen J. Rogerson and Danny A. Milner Jr; 14. Role of the inflammatory process in traumatic brain damage Cristina Morganti-Kossmann, Laveniya Satgunaseelan, Nicole Bye, Phuong Nguyen and Thomas Kossmann; Part IV. Therapy: 15. HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders: clinical features and therapeutic challenges Nicoline Schiess and Justin C. McArthur; 16. Role of immunomodulation in management of infections of the CNS Miles H. Beaman; 17. Neuroinflammation: an emerging therapeutic target in neurological disease Joseph M. Antony and Christopher Power; Index.

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