Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy / Edition 55

Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy / Edition 55

by Dorothy Leidner, Efraim Turban, Ephraim McLean, James Wetherbe

ISBN-10: 0471705225

ISBN-13: 9780471705222

Pub. Date: 01/05/2005

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Social networks are transforming how people communicate, work, and play. This comprehensive new edition highlights this new technology and scores of others that are changing how organizations operate and compete in the current global environment. The cover depicts two examples of social networks. The larger image is a visualization of the trust relationships in a


Social networks are transforming how people communicate, work, and play. This comprehensive new edition highlights this new technology and scores of others that are changing how organizations operate and compete in the current global environment. The cover depicts two examples of social networks. The larger image is a visualization of the trust relationships in a web-based social network. The smaller figures are default avatars from Second Life, a multi-layered, 3D virtual world that is imagined, created, and owned by its residents.

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Table of Contents

IT In the Organization
IT Support of Organizational Performance     1
Chip War: Intel versus AMD     2
Doing Business in the Digital Economy     3
Business Pressures, Organizational Performance and Responses, and IT Support     11
Information Systems and Information Technology     16
The Adaptive, Agile, Real-Time Enterprise     18
Information Technology Developments and Trends     21
Why Should You Learn About Information Technology?     25
Plan of the Book     26
Managerial Issues     26
Dartmouth College Goes Wireless     32
A Digital Hospital Increases Performance and Saves Lives     33
Porter's Models     35
Information Technologies: Concepts and Management     38
Building an E-Business at FedEx Corporation     39
Information Systems: Concepts and Definitions     41
Classification and Types of Information Systems     42
How IT Supports People and Organizational Activities     51
How IT Supports Supply Chains and Enterprise Systems     54
Information Systems Infrastructure and Architecture     56
Emerging Computing Environments: SaaS, SOA, and More     58
Managerial Issues     64
E-Commerce Supports Field Employees at Maybelline     70
How TrueCredit Utilizes SOA to Build Fast, Reliable Applications     71
Build-to-Order Production     74
Basics of Supply Chains     76
IT Infrastructure
Data Management: Data, Databases, and Warehousing     78
Finding Diamonds by Data Mining At Harrah's     79
Data Management: A Critical Success Factor     81
File Management     87
Databases and Database Management Systems     91
Creating Databases     96
Data Warehousing     99
Marketing Databases in Action     105
Web-Based Data Management Systems     107
Managerial Issues     109
Homeland Security Data Integration     115
Precision Buying, Merchandising, and Marketing at Sears     115
Networking: Discovery, Communication, Collaboration     118
Super Bowl XXXIX Collaboration Portal     119
Network Computing-Overview and Drivers     120
Discovery, Search, and Customized Delivery     129
Communication     135
Messaging and Collaboration     144
Social and Ethical Issues     151
Managerial Issues     152
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Uses Wiki for Collaboration     157
Converged Networks Support Complex and Global Business Relationships     158
The Future of Networking Infrastructure     161
The Web Revolution
E-Business and E-Commerce     164
Dell Is Using E-Commerce for Success     165
Overview of E-Business and E-Commerce     167
Major EC Mechanisms     174
Business-to-Consumer Applications     176
B2B Applications     183
Major Models of E-Business: From E-Government to C2C     186
E-Commerce Support Services: Advertising, Payment, and Order Fulfillment     189
Ethical and Legal Issues in E-Business     196
Managerial Issues     199
From Paper to E-Payments: The Story of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage     205
E-Commerce Improves Inventory Control at Hi-Life Corporation     206
Mobile, Wireless, and Pervasive Computing     209
Food Lion Excels with Wireless Technologies     210
Mobile Computing and Commerce; Overview, Benefits, and Drivers     211
Mobile Applications in Financial Services     218
Mobile Shopping, Advertising, and Content-Providing     220
Mobile Enterprise and Interbusiness Applications     223
Mobile Consumer Services and Entertainment     229
Location-Based Services and Commerce     231
Pervasive Computing     237
Managerial Issues     246
Hertz Goes Wireless     252
Washington Township Fire Department Goes Wireless     253
Organi- zational Applications
Transaction Processing, Functional Applications, and Integration     257
Wireless Inventory Management System at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center     258
Functional Information Systems     260
Transaction Processing Information Systems     261
Managing Production/Operations and Logistics     267
Managing Marketing and Sales Systems     270
Managing the Accounting and Finance Systems     276
Managing Human Resources Systems     282
Integrating Functional Information Systems     286
How IT Supports Compliance     289
Managerial Issues     291
Dollar General Uses Integrated Software     296
Musco Food Uses IT to Improve Sales and Operations     297
Enterprise Systems     300
Chevrontexaco Modernized its Supply Chain with IT     301
Essentials of Enterprise Systems and Supply Chains     302
Supply Chain Challenges     305
Supply Chain Opportunities     307
Business Value of Enterprise Systems     313
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems     314
Business Process Management     322
Product Life Cycle Management     327
Customer Relationship Management     330
Managerial Issues     335
ERP Helps Productivity at Northern Digital Inc.     340
QVC Provides Superb CRM     341
Interorganizational and Global Information Systems     344
Limited Brands Creates a Superb Supply Chain     345
Interorganizational Activities and Order Fulfillment     346
Interorganizational Information Systems and Virtual Corporations     350
Global Information Systems     352
Facilitating IOS and Global Systems: From Demand-Driven Networks to RFID     358
Interorganizational Information Integration     367
Partner Relationship Management and Collaborative Commerce     368
Managerial Issues     372
How Volkswagen Runs Its Supply Chain in Brazil     376
How UNICEF Manages Its Global IT     377
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)     380
Extranets, XML, and Web Services     384
Managerial and Decision Support Systems
Knowledge Management      388
Knowledge Management at Infosys Technologies     389
Introduction to Knowledge Management     390
Organizational Learning and Memory     394
Knowledge Management Activities     396
Approaches to Knowledge Management     399
Information Technology in Knowledge Management     400
Knowledge Management Systems Implementation     402
Roles of People in Knowledge Management     410
Ensuring Success of KM Efforts     412
Managerial Issues     416
Data Sharing That's Saving Lives     421
Buckman Labs Improves Global Knowledge Sharing     423
Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management     427
Toyota uses Business Intelligence to Excel     428
A Framework for Business Intelligence: Concepts and Benefits     429
Business Analytics, Online Analytical Processing, Reporting, and Querying     435
Data, Text, Web Mining, and Predictive Analytics     441
Data Visualization, Geographical Information Systems, and Virtual Reality     447
Real-Time Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence     454
Business (Corporate) Performance Management, Scorecards, and Dashboards     457
Managerial Issues      463
Lexmark International Improves Operations with BI     470
State Governments Share Geospatial Information     471
Management Decision Support and Intelligent Systems     474
New Balance Makes Sure That Shoes Fit     475
Managers and Decision Making     476
Decision Support Systems: For Individuals, Groups, and the Enterprise     482
Intelligent Support Systems: The Basics     491
Expert Systems     494
Other Intelligent Systems     498
Automated Decision Support (ADS)     503
Managerial Issues     506
A DSS Reshapes the Railway in the Netherlands     513
Singapore and Malaysia Airlines Intelligent Systems     514
Implementing and Managing IT
IT Strategy and Planning     517
Boeing's IT Strategic Alignment: The Early Engagement System     518
IT Strategic Alignment     520
Competitive Forces Model     521
Value Chain Model     527
Strategic Resources and Capabilities     529
IT Planning     531
Interorganizational and International IT Planning     538
Managing the IS Department     542
Managerial Issues     547
Verizon and Rivio Use the Web to Offer Big Benefits for Small Businesses     553
Scenario Planning at National City Bank Aligns IT with Business Planning     554
Information Technology Economics     557
Justifying IT Investment in the State of Iowa     558
Financial and Economic Trends and the Productivity Paradox     559
Evaluating IT Investment: Benefits, Costs, and Issues     563
Methods for Evaluating and Justifying IT Investment     570
IT Economics Strategies: Chargeback and Outsourcing     574
Economic Aspects of IT and Web-Based Systems     580
Managerial Issues     584
How American Express Makes Superb Investment Decisions     588
Outsourcing Its IT, Kone Is Focusing on Its Core Competencies     589
Acquiring IT Applications and Infrastructure     592
How Sterngold Acquired an E-commerce System     593
The Landscape and Framework of IT Application Acquisition     594
Identifying, Justifying, and Planning IT Systems Applications (Step 1)     597
Acquiring IT Applications: Available Options (Step 3)     599
Outsourcing, Application Service Providers, and Utility Computing     603
Selecting an Acquisition Approach and Other Implementation Issues     606
Connecting to Databases, Enterprise Systems, and Business Partners: Integration (Step 4)     608
Business Process Redesign     610
Managerial Issues     613
Web Services Give Merrill's Legacy Systems New Life in the Web World     618
NCBJ Achieves a 500 Percent-Plus ROI by Rebuilding Its IT Infrastructure     619
Security     622
Security Failure Moves Stock Price at Choicepoint     623
Securing the Enterprise     625
IS Vulnerabilities and Threats     632
Fraud and Computer Crimes     635
IT Security Management Practices     638
Network Security     642
Internal Control and Compliance Management     645
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning     647
Implementing Security: Auditing and Risk Management     649
Computer Forensics     651
Managerial Issues     653
Preventing and Detecting Operational Risk Caused by Employees     659
Accounting Fraud at NEC Leads to Five-Year Earnings Restatement     660
Impacts of IT on Individuals, Organizations, and Society     663
Movie Piracy     664
Perspectives on IT Impacts     664
IT Is Eliminating the Barriers of Time, Space, and Distance     666
Information Is Changing from a Scarce Resource to an Abundant Resource     671
Machines Are Performing Functions Previously Performed by Humans     676
Information Technology Urges People to Reexamine Their Value Systems     681
Conclusion     687
Managerial Issues     687
The Distributed Megachurch     692
RFID for Consumer Products     693
Glossary     G-1
Hardware     T1.1
Software     T2.1
Data and Databases     T3.1
Telecommunications     T4.1
The Internet and the Web     T5.1
A Technical View of System Analysis and Design     T6.1
Company Index     C-1
Name Index     N-1
Subject Index     S-1

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