Inheritance (Keys of Power Series)

Inheritance (Keys of Power Series)

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by Simon Brown

In the first novel of a brand-new trilogy, Simon Brown introduces Lynan, the youngest prince of Grenda Lear. Ignored by his family, he is forced to flee his home after he's betrayed. But he vows to return to claim his inheritance-a magical key that could help him change his destiny.  See more details below


In the first novel of a brand-new trilogy, Simon Brown introduces Lynan, the youngest prince of Grenda Lear. Ignored by his family, he is forced to flee his home after he's betrayed. But he vows to return to claim his inheritance-a magical key that could help him change his destiny.

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In this delightful fantasy, Queen Usharna is the holder of the four Keys of Power in Grenda Lear. On her deathbed, the Queen presents one of the keys to each of her children. Berayma, the heir to the throne, receives the Key of the Scepter; her daughter Areava receives the Key of the Sword; stuttering son Olio receives the Key of the Heart; and Lynan, the youngest son, receives the Key of Union. Upon the death of Usharna, Berayma, the new monarch, is murdered by the chancellor, Orkid, and his accomplice, Dejanus. Orkid and Dejanus plan to blame the murder on Lynan, the only child of the Queen and her true love, the General Elynd Chisal. Areava believes the lies of Orkid and Dejanus, having always been prejudiced against Lynan since his father was a "commoner," unlike her own father who was a nobleman. Lynan and his friends, the warrior Kumul, the crookback Ager, and the student magician Jenrosa are forced to flee their home in Kendra. The group plans to travel to the Oceans of Grass where they will start a rebellion and regain the position that Lynan is due. The strength of the book lies in the camaraderie of the group on the run and the swiftly paced plot that ends with hope for the coming rebellion. The novel definitely reads as the first in a series with the last chapter setting the scene for the next installment in the saga. Readers will want to continue the Keys of Power series with the forthcoming titles, Fire and Sword and Sovereign. YAs will respond to the young prince's coming-of-age story and may see a bit of themselves in the prince's insecurity as a responsible leader. This enjoyable fantasy will appeal to readers of the DragonLance series as well asreaders of Dennis Jones, Caroline Stevermer, and Victoria Strauss. A light, fun novel for epic fantasy readers and for those looking for tales of royal intrigue. (Book One of Keys of Power). KLIATT Codes: SA-Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, and adults. 2000, DAW, 424p., Ages 15 to adult.
— Ginger Armstrong
The fate of Grenda Lear lies in the power of four keys: the Scepter, the Sword, the Heart, and the Union. At the beginning of this first installment of the Keys of Power trilogy, dying Queen Usharna divides among her four heirs these working symbols of royal authority. The recipient of the Key of Union is her youngest son, Lynan. Although his late father was a celebrated military hero, his commoner status destined Lynan to resentment and exclusion from his family and others in the royal court. Now Usharna is also dead, and Lynan has been wrongly accused of murdering the new king. Along with his friends Ager, Kumul, and Jenrosa, he becomes a wanted criminal with only the key as a sign of his rightful inheritance. He must find a way to both clear his name and prevent the real murderers from seizing power and destroying the kingdom. Action, corruption, and betrayal pack this appealing epic fantasy. Even non-fans of the genre will appreciate the obvious care of the author to the details of character and background, although at times the prose becomes weighted down with it. In general, the suspenseful pace will keep the reader engaged, and the ending provides a smooth segue for book two of the series. VOYA Codes 3Q 3P S A/YA (Readable without serious defects; Will appeal with pushing; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12; Adult-marketed book recommended for Young Adults). 2003, DAW, 424p., pb. Ages 15 to Adult.
—Julie Watkins

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Penguin Group (USA)
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Keys of Power Series, #1
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4.16(w) x 6.72(h) x 1.18(d)
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18 - 17 Years

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Inheritance (Keys of Power Series) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Queen Usharna Rosetheme is dying, but is not worried about the succession, as her oldest son Beryama will inherit the throne. Instead she is concerned with how the Twenty Houses will support her son and his three half-siblings. Especially concerning her is her youngest, Lynan, son of a deceased war hero commoner.

When the queen dies the keys that were the prime source of her power and her victory in the deadly Slaver War is distributed one each to her four children. However, unity fails when Areava and the twenty houses decide to eliminate Lynan, holder of one of the magical keys. Only the loyalty of his father¿s faithful Captains from the Slaver War Kumul Alarn and Agar Parmer save his life following the betrayal. What worried Usharna in life has come true after her death as her children are divided and her country is split with Lynan vowing vengeance and using his key to claim what was stolen from him.

The opening gamut of the ¿Keys of Power¿ is an incredible epic fantasy that is must reading for sub-genre fans. The story line is action-packed yet insures readers follow the exploits of fully developed characters. The adventures never slow down even as Simon Brown introduces the cast in such a way that the key (no pun intended) players seem real and the magic genuine. The only problem with INHERITANCE is waiting for book two to be published.

Harriet Klausner