Inhuman Beings

Inhuman Beings

by Jerry Jay Carroll

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Jerry Carroll's wonderful literary fantasy Top Dog introduced readers to a major new


Jerry Carroll's wonderful literary fantasy Top Dog introduced readers to a major new

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Former cop Goodwin Armstrong, 44, is a divorced San Francisco PI battling the forces of a chain franchise detective agency, Security Concerns, when psychic Ronda Rabin, aka Princess Dulay, hires him. She claims aliens have invaded the U.S. and are planning a hostile takeover. The rest of Carroll's second novel (after Top Dog) is a by-the-numbers run that uncovers the aliens among us in the San Francisco police chief and mayor and their missing wives. Mysterious communication failures, blackouts, a plunging elevator, a seagull attack and assorted arsons preceded by blue flashes bring Armstrong to reporter Gilmore Ford, who steps in to help when it appears the alien takeover is rapidly moving to the White House. Despite a few visually interesting scenes at a Renaissance Fair, and an exciting missile launching into the Atlanta headquarters of Security Concerns, Carroll's narrative loses energy long before its explosive conclusion. Moreover, too many echoes of cinematic/TV models--including Men in Black, Independence Day and The X-Files--drain the originality from this SF mystery/adventure. (July)
VOYA - John Charles
Goodwin Armstrong's latest client is a nut. At least that is what Armstrong, a former cop turned private eye, thinks-but since his client has money, Armstrong is willing to listen to her. Psychic Princess Dulay is having some troubling dreams that warn her aliens have arrived on Earth. Dulay wants Armstrong to help dig up some proof of this alien invasion that she can take to the authorities. Armstrong, whose divorce is causing some real cash flow problems, is tempted by the generous retainer Dulay offers. Armstrong is at first skeptical of Dulay's claims but when other psychics in the area begin dying and the hotel where he is staying burns down instantaneously, Armstrong starts to wonder if there might not be something to Dulay's story. With his latest book, Carroll successfully blends the hard-bitten, cynically humorous tone of the classic private investigator novel with a science fiction thriller. Highly original and terrifically entertaining, Inhuman Beings should please teens who enjoy futuristic thrillers or private investigator mysteries with a twist. VOYA Codes: 5Q 2P S (Hard to imagine it being any better written, For the YA with a special interest in the subject, Senior High-defined as grades 10 to 12).

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