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Inky Pinky

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Remember how as a child, you were afraid of the dark? Afraid of ghosts, ghouls, and monsters under the bed or in the closet? You never saw one, did you? That's because, a long time ago, a little hero named Inky Pinky took care of that. How did he do it? you ask. With magic, no less. That's why you, or any other child, do not ever have to be afraid of the dark again.
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Inky Pinky

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Remember how as a child, you were afraid of the dark? Afraid of ghosts, ghouls, and monsters under the bed or in the closet? You never saw one, did you? That's because, a long time ago, a little hero named Inky Pinky took care of that. How did he do it? you ask. With magic, no less. That's why you, or any other child, do not ever have to be afraid of the dark again.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781466999374
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing
  • Publication date: 7/23/2013
  • Pages: 20
  • Product dimensions: 8.50 (w) x 11.00 (h) x 0.05 (d)

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Inky Pinky

By Philip Harris, Dwight Nacaytuna

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Philip Harris
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9937-4


Inky Pinky

Gloria was four years old. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and her mother and father loved her very much. She had no brothers or sisters and sometimes she felt like she was all alone: especially at night. Every once in a while she would have a bad dream about monsters and ghosts under her bed or in her closet and would wake up in the middle of the night crying for her mother.

Her mother told her all the time that there was no such thing as monsters or ghosts but she just couldn't get the bad dreams out of her head. She would often get out of her bed, sneak into her parents room and crawl into the bed to cuddle up to her mother for comfort. This would wake her mother up and she would take Gloria back to her room and scold her for being such a baby. The poor girl would lie in her bed the rest of the night without going back to sleep.

Her parents talked about this all the time trying to come up with a good idea to help their daughter sleep better. They tried leaving a light on in the girl's room but this didn't work very well since Gloria said that it would only help the monsters and ghosts find her better. They bought different animals for her to sleep with but she wasn't happy with any of them. She would toss them out of bed on the floor as soon as her parents left the room.

They tried telling her stories before bedtime about guardian angels but that didn't work. They tried elaborate rituals to rid her room of all monsters and ghosts for the rest of the night and that didn't work. They were at their wits end and didn't know where to turn for the right answer.

One day while Gloria's mother was sitting at home thinking about what to do to help her daughter, she had an idea. She went to her husband's sock drawer and got one of his old socks that didn't have a match and took it into her sewing room. She sewed some buttons on the toe end to look like eyes and stitched a mouth and nose under them with pink thread. She fashioned a small cape out of pink cloth and sewed it to the back of the sock. She found some fiber fill and stuffed the sock all the way to the open end. She then sewed it together and fluffed it up so it would be soft to the touch. She sewed two short arms and legs onto it. She looked at it and was happy with how it had turned out. She named it Inky Pinky.

That night when Gloria was ready for to bed, she took some of her husbands after shave and sprinkled it on the stuffed doll. She asked him to come with her and they went into the girl's room together. When Gloria was all tucked in, she took Inky Pinky and handed him to her daughter. Gloria looked at it for a second and asked her mother what it was. That's when Gloria first met Inky Pinky. This is the story that her mother told her that night.

A long time ago, monsters and ghosts ruled the earth. The ghost would scare little children out of their beds at night and the monsters would grab them and take them to the Land of Eternal Doom where they would make the children do all their work. The poor children would never see their parents again and they never got any older. They also could never sleep again.

All the monsters and ghosts were ruled by the head monster known as Gargonoyle. He was very big, 20 feet tall and his voice was like thunder when he spoke. He was frightful to look at. He wore a large metal helmet and his black two-foot long horns protruded from it. Large fanglike teeth protruded from his permanent snarl of a mouth. He wore chain mail over his upper body. He had a big green belt around his waist which held a huge sword. On his other hip was a thinner belt that held a three-foot long dagger. Hanging from the sword was a huge key ring secured with a leather strap that held a single large key that jingled when he walked. He wore large dark green boots that came up to his knees. He was the King of the Land of Eternal Doom. He could go between his world and ours at will. It was he who allowed the other inhabitants to go between worlds to snatch children. All the monsters and ghosts were afraid of him because he could make them disappear with a snap of his fingers.

There was a little boy named Richard whose job was to clean Gargonoyles bedroom every day. He was told every time he was allowed to enter the huge bedroom that he was never to go into the huge closet next to the bed. If he did, he would be sent to the Tower of Torture where he would never see the light of day or speak to another child ever again.

Richard was very afraid of Gargonoyle and never even got close to the huge door of the closet in case the monster would suddenly appear and catch him. One day as he was cleaning under the bed, he heard a faint sound coming from inside the closet. He crept close to it and knelt down by the two inch crack at the bottom. He leaned over and listened for a second but didn't hear another sound. Just as he was about to get up, he heard it again.

"Help Meee!"

"Who's there?" Richard whispered.

"I'm Inky Pinky. Gargonoyle has kept me prisoner here for a long time. It's almost time for a full moon again and I have to get out of here so I can help all the children get back to their world. Please help me!"

"I can't help you. If I get caught near this closet I'll be in big trouble."

"You have to. This may be the last chance that I have to overcome Gargonoyle's power for another one hundred years!"

"I can't even reach the doorknob, I'm too small!" The small boy whined.

"Find something to stand on. I'm sure there must be something in that room that will work!" Inky Pinky instructed sternly.

Richard wandered around the room for a minute before he spotted a large stool on the far side of the room. He got behind it and pushed as hard as he could. He thought for a moment that he couldn't move it. He pushed with all his might and finally it began to slide on the wooden floor. It made a small scraping sound and he got scared and almost lost his nerve.

He finally mustered all the courage that was in his six year old body and kept pushing until the stool was next to the huge closet door. He climbed up on the first rung and grabbed the second one. He hauled himself up until he was eye level with the seat. He reached out as far as he could and grabbed onto one of the slats. With his last bit of strength he made it all the way up. He stood up and grabbed the closet door handle and turned it with both hands. A low grating sound came from inside the doorframe as the slide inched back inside the thick door. Finally the door swung slowly open.

Richard climbed down the stool and pushed it far enough away to allow the door to be opened slightly. He entered the dark closet and it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust before he could see anything. When his vision became accustomed enough, he saw a large box against the back wall. He walked over to it and tapped on the lid.

"You made it in! Now can you open the box?"

Richard reached out and grabbed the lid with both hands. He lifted with all his might but it wouldn't budge.

"I can't get it open." Richard whispered, still afraid that Gargonoyle would hear.

"Just what I was afraid of. He's locked it. Look around the room and see if you can find the key!"

Richard ran out of the closet and looked frantically around the room for the key. He decided first to slide the stool back where it came from in case the monster returned. He had just about gotten it back when he heard great footsteps coming up the stairs toward the room. Richard ran back over to the closet and pushed the large door closed, making sure that it didn't bang shut. He ran into the middle of the room and retrieved the broom he had brought with him and started to sweep furiously.

The bedroom door swung violently open and banged into the opposite wall with a sound like thunder. Gargonoyle entered the room, filling the door with his great size. He wore a large sword on his right side and he gripped the hilt with his huge clawed hand. His eyes glowed like hot coals and when he breathed, puffs of smoke came from his large nostrils.

"What's taking you so long, you worthless whelp! You should have been through here long before now!" he bellowed.

Richard trembled and his voice shook as if he was about to cry. "I'm very tired. I didn't get much to eat this morning. I can't work fast today." He cowered.

"I don't care about your puny human problems! Get through here fast and get out or I'll send you to the Tower before you can say don't!" He roared mightily.

"Yes sir. Right away." Richard stammered.

As the great monster turned to leave, Richard saw something glint in the light he had never paid any attention to before. It was a key dangling from a strip of leather looped over the hilt of the great sword. Gargonoyle stormed out of the room, stomping down the great steps two at a time. He hurried out of the castle as the light faded and when he was out into the courtyard, he stood and whispered a chant and disappeared. His night of terrorizing had just begun again.

Richard ran over to the closet and got down on his knees. "I saw the key hanging on the top of his sword."

Inky Pinky's voice came from inside the box again. "You must get the key! We don't have much time. Wait until he goes to sleep and sneak back in here. You have to be brave, you know the consequences if you get caught, there's a lot of desperate children depending on you to get back home to their parents."

"I hope I don't let you and all of them down." Richard whispered uncertainly.

"I have faith in you, you won't" Inky Pinky said confidently. Richard ran out of the room with all of the cleaning tools that he had brought with him. He stored them in the closet where he had gotten them and ran to his own little room and jumped into his small bed. He sat until daylight started to filter into his small window. He got up and washed his face to help him get fully aware and crept on his hands and knees to his small portal on the surreal world he was forced to abide in. He always shivered when he viewed the stark treeless landscape of Doom. It never failed to awaken a longing for his family.

He watched from the small window for several minutes before he saw a huge shape appear as if by magic in the courtyard below. Another night of dirty work completed and as Gargonoyle lumbered across the courtyard to his castle there was a wicked grin on his hideous face. The boy stood motionless for fear the great monster would sense him watching as he lumbered up to the great door and entered. He heard him climb the great staircase and stomp down the hallway to his bedroom. The great door slammed hard enough to shake the floor all the way to the boy's room.

Richard waited for the monster to fall into the deep sleep that always came after a satisfying night of snatching scared children from their homes and enslaving them.

Richard snuck out of his room and crept down the long hallway until he was standing in front of Gargonoyles bedroom door. He stood still for a few minutes until he was sure that he heard a series of grunts and snorts which indicated that he was asleep. He ran to the cleaning storage closet and retrieved the small ladder and carried it back to the great door. He carefully leaned it against the wall next to the door frame so as not to make a sound. He slowly climbed up four rungs until he was even with the huge doorknob. He grasped it in his small hands and turned it as quietly as he could. It creaked a couple of times and he stopped at each one, holding his breath until he heard the snoring continue from inside. It took only about a minute before the door started to swing open but to Richard it seemed like an eternity.

He slowly eased back down the ladder to the floor and pushed the door open only as far as he needed to squeeze inside so as not to allow too much light in. He closed it until it almost met the door frame, making sure that the hinges didn't creak. He leaned against the wall for a few minutes until his eyes became adjusted to the darkness. He looked around and his eyes fell on the great sword hanging on a large peg on the opposite wall. He walked over and stood underneath it and gazed up at the key hanging down at least a foot above his head. He looked around, trying to see something that he could snare the leather thong with. The only thing available was the three-foot long dagger lying under the huge bed. Richard tip-toed over to the side of the great wooden bed and knelt down and picked up the knife. He eased it out of its sheath and placed the cover back on the floor.

Just as he turned back to the task of retrieving the key, the great beast rolled over and his huge hand flopped off the edge of the bed. It barely missed the boys head and came to rest on the floor next to the empty sheath. Richard stood stark still, holding his breath and waiting until he was sure that the monster had not awakened. When he was sure, he moved back under the sword and pointed the tip of the knife upward toward the strap holding the key. He slowly worked it underneath until he thought he was in the middle of it and slowly raised it upward. He had underestimated the sharpness of the stiletto which sliced through the half inch thick leather and the key stared to fall. Just in the nick of time he snared it with his left hand just inches from the hardwood floor.

He laid the knife down and walked over to the closet and tested it to make sure that it was still slightly open. It was and he opened it as slowly as he dared and slipped inside and closed it behind him. Just as he started to make his way through the darkness to the locked box, the key started to glow with a soft white light. He quickly shielded it in front of him and made his way through the piles of discarded clothes and shoes that Gargonoyle had accumulated over the eons.

Excerpted from Inky Pinky by Philip Harris, Dwight Nacaytuna. Copyright © 2013 Philip Harris. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 5, 2013

    We need more books like this for our Children. This is well writ

    We need more books like this for our Children. This is well written. I hope that this is just one of many from this talented author.

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