Innovation Leadership: Creating The Landscape Of Healthcare

Innovation Leadership: Creating The Landscape Of Healthcare

by Tim Porter-O'Grady, Kathy Malloch

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Table of Contents

Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

Editors xi

Contributors xiii

Chapter 1 Leadership for Innovation: From Knowledge Creation to Transforming Health Care Tim Porter-O'Grady 1

Leadership and the Healthcare Professions 2

Leadership and the Elements of Complexity 5

Emergence and Leadership in Complex Systems 8

Leadership and the Four Levels of Emergence 10

Leadership and Complex Adaptive Systems Hierarchy 15

Leadership, Groups, and Innovation 10

Leadership and Coordination in the Innovative Organization 26

Conclusion 28

Chapter 2 Creating the Organizational Context for Innovation Kathy Malloch 33

A New Look at the Environment 34

Culture and Innovation 38

Innovation Leadership 41

Conclusion 56

Chapter 3 Innovation in Action: A Practical System for Getting Results Scott Endsley 59

An Innovation Model 60

Finding an Innovation Challenge 61

Doing the Deep Dive 62

Generating Testable Ideas 68

Designing Prototypes 72

Creating Your Plan for Diffusion 77

Conclusion 84

Chapter 4 Directed Creativity: How to Generate New Ideas for Transforming Health Care Paul Plsek 87

Defining Creativity and Implications for Thinking 88

Some Theory for Directed Creativity: The Mechanics of the Mind 90

Tools for Directed Creativity 96

Conclusion 106

Chapter 5 Transdisciplinary Design and Innovation in the Classroom Prasad Boradkar 109

Empathic Thinking 110

Transdisciplinary Learning 111

Creative Problem Solving 112

Tangible Outcomes 112

InnovationSpace 114

Conclusion 133

Chapter 6 Launch Pad: Creating the Business Case for Innovation Gerald D. O'Neill, Jr. Sharon C. Ballard Jonathan Levie 135

Entrepreneurship 136

ResultsPerspective of Entrepreneurship: Value 136

"How" Perspective of Entrepreneurship: Value Creation 137

Storytelling Perspective of Entrepreneurship: Business Model, Plan, and Story 140

Coaching Approach to Launch Pad 141

Conclusion 165

Chapter 7 Transforming Healthcare Quality Through Innovations in Evidence-Based Practice Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk Ellen Fineout-Overholt Susan B. Stillwell Kathleen Williamson 167

EBP Paradigm and the Role of Innovation Within the Paradigm 168

Creating a Culture to Implement and Sustain EBP Innovations in Healthcare Settings 189

Conclusion 192

Chapter 8 Combining Diffusion of Innovation, Complex, Adaptive Healthcare Organizations, and Whole Systems Shared Governance: 21st Century Alchemy Gregory Crow Gregory A. DeBourgh

From Here to There 197

Shift Happens 200

Are You Rigid and Frozen in Place? 201

Complexity Science, Systems, and Complex Adaptive Systems 203

Systems 204

Organizations, Machines, and Predictability 205

1 + I Does Not Always Equal 2 206

Those Were the Days 207

From Complicated to Complex 209

Complex Adaptive Systems 210

Getting Organized for Success 214

Whole Systems Shared Governance 216

Diffusion of Innovation 228

Getting There: Alchemy for the 21st Century 232

Conclusion 242

Chapter 9 Leadership, Innovation, and Healing Spaces Jaynelle F. Stichler Sandra Davidson Jamil AlShraiky 247

Leadership in Transforming Healthcare Design 249

Magic at the Intersection 254

Educating Leaders in Healthcare Design 259

Innovation in Education: Charting the Future of Healthcare Design and Healing Environments 261

Harnessing Creative Potential to Create Truly Healing Environments 266

Philosophy and Culturally Driven Design 271

Trends and Innovations in Facility Design 276

Going Green: A New Key Design Initiative with Innovation Opportunity 288

Becoming an Innovation Leader in Healthcare Facility Design 299

Conclusion 301

Acknowledgments 301

Chapter 10 The Intuitive Leader Dominique Surel 305

Intuition: Quantum Intelligence 306

Creating 21st Century Competitive Advantage 308

Mapping Absolute Reality 312

Shift into Intuitive Leadership 316

Instruments and Receptors of Intuitive Thinking 322

Issue of Experience 326

Personal Intuitive Leadership Attributes 330

Coaching 334

Applications of Intuitive Leadership 335

Leadership and the Future 340

Index 345

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