Innovative Teaching Strategies In Nursing And Related Health Professions / Edition 4

Innovative Teaching Strategies In Nursing And Related Health Professions / Edition 4

by Martha Bradshaw, Arlene Lowenstein, Arlene J. Lowenstein

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DisciplineID: 2069

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Contributors xi

Section I Foundational Approaches to Teaching and Learning 1

Chapter 1 Effective Learning: What Teachers Need to Know Martha J. Bradshaw 3

Chapter 2 Diversity in the Classroom Arlene J. Lowenstein 21

Chapter 3 Strategies for Innovation Arlene J. Lowenstein 37

Chapter 4 Critical Thinking in the Health Professions Patricia R. Cook 49

Chapter 5 The Teaching-Learning Experience from a Generational Perspective Lynda Pesta 65

Chapter 6 Esthetic Action: Creativity as a Collaborative Process Ellen M. Landis 87

Chapter 7 Lighten Up Your Classroom Mariana D'Amico Lynn Jaffe 97

Section II Teaching in Structured Settings 111

Chapter 8 Lecture: Reclaiming a Place in Pedagogy Barbara C. Woodring Richard C. Woodring 113

Chapter 9 Problem-Based Learning Patricia Solomon 137

Chapter 10 In-Class and Electronic Communication Strategies to Enhance Reflective Practice Lisa A. Davis Traci D. Taylor Deborah Casida 147

Chapter 11 Debate as a Teaching Strategy Martha J. Bradshaw Arlene J. Lowenstein 163

Section III Simulation and Imagination 173

Chapter 12 Games Are Multidimensional in Educational Situations Lynn Jaffe 175

Chapter 13 Role Play Arlene J. Lowenstein Shawna Patrick 187

Chapter 14 High-Fidelity Patient Simulation Catherine Bailey Judy Johnson-Russell Alfred Lupien 207

Chapter 15 The New Skills Laboratory: Application of Theory Teaching, and Technology Deborah Tapler Judy Johnson-Russell 227

Chapter 16 Innovation in Facilitating Learning Using Simulation Kimberly Leighton Judy Johnson-Russell 239

Chapter 17 Interprofessional Education Jeannine Salfi Patricia Solomon 265

Section IV Educational Use of Technology 279

Chapter 18 The Use of Video in Health Profession Education Clive Grainger Alex Criswold 281

Chapter 19 Multimedia in the Classroom: Creating Learning Experiences with Technology Karen H. Teeley 293

Chapter 20 Electric Communication Strategies Gail Matthews-DeNatale Arlene J. Lowenstein 309

Chapter 21 Web 2.0 and Beyond: Emerging Technologies That Enhance Teaching and Learning Gail Matthews-DeNatale 327

Chapter 22 Blended Learning Arlene J. Lowenstein 337

Chapter 23 Distance Education: Successful Teaching-Learning Strategies Kathy P. Bradley Sharon M. Cosper 353

Chapter 24 Web-Based Instruction Judith Schurr Salzer 371

Section V Teaching in Unstructured Settings 395

Chapter 25 Philosophical Approaches to Clinical Instruction Martha J. Bradshaw 397

Chapter 26 Crafting the Clinical Experience: A Toolbox for Healthcare Professionals Stephanie S. Allen Llewellyn S. Prater 405

Chapter 27 Nursing Process Mapping Suzanne Sutton Charlotte J. Koehler 423

Chapter 28 The Preceptored Clinical Experience Brian M. French Miriam Greenspan 437

Chapter 29 Student Learning in a Faculty-Student Practice Clinic Jennifer E. Mackey Marjorie Nicholas Lesley Maxwell 459

Chapter 30 Service Learning Hendrika Maltby 475

Chapter 31 Study Abroad as a Strategy for Nursing Education: A Case Study Carol Holtz Richard L. Sowell 491

Section VI Evaluation 513

Chapter 32 Programmatic Evaluation Jill M. Hayes 515

Chapter 33 Assessment of Learning and Evaluation Strategies Eric Oestmann Joanna Oestmann 531

Chapter 34 Student Evaluation of Teaching Jill M. Hayes 563

Chapter 35 The Clinical Pathway: A Tool to Evaluate Clinical Learning Martha J. Bradshaw 575

Chapter 36 Evaluation of Teaching Resources Jill M. Hayes 585

Index 595

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