Insect Ecology: Behavior, Populations and Communities

Insect Ecology: Behavior, Populations and Communities

by Peter W. Price, R. F. Denno, M. D. Eubanks, D. L. Finke

Combining breadth of coverage with detail, this cohesive introduction to insect ecology couples concepts with empirical examples and practical applications.See more details below


Combining breadth of coverage with detail, this cohesive introduction to insect ecology couples concepts with empirical examples and practical applications.

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Pre-Publication Review:
"Insect Ecology is a real magnum opus! It is rare to see such diverse and comprehensive coverage, with coupled historical and modern perspectives. This book is destined to be an instant classic."
Anurag Agrawal, Cornell University

Pre-Publication Review:
"The coverage in most sections is breathtakingly thorough and the writing is lucid and well targeted to the audience. The new textbook will instantly supplant the currently available texts on the topic as the authoritative source and the best one on which to base courses."
Sanford D. Eigenbrode, University of Idaho

Pre-Publication Review:
"Price's past editions are the standards for insect ecology texts. No other insect ecology text comes close. The new edition will be the standard by which all others are measured."
Robert K. D. Peterson, Montana State University

Pre-Publication Review:
"The strengths are in the approach, the organization, the presentation of material in an interesting and clear way, and the relevance as brought out by examples and applications."
Sherilyn Smith, Le Moyne College

Pre-Publication Review:
"This extraordinary book is a joy to read. Not only is it the best synthesis of what has been learned in recent years about the ecology and evolution of insects, it is also one of the best syntheses of the fields of behavioral ecology, population ecology, and community ecology. It is a work of immense scholarship and insight into the ecological and evolutionary processes that have shaped the life histories, dynamics, interactions of the most diverse group of animals on earth. It is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the processes shaping the web of life in natural and human-altered ecosystems. Chapter by chapter, the book shows how and why Darwin’s entangled bank has become so entangled."
John N. Thompson, University of California, Santa Cruz

Pre-Publication Review:
"This fresh edition of Price's excellent textbook has acquired co-authors who have strengthened it further.
This textbook is full of enthusiasm for the amazing diversity of insect natural history. It expertly imparts basics such as population dynamics. At the same time, there are big concepts that Price has pioneered, such as the far-reaching consequences of living in or on a host organism, and interactions across three or more trophic levels."
Mark Westoby, Macquarie University

"This textbook is an excellent new choice in the field...[it]...skillfully combines depth and breadth into a useable and thoughtfully organized whole, and will undoubtedly be well received as an up-to-date and cohesive introduction to the field for many in the next generation of insect ecologists."
Louie H. Yang, University of California, Davis for The Quarterly Review of Biology

"Insect Ecology is first and foremost an extremely useful book. By making an enormous amount of material accessible and interesting it can serve as a tremendous textbook for many potential classes and be a terrific reference book for those who continue to work in related areas. No matter the aspect of insect ecology, this book has a clear and straightforward overview of the subject along with abundant examples and references that will stimulate ideas for research and teaching."
Jason P. Harmon and Rebecca Whalen, Ecology

"Insect Ecology is a modern, user-friendly, broad introduction to the ecology of insects, a must-have for scientists and students alike."
Basic and Applied Ecology

"The text is sprinkled liberally with figures and table that enhance the reading experience. Insect Ecologywill prove valuable not only as a textbook for graduate students and advanced undergraduates but also as a reference for practicing ecologists and, especially, applied ecologists who want or need a reminder of the ecological foundations of pest management."
Michael Stout & David Raubenheimer, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

"... this new book provides a needed update to a classic text. I am sure this text will quickly become a reference of choice for a new generation of insect ecologists."
John F. Tooker, Penn State University for American Entomologist

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