Insects and Other Invertebrates

Insects and Other Invertebrates

by Rod Preston-Mafham

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Children's Literature - Dianne Ochiltree
Part of the "Facts At Your Fingertips" reference series from Brown Bear Books, this title gives young readers essential information about a �small but mighty' animal group—insects—and other invertebrates. Invertebrates are those animals that do not have a backbone, which on our planet means all animal life except fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. This ambitious books tells a little about a lot! Its pages contain illustrated entries about 112 groups of insects and invertebrates. Life forms as diverse as single-celled life (such as amebas and ciliates) or simple animals (such as earthworms and jellyfish) or spiders (such as horseshoe crabs and mites) are introduced. The vast insect kingdom of crickets, flies, beetles, butterflies, moths, wasps, ants, bees, and true bugs are discussed. Also included in the discussion are mollusks, such as snails, slugs and octopuses, and spiny-skinned animals like the common starfish. Each entry follows an easy-to-access format. A color-coded header strip denotes the category to which an animal belongs and gives its common name. A full-color illustration of a typical animal from the group, along with a caption specific to that animal, follows. Next, a fact panel gives the scientific name of the animal in question and other taxonomic information. The entry concludes with short paragraphs describing distinct features of the animal and its lifestyle. Entries are grouped in chapters according to logical animal families, such as "Ants, Wasps and Bees." The book makes it easy and quick to access information and includes as back matter a glossary, an index, and a further reading section for those wanting to find out more. Reviewer:Dianne Ochiltree

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Animal Fact File Series
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