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Inside Out

Inside Out

5.0 2
by Wendy Stofan Halley, Roberta Collier-Morales (Illustrator)

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Children's Literature
Karly plays with her special friend, Natasha, pretending to "jump on clouds and walk on the moon." They bounce and roll and do most everything together. One afternoon, Karly's mother serves tea and cookies for Karly but not for Natasha, because her mother says she cannot see Natasha. Natasha is, in fact, invisible. When Karly asks Natasha why she is the only one who can see her, Natasha explains that she is a spirit, "the most important part of you." Natasha's role in life is to remind Karly who she is on the inside, a "beautiful, shiny spirit made of love and light." Karly promises to remember who she is and Natasha leaves. Gradually, as time passes, Karly eventually finds it harder and harder to get along at school. That's when Natasha appears once more to remind Karly who she is and to remember to "live inside out." To do that Karly turns her socks inside out. That way she'll always remember her spirit. The sweet story is matched with paintings that capture the light and the spirit of our inner lives. 2003, Illumination Arts Publishing Co, Ages 4 to 8.
—Valerie O. Patterson

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Illumination Arts Publishing Company, Incorporated
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8.70(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.40(d)
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4 - 10 Years

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Inside Out 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Illumination Arts¿ latest release, Inside Out, is the story of a girl named Karly and her special invisible friend, Natasha. After reading this book with your child, you will always see an invisible friend as something very special¿their spirit. You will learn the true meaning of the phrase that mothers everywhere tell their children, 'It¿s what¿s on the inside that counts.' ........... Karly and Natasha were best friends and they played with great abandon. They laughed, romped, jumped, ran, and just in general enjoyed life together. Since no one else could see her best friend, Karly was a bit puzzled, and she questioned Natasha, 'Why can¿t my mom see you?' ........... 'I¿m a spirit, silly¿kind of like an angel without wings,' Natasha replied. ............. Karly and Natasha filled their days with wonder and joy and were truly happy as they played together. Natasha, who was very wise about these things, told Karly to always remember this feeling because it came from Karly¿s heart where her own shiny spirit lived. .......... Then, as always happens, the day came for Natasha to go back to the stars. 'Always remember who you are¿a beautiful, shiny spirit made of love and light,' Natasha had advised. 'Your spirit helps you love yourself and everyone around you,' she continued, 'but it¿s easy to be distracted by the outside world and forget who you really are.' Karly promised to always remember the things she had learned from Natasha about herself. She promised to never forget. .............. But, as the days and weeks passed, Karly did forget her spirit friend. Because she forgot, Karly lost the very best part of herself. She forgot who she really was! She grew very quiet and found it difficult to make friends. No one could see the real Karly! ........... Slowly, as her heart saddened, all the magic that had once filled her life was gone. Then, at her saddest moment, Natasha suddenly appeared. Karly was overjoyed, and Natasha helped her realize that by forgetting her special friend she had forgotten her own spirit too. Karly vowed never to forget again and devised the perfect way to help her remember. Since her spirit lived inside her heart, she would live inside out so that it would always shine through. That way everyone would see the real Karly! ............. How did Karly remember to live inside out? I¿ll give you a clue¿it had to do with her socks, and it will work for you too. .......... ***** This is a wonderful story, and it is beautifully illustrated with bright colors and pictures that swirl over each page. A child¿s imagination can jump into the wind as it spins the leaves upward, or soar through the stars with Karly and Natasha as they play together. What a special way to learn one of life¿s most valuable lessons ¿ each child is a special spirit filled with goodness, and life is best when lived inside out. *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
All too often we find our children losing their ability to be true to themselves and be their own person. This leads to many people later in life trying to 'find themselves' because they are confused and do not feel like they know what they really want. This book is a powerful tool that will teach children to look inside for their answers. It teaches opening the heart and trusting oneself, which will allow children the oppurtunity to develop the skill of being true to oneself. Karly, the main character, is a young girl who is shown that we all have a spirit inside of us that will guide us and help us be truly happy as long as we let it come from the 'Inside Out'. With clever storytelling and big beautiful bright pictures 'Inside Out' is a must have for any parent that wants to give their child tools in life that will help them reach their full potential.