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The Insiders

The Insiders

4.4 46
by J. Minter

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Join the fabulous life of the INSIDERS! And read more about about the lives and loves of these fabulous Manhattan boys in the INSIDERS novels: PASS IT ON and BREAK EVERY RULE.

A captivating scandalous look into the privileged and turbulent world of five cool guys living in Manhattan's trendiest neighborhoods. Jonathan is the leader of the pack - but


Join the fabulous life of the INSIDERS! And read more about about the lives and loves of these fabulous Manhattan boys in the INSIDERS novels: PASS IT ON and BREAK EVERY RULE.

A captivating scandalous look into the privileged and turbulent world of five cool guys living in Manhattan's trendiest neighborhoods. Jonathan is the leader of the pack - but what will happen if the pack falls apart? Arno's way with the girls makes you wonder, "Can boys be sluts?" David is known as the nice guy, but will he stay that way? Mickey is always in trouble - Romeo never fell off a roof impressing Juliet, did he? And Patch is just Missing in Action. They've got rich parents, go to top schools, and are best friends. With so many parties to go to, colleges to impress, girls to win over, and so much money to be spent, who can keep track of it all? And can real friendship shine through in the end? J. Minter's keen eye for urban teens, their dialogue, and the details of New York City's high life make this a guilty pleasure for readers of the Gossip Girl series and other glitterati novels.

"Designed to resemble a Gossip Girl entry, this enticingly trashy entrant into the yearly teen beach read sweepstakes attempts to do for lower Manhattan what the Cecily von Ziegesar books have done for the Upper East Side." Publishers Weekly

About the Author
J. Minter is the writer and former columnist for Seventeen magazine. He lives in New York City.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Designed to resemble a Gossip Girl entry, this enticingly trashy entrant into the yearly teen beach read sweepstakes attempts to do for lower Manhattan what the Cecily von Ziegesar books have done for the Upper East Side. Fashion-obsessed private high-schooler Jonathan is less than thrilled when his mother strong-arms him into taking his "country" cousin Kelli (she's visiting from St. Louis) to his friend's party. To Jonathan's surprise and eventual horror, high-energy, Bubblicious-chomping Kelli uses her "Mickey-Mouse-Club-gone-bad" good looks to work her way through his crew of four male buddies and nearly destroys all their relationships in the process. As if that weren't enough, in the single week of her stay, 17-year-old Kelli becomes downtown's newest "It" girl (and makes a triumphal detour to South Beach, too), palling around with models and artists, and even chatting with Calvin Klein. Although the series hangs on the boys-the author is the guys-point-of-view columnist for Seventeen- Kelli's on- and offscreen actions are responsible for nearly all the wit and fun here. A somewhat tacked-on subplot has the boys searching for their coolest friend, who seems to have gone missing. Up-to-the-minute music and fashion references (price tags included) and a thorough knowledge of downtown locales flavor the boys' picaresque meanderings from party to art opening to restaurant to after-hours club and back again, not to mention the obligatory pilgrimage to Barneys. Ages 14-up. (May) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
A group of teenage boys from affluent families experiences the pains and joys of adolescence in ways quite different from the average American's experience. Because of their riches, they rarely face limitations in what they do. Thus, partying and drama with girls dominate, and Minter approaches the majority of the novel with such an irresponsible attitude that he glorifies a dangerous and superficial lifestyle. While Minter intended to make a somewhat inverted version of S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, he falls far short of such a lofty goal. His characters remain disappointingly flat, despite their melodramatic relationships with each other, and their hardships are for the most part laughable. The novel lacks any depth that would give an adolescent any more than a cheap read. 2004, Bloomsbury Children's Books, Ages 14 up.
—Holly Hughes
Written by J. Minter, the author of "Ben's Life" (a guy's point-of-view column) in Seventeen magazine, The Insiders chronicles the misadventures of a group of middle- and upper-class friends who waste the days away popping prescription drugs, having casual sex, and emotionally abusing each other, while only occasionally showing up for school. Mickey, Arno, David, Patch, and Jonathan are lifelong friends. Mickey is a pill-popping alcoholic, while Arno is only interested in the opposite sex. David is an emotional wreck, contributing occasional emotional outbursts. Patch appears in the last couple of pages to reassure the reader that his friends aren't completely self-centered. Jonathan fancies himself the group's glue. Minter paints 'guy' archetypes with a roller rather than a paintbrush, thereby missing any real detail and attempts to make up for this deficiency using glitzy backdrops. Minter moves the characters around New York. Rather than fully developing their characters, Minter painstakingly catalogs their music, restaurants, clothing, vehicles and accessories. All of these characters know what's cool in New York. 2004, Bloomsbury Children's Books, 249 pp., Ages young adult.
—Eldridge Tsosie
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up-Jonathan and his friends navigate their way through the wealthy, artsy side of Manhattan, and readers get to experience what it's like to be young and foolish and think you're in love. Parties, ridiculously expensive men's shoes (for a change), and spontaneous trips to South Beach define this group of boys and the girls who hang with them. Cecily von Ziegesar's wildly popular "Gossip Girl" series (Little, Brown) has spawned another knockoff, but, unfortunately, this one doesn't have the style and excitement to hold readers. Perhaps it's the teens' lack of cattiness or the fact that readers can't connect with these young men who spend their time wandering from party to party. The rampant drinking and sex may appeal to some teens, but most will be disappointed in the end, and won't care about or really have any interest in these characters and their wasted lifestyle.-Lynn Evarts, Sauk Prairie High School, Prairie du Sac, WI Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Fashionista Jonathan, slutty playboy Arno, sensitive basketballer David, impulsive Mickey, and slacker-hippie Patch are the five unlikely filthy-rich best friends who together form the Insiders. Throughout their history, the fab five have adhered to the club's only rule: never cheat with another club member's girl. But when Jonathan's hootchie Midwestern cousin Kelli crashes their New York City party circuit, lust and jealousy threaten the thin bonds that hold the guys together, and Jonathan must devise a plot to rid the Insiders of Kelli before she wreaks havoc on their friendship. Sex, shopping, backstabbing, and laugh-out-loud one-liners run rampant in the group. But Minter's aloof, languid, male viewpoints lack the alluring shamelessness of Gossip Girl's sardonically bitchy, yet multi-dimensional characters, not to mention their naughty eye for comedic overindulgence. And in a genre where luxurious brazenness equals success, this falls just short of Gossip Girl notoriety. But that won't hamper its potential popularity and likelihood of being devoured by that fan base-and romance fans alike. (Fiction. YA)

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Meet the Author

J. Minter grew up in New York City and attended Columbia University. He lives in TriBeCa, in New York City.
J. Minter grew up in New York City and attended Columbia University. He is the author of The Insiders series, and lives in TriBeCa, in New York City.

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Insiders (Insiders Series #1) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! If you ever watched gossip girl you will notic ethis is the book Dan Humphry wrote!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
firsat More than 1 year ago
The insiders is a terrific novel written about a group of five guys living in New York with extremely wealthy parents, so they can do almost anything. The author J. Minter creates drama by bringing the character of Kelli into the story. Once she arrives in New York she makes trouble. From the moment she steps into the door of one of Patch Flood's famous parties she begins to tare the five best friends apart. I really like this story because all of the characters have very different personalities and almost each one can probably relate to a person in your life yet they are more outgoing and crazy than any of you friends could ever be. This story is an overall amazing read for someone between the ages of 13 and 15. I recommend this book because it is emotional, well written, has a good story plot and every time you put it down it leaves you wondering what horrible thing Kelli is going to mess up next.
Nose-in-a-Book More than 1 year ago
Wow this book was great!! my fav. charcater was Patch. (even tho he was only in almost the last 2 chapters) He is so laid back and chill i love how he just "forgets to come home" haha i absoulutley love him!! well i recomend this book, i finished it in 2 days!! Great Job J. Minter!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These books were amazing. Traveling through the lives of five rich teenage boys, is absolutely thrilling. At first, I was expecting something like Gossip Girl...but after I started to read it...I couldn't put it down. It was entirely intriguing. This book didn't down play the actions of teenage boys, it was great to see how real it all was. Arno- the typical pretty boy, who expects the world to bow down to him. He's good at sports, isn't quite intelligent, but he is super model gorgeous. Mickey- The class clown. Willing to do anything dangerous and wild, as long as he gets a thrill from it. David- The sensitive jock, that needs to learn to become more independent. Patch- the odd missing skater. He's the one everyone is searching for, but he's never aware of this. He is too relaxed to worry about anything, unless his friends and family need him. Jonathon- The glue to the group. If anyone has every been in a group with a diverse range of people they understand this. It's hard to keep clashing personalities friends for a long period of time. This is his job, and everybody knows it. Overall, this is a fantastic teenage series. Although parts get sexual and they make a lot of jokes, this book is good for anyone who has had a large group of crazy friends!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i absolutely loved this book and all the others. Arno and David are my fav characters. I read this book in only a couple days. i did read Gossip Girl, but this story was so much more appealing, i was obssessed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i feel in love with this bookm a and had to rush out ans but the others right away. im just now reading somekind of wonderful. i kinda wish she would have stuck with writing about the guys because they were a lot more exciting. but i still love Flan flood!!!! lol:)
Guest More than 1 year ago
i loved this book and all the books in the seris. i couldnt help falling in love with all the 'insiders' its a fast read and very enjoyable
Guest More than 1 year ago
A lot of teen books today revolve around somehow the same thing...teens with money, with privelidged lives. But this book has to be the best book written like that so far. J Minter uses such real dialouge and actions that it makes you think that this book could be real. Plus, it is also a good book for boys, and not just girls.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really like romance, not so much drama.. but I was flipping out whenever it was a chapter about Paul (he's my fave) and it's so funny... pretty short for you lazies and so much fun. It's not like.. deep, meaningful and all that jazz but I screamed, I cried (no I didn't), I laughed ooh and I was so pissed at Kelli for revealing the BIG SECRET.. What I enjoyed most about this book is that it is.. dramatic.. from the BOYS point of view for once! You'll finish it in one night, and not just because it's fairly short.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My friend Emilie started me on these books about a month ago and so far I have read the first 5 books and I'm already started on the sixth. I found them really easy to read and funny. I could really relate to the book and I think Jane Minter did a fantastic job writing the insider books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was excellent...and surely is the Gossip Girl Series with GUYS. i love these series! Jonathan and the other hottest hunks of nyc, are about to deal with Kelli, one who tries to ruin there lives! READ THIS!! =]
Guest More than 1 year ago
As soon as i picked it up i fell in love with 'the insiders'. This book was awsome. I love each charicter. I couldn't wait to find out what they were going to do next. From Jonathan trying to keep the group together and buying a new pair of shoes at the same time, to Mickey crazy dare devil stunts, From David's extreamly sensitive side, to Arno fooling around with every girl in the city (wile loing Kelli), From Patch's dissapiring act, to Kelli almost splitting up all 5 friends, it's hard not to fall in love with 'the insiders'. 'The Insiders' is a fun, easy, and ejoyable read. I couldn't put it down. It deserves 5+ stars. I love this book and cant wait to read the other ones.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was a good book and all but a little unrealistic. I mean all of them are extremely rich, huge mansions, parents never home, allowed to do whatever they want, and parties ever weekend. It's a little over the top. But, I would read it again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While this books is an easy, enjoyable read, I was also delighted to see real conflicts in the book. The characterization of Kelli was wonderful, showing the obvious flirt as a threat to the friendship. Each guy is wonderfully different and very well-rounded. Crazy and laughable situations prevail, and you can't put the book down!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am in love with the Insiders! I could seriously NOT put this book down, or any of the others from the series. This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. It is funny, provacative, and just all around amazing! Jonathan, Arno, Mickey, David and Patch are just so cool and fun to read about and when you finish you always want more!!! Congrats to J Minter for creating such an outstanding and very enjoyable book!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book and all the other ones of this series are amazing. i loved it soo much. it has to be my absolute fav, besides sex and the city and the gossip girl series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
OMG i read the 'Insiders' & i fell in love with everyone in it & i just could never put the book down! & i couldnt wait to read the 2nd & now the 3rd!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the book The Insiders by J. Minter, it opens with a chapter about how ¿The Insiders¿ came together. They include Jonathan, Patch, David, Mickey, and Arno. This whole novel is surrounded by the fact that Kelli, Jonathan¿s skimpily-dressed cousin that is a senior, has come to stay with Jonathan for a couple of weeks in New York. They called Patch ¿the man.¿ Arno was ¿better looking than everybody else, and sharper.¿ Mickey is described as ¿crazy.¿ David was ¿always good at sports and considered the normal one.¿ Jonathan was ¿always trying to get us [the Insiders] to stick together.¿ Kelli was ¿tall¿ and ¿sexy, in a cheerleader-gone-bad kind of way.¿ This novel is taking place during the Insiders¿ junior year of high school in New York City. It is also a young adult, fiction, drama/romance novel. The author used very specific details throughout the novel. Minter compiled all of the different conflicts of each Insider into one novel but different chapters. The main problem is Kelli coming to town and causing a raucous among the Insiders. I think that both sexes would like this book because it is easy to relate to. When I started to read this book, it was hard to get interested in it. Once I kept reading, and got on track with the author¿s style of writing, it was a great book. If you are unsure about this book, just give it a chance.