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Instant Orgasm: Excitement at First Touch

Instant Orgasm: Excitement at First Touch

4.3 6
by Steve Bodansky, Vera Bodansky

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INSTANT ORGASM teaches the reader to expand their orgasmic potential by totally focusing on their pleasure areas in order to become instantly orgasmic. The first part of the book describes this instantly orgasmic possibility and gives a person the knowledge and background to fully understand this concept. In order to experience anything it has to become part of our


INSTANT ORGASM teaches the reader to expand their orgasmic potential by totally focusing on their pleasure areas in order to become instantly orgasmic. The first part of the book describes this instantly orgasmic possibility and gives a person the knowledge and background to fully understand this concept. In order to experience anything it has to become part of our awareness and the authors explain why this “natural ability” has not been allowed to flourish and how to let it bloom.

They then present the specific techniques on how to practice becoming instantly orgasmic in a “Ground Hog” approach; that is to repeatedly start over and over again each time with some added knowledge from a previous description until we feel that a person can completely integrate the idea into actual sensation and feelings.

Our other books on Extended Massive Orgasm were written in a style that took the reader on a complete orgasmic experience from the starting to going up to the arousal through peaking and then coming down. This book is about starting and stopping, starting and stopping in order to bring the reader to the point of here and now so that they may become a fully sensual being.

This book also presents many different ways and reasons that people resist pleasure and how to handle those resistances. The book's final technical chapter is the art of pleasurable peaking and we describe in more detail than ever the actual timing and purposes of this vitally important method with the added emphasis that each peak starts with a first stroke mentality.

The book includes many exercises and illustrations and is written in a clear concise manner.

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"...I would recommend Instant Orgasm: Excitement at First Touch! to anyone who wants to expand their pleasure with or without their partner. Life is too short to miss out on so much fun!" - Gloria Hawkins, Reader Views

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Chapter 2

In this chapter we will first explore the human ability to deliberately focus our attention on any one of our 5 senses and conceptual thought and specifically on how to focus our attention on pleasurable tactile sensations. We are presenting you with the tools to having Instant Orgasms. We will give you some exercises that you can do to enhance this ability; for some this will include experiencing Instant Orgasms. The second part of this chapter will also be exercises devoted to having you learn more about increasing your body’s ability to feel more extended pleasure from the first stroke and beyond.

We experience the world through our 5 senses and conceptual thought. Everything that enters our own personal universe must result from one of those ports of entry. We think that our ability to feel pleasure or the potential of our tactile sense to be pleasured is the least developed of all our senses except perhaps for the potential of our conceptual minds. We still could learn to taste or smell or hear or see with more pleasure involved; just that those senses have been more accepted and therefore more developed and communicated on than our tactile one.

The first chapter fully described how a person who wishes to experience an instant orgasm must be first of all receptive to the idea. They must believe that it is not only possible but something that is available to them. They have to be receptive to the idea that their pleasure centers and their minds can and will desire this experience. Then they have to get their body into the receptive mode. They have to put their attention on their body’s tactile sensations and they have to put their attention back on these sensations and feelings whenever they have any extraneous thoughts. They have to focus their attention on their genitals and create the desire and the sensation. Our nervous system is constantly being inundated by all kinds of sensual overload and our brains usually unconsciously decide which ones to bring to the surface and have us notice; and which ones to put on automatic pilot and keep from being noticed by our consciousness.

Our consciousness is only able to perceive a small amount of the constant bombardment of sensation that is coming into our lives and the rest of the sensual information is lost. We are also difference sensing beings; that our attention is drawn to the sense that is being stimulated by a change in the stimulation. Therefore if there is a change in the smell, such as a woman walks in your immediate area with fresh perfume you will consciously notice that. After a while you will no longer be conscious of the smell as you get used to it and there is no longer a difference or change. When there is a loud noise you will hear that and if it continues at a steady frequency you will no longer be as aware of it as you were at first.

We as human beings have the ability to override this censor of the senses and focus our attention on any specific sense and more specifically when and where this attention is. Therefore most of the time even though we have tactile nerves being stimulated we do not notice them as our unconscious censor is having us focused on some other sense or thought. Could you feel your buttocks (for most of you probably over one hundred pounds) on the chair until you read this line? We thought so.

By deliberately training ourselves to feel the potential pleasure in our genitals we can feel way more than we think that we can and this ability expands with use. We can learn to silence most of our other senses and concentrate on specific pleasures of the genitals. We are so used to looking for negative stimuli, such as stimulation of our tactile sense to avoid pain or uncomfortably that it may take some time to grasp this idea of receiving pleasurable stimuli anytime that we desire.

Training by Noticing
The ability to feel pleasure whenever you so desire and wherever you are may be innate to all of us; however by the time we have grown up to be adults it is usually well hidden and forgotten. As newborns our baby-skin usually craves and loves to be touched. It is pleasurable. Our baby nervous system connects much of the skin so that touching a baby will feel good all over their body. As we grow up we learn to differentiate one area from another on our body and the old nerve connections are no longer used. Without use the nerves do not send signals as much or as well as they once did and these pathways atrophy. On a functional and life-promoting viewpoint this is actually a positive change as we can determine what area of our body is being touched and respond correctly. One does not want to pull back one’s foot from the hot stove if their hand is burning. The downside to this atrophy is that we feel less and are not pleasured all over but in only in restricted areas and one area at a time. We can actually have both the functional (compartmentalized) and the pleasure aspect (connected nervous system) available to us at any time if one is willing to practice certain training skills.

There are a number of exercises that one can do that can bring back this ability of feeling all over our bodies from a single touch to the forefront of our being and become part of our lives. Some of these may seem simple, yet the continual repetition of them will bring results to most people. There is no strict timetable that one can assume that fits everybody; only that by continuing with these practices, one will become more proficient at feeling more pleasure in less time and with more feeling involved.

At any time of the day when a person feels that it would be safe to do so, one can put attention on their genitals; specifically to feel as much pleasure for a few seconds as they can. A person can associate different stimuli to remind them to exercise this practice; such as when they are stopped at a red light in their car. (Maybe you may even start to look forward to red lights instead of feeling negative when they happen). You can condition yourself to feel pleasure perhaps right before when you are going to open up a door. This can be on the way in or the way out or both depending on what is waiting for you on the other side of that door. These episodes only take a few seconds of your time. The best time to do them is when you are not focusing on any other activity therefore it is better to do at a red light than when you are driving. This way you can put all your attention on any sensation that you can feel. Do not expect to feel any super great sensation at first. Approve of any sensation at all that you feel, even if it is just a little heat or a minute amount of feeling. Be creative when and where you do this noticing. Another good time could be watching TV and a commercial comes on or perhaps with many of today’s TV shows it may be a good time to put your attention on your body when the show is comes back on. When you see someone attractive as you are walking down the street, might be a good time to focus on your genitals but this could be risky as people may respond to a woman whose feelings are turned up; so this might be a better time for a man to focus on his pleasure than for a woman.

Reading is another time to be alone. If you like to read and obviously you do as you are reading right now can be a splendid occasion to practice your feeling of immediate sensation. This focusing on your body can be at the end of a page or at the end of a chapter; so when you come to the end of some cycle in a book you can be free to focus on your genitals for a few seconds. As a matter of fact this would be a perfect time right now to start this practice so we would like you to put the book down for a few seconds, close your eyes if you like and put your attention just on feeling as much pleasurable sensation on your pussy or on your penis depending upon which one you have.

Continuing Training and Adding Touching
Another time to play with your sensations could be in a Jacuzzi or bathtub as you let the water flow over your genitals. We are mainly going for that initial burst of sensation when we focus our attention on our genitals that is for both men and women. At other times you may want to use a hose or feel the jets on your genitals but for the sake of this exercise we want you to feel for a second or so and then stop. Then you can repeat this exercise as often as you care to. The goal is to feel more and more from the get go and the more you do this the better you will become at feeling. So start, stop and start and stop etc.

The shower is a great place to experience some intentional instant pleasure exercising. First of all you are naked, no one is around, and it is easy to focus on different parts of your body. You can just feel the air on your pleasure spots and notice that. You can then feel the water from the shower head against your genitals and feel that. On and off, not too long, just see if you can be pleasured with a little attention. You can touch yourself with soap or just with your hand, just touching, not necessarily stroking. Feel the pleasure and approve of what you feel. The instructions are easy and you may feel a little at least.

Water Hose
The water hose is a great addition for women who are seriously interested in exploring their Sensuality. The hose can be a simple rubber tube attached to the bath tub faucet. Some hoses come with a shower head and one can simply cut off the spray portion and leave just the small bored hose. Some tubs will not fit a simple accessory and one has to then go to the hardware store and get a special attachment. Talk to your hardware store salesperson as they can certainly help. In either case a little investment can go a long way. Then the bather can fill their tub with warm water (shallow) and play with the hose. It is a great replacement to a vibrator (which can numb a person’s nerves) as a woman can aim the hose at her vulva and clitoral area and kind of lay back to be at effect of the water. You can play with the pressure of the water by either changing the amount of water from the faucet or by pinching the hose. This also may take some time getting used to so please give this more than one try. We know of many women who dearly love their baths. Another water possibility is the bidet. Most European homes have one but there are only a few in America. The water temperature and pressure can be adjusted and if one gets in the right position one can aim it directly at their most sensual areas. Play with your initial feelings by aiming the water from the hose or the bidet directly at the different areas of your genitals just for a short time. Check out your labia, your perineum, even your anus and of course your clitoris, with the hood covering and with the hood retracted. See which areas spark the most sensation. Later you can graduate to keeping the water aimed at your genitals for longer amounts of time, but we are especially interested here in getting you to feel more from the start.

It is OK to add on a fantasy if that heightens what you feel. This may work better for men as most women have longer more involved fantasies that will take some time in developing and again the goal is to feel it now and to feel it quickly. Also for men they can use the (outside or inside) assistance of fantasy. Women can just turn-on at will as we have previously stated; while men require a woman or some other force such as a touch or a fantasy if no woman is interested. A few paragraphs above we mentioned feeling your genitals if a male when you pass a pretty woman. A man can also put some attention on his crotch when he sees a pretty woman on TV. Many men will already be doing this, as men are very visual and can fantasize easily. The point here is to do it deliberately, do it only for a few seconds and then stop and repeat if desired. We want you to get more control of these sensations and to learn how to create them whenever you aspire to this feeling. Do not of course interact with the woman on the street when you are in this mode as the goal is for you to feel not to find a relationship. If that is your goal then your attention must be placed elsewhere. If a woman wants to interact with some strange person on the street, which most women do not want to do anyway, then it might be an OK idea to be feeling her pussy. This could get her into trouble so again we do not recommend doing that.

Hand and other Touches
As we have just mentioned an additional way to put attention on one’s genitals is for both men and women but again more of a necessity for men as women can feel without even touching. Women will of course also add on more possible pleasure with touching too. This can be directly through our clothes, naked or even with an additional barrier such as a pillow on top of us in our bed. You can play with different amounts of pressure with your hand or just feel the pressure of the pillow against you. You could also put the pillow between your legs and squeeze it. Many of you may have heard of girls who got pleasure from riding a horse. The friction between her legs can be used for pleasure purposes. Vera said that when she was around twelve years old she would ride the wooden cars in the trains of Europe and from the vibration coming from the seat she would feel pleasure in her genitals. Our genitals are stocked with nerve endings and a little bit of sensation can go a long way.

Meet the Author

Steve and Vera Bodansky, both Ph.D.s, have been students and teachers of sensuality and relationships for over 25 years. Their work is based on their expertise in the field of sexuality and orgasm. They conduct workshops and demonstrations and have trained hundreds of men and women in the practice of extended massive orgasm. Vera and Steve have been married since 1983 and have been working together since that time. They live in Walnut Creek, California.

Their previous books, EXTENDED MASSIVE ORGASM and ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO EXTENDED MASSIVE ORGASM, and TO BED OR NOT TO BED have sold over 150,000 copies combined, including foreigh rights sales. EMO rights have been sold in the United Kingdom, and foreign language rights in Chinese, Brazilian, German, Spanish, French, Romanian have been sold.

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