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Insufficient Mating Material

Insufficient Mating Material

4.5 12
by Rowena Cherry

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Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.
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3.80(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

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Insufficient Mating Material 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Insufficient Mating Material is another frolicking foray into the Tigron Empire and the saga of the Great Djinn. This time it is Tarrant-Arragon's sister, the Princess Martia-Djulia, who plays the role of the reluctant bride, with a few new twists. For one thing, the man she refuses to marry is the very man she refuses him for. Huh? (In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, 'Let me 'splain. [thoughtful pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up.') Martia-Djulia is madly in love with an officer in the Tigron imperial forces. After a single passionate tryst, she is more than prepared to make their match a permanent arrangement. But her officer has managed to make himself a liability to the Empire. Fortunately for him, this particular officer has friends in high places. A little misinformation here, a bit of cosmetic surgery there, and he is summarily reborn to his original birthright, the Great Djinn Prince Djetthro-Jason. Same guy, same gal, only he knows it and she doesn't. Pining away for her lost love, Martia-Djulia refuses to marry her princely substitute, turning up her nose at the very man she swears she loves. Add a little Rowena Cherry and you can guess where this is heading. Right you are. Mayhem ensues. The disgruntled royal couple is stranded on a deserted island, left to their own devices to sort the thing out. Prince Djetthro-Jason must convince his royal sweetheart to forget the memory of... well... himself, and marry... uh... him, instead... Meanwhile, on the pleasure moon of Eurydyce, this most befuddling royal family is turning up a few well-hidden secrets of its own. Not all is as it appears to be¿nothing ever is with these Great Djinn¿and it's up to a couple of crafty royal matriarchs to solve a murder and make sure a certain dastardly individual gets his due. You'll find plenty of romance, intrigue and tongue-in-cheek humor in this second installment of the Great Djinn series. The original cast is back, joined by a new face or two, and of course Grievous, the former British mercenary, is still laugh-out-loud funny. I just love Grievous. Now if only the royal family could stay out of trouble long enough for the poor man to settle down...
Guest More than 1 year ago
We drooled over Prince Djetthro-Jason before and now Rowena Cherry has written his story--one that was definitely worth the wait! In her typical fashion, Ms. Cherry combines sex, action, love, and adventure into one terrific story. Did I say sex? Whoowee! * * * * * Princess Martia-Djulia is overlooked, underrated, but not underfed. Commander Jason has captured her heart and she refuses to give in to Emperor Tarrant-Arragon's demand that she marry Prince Djetthro-Jason. Meantime, Djetth, having had wild and crazy sex with her as Jason, is quite amenable to at least the bedsport part of the deal. Her curves drive him absolutely mad with desire. But he has to be patient--not his long suit. * * * * * Patience isn't the princess's brother's long suit, either. When Djetth doesn't make progress convincing the princess to mate with him, the emperor decides to shoot the two wayward lovers down on a deserted island. The couple has to resort to surviving on their wits--which is hard since they're both at their wits' end. * * * * * Insufficient Mating Material is a sexy, funny adventure story, and informative, too. I had a great time reading this book. Ms. Cherry has written a great follow-up to Forced Mate and Mating Net that won't disappoint either her fans or her new readers. IMM is a stand-alone book. You don't have to read the previous book and novella to have a great reading experience. But I'll bet you'll want to read her other books once you've read this one. * * * * * Three cheers for Rowena Cherry!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rowena Cherry has done it again! Her first book in this series, Forced Mate, made a fan out of me so I knew this one, Insufficient Mating Material, would be another great read. I wasn't wrong! This reader rarely goes for science fiction material, but anything Ms Cherry writes I will read, and you should as well. Sensual, funny and highly imaginative, you feel as though you are there, in space, outside of this earthly existence. All I can say is: where is the next book in the series, Rowena? I'm ready to read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved Forced Mate so wasn't surprised I loved Insufficient Mating Material. The author is witty, tells an intelligent and humorous story that also has an amazing plot running throughout. Many of the characters were remembered, or at least familiar sounding even so, I made good use of the genealogy chart at the back of the book. *** If you've read Forced Mate, you'll recall that the Imperial Family gives new meaning to the term, dysfunctional family. Well, the dysfunction continues, with treason, murder, plots and counterplots aplenty. Briefly, the Tiger Prince's sister, Martia-Djulia, publicly refuses the mate chosen for her. Unrecognizable after his surgery, Djetth is really the man she yearns to have as her mate, but he's honor bound to conceal his identity. Tiger Prince maroons the two on a deserted island until they agree to be mates. Since Djetth believes he's in love with another princess, and Martia-Djulia knows she's in love with the murdered Commander Jason, it takes a while for the two to catch on that they might actually like one another. And then they're attacked. *** The romance slowly builds between the two, and the conversations leave you chuckling. The author has people from Earth as characters too, who observe and interpret what they see into Earth lingo which I found hilarious. The plot, the writing, the Tigron Empire, the characters and the romance are well done, well thought out. But it was the romance, the ending that made the book for me. One of the best endings I've read in a long time. A true romance. I highly recommend this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the sequel to 'Forced Mate'. It picks up where the last novel left off. Prince Djetthro-Jason is the captive of Emperor Tarrant-Arragon. (Tarrant-Arragon was the hero in 'Forced Mate'.) Prince Djetthro-Jason is allowed to live however, he must wed Princess Martia-Djulia, the Emperor's sister. Djetth has no problem with that! He enjoyed one outstanding and explosive night in bed with the princess before. Of course, the princess knew him as Commander Jason instead of as Prince Djetthro-Jason. But there is a twist this time around. The prince is not allowed to reveal that he is the man she fell in love/lust with. He must woo her all over again. Princess Martia-Djulia would never forget the night she spent with Commander Jason. In fact, that entire night has been forever burned into her heart and soul. She refuses to love another. She even runs out during her (forced) wedding ceremony. Bad idea! Her brother, Tarrant-Arragon, makes a bold move and shoots down the vehicle in which Djetth and Martia are traveling in. She finds herself stranded on a deserted island with a man she wants nothing to do with. Strangely enough, there seems to be wild life on the island that is not native to it. Then again, who really cares? At least they will not starve. But in order to survive, the two must learn to work together. All the while, Emperor Tarrant-Arragon keeps a close eye on the pair. ***** First off let me say that even though this book is part of a series, it can still be read as a stand alone story. But this book takes on a much deeper meaning for the readers who did enjoy the previous novel, FORCED MATE. I simply could not stay mad at Emperor Tarrant-Arragon for the stunts he pulls on this couple since I understand the reasoning behind his actions. More is going on than I state in the synopsis above too! My problem is that I could not think of a way to tell about any of it without giving something vital away. So you will simply have to read in order to find out what the sub-plot is. Those of you who enjoy a lot of spice in your space opera, such as I do, will find yourself backtracking a few times and rereading various sections. If you do not like hot, steamy, memorable flavors in your tea, I suggest you pass the kettle on to someone who does. Excellent adventure and highly recommended! *****
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let me state right now for the record, I don't read romance stories. I dislike them intensely. Imagine my surprise when I finished reading Rowena Cherry's romance novel, "Insufficient Mating Material" in two days. I'm just sorry it ended. This is a romance story told with true grit. John Wayne would've loved being featured in this book. It's his kind of romance story from being marooned on a charted desert isle to taming of the shrew.

Not everyone could've carried off this sleight of hand, but there's one thing I've learned about Rowena. She's a professional. When she writes romance, she puts her heart, soul, and chess knowledge into it. Hundreds of years ago, chess was created so that people would fight war with their wits, instead of by force. Ms. Cherry continues using this strategy in writing "Insufficient Mating Material." Her hero and heroine pit wits against a protagonist that just as versatile and deadly as they are.

Run, don't walk to the nearest bookstore, and buy a copy of this truly
awesome book. I know that whenever Rowena chooses to continue this series, I'll be waiting in line with the rest of her fans to snatch and glorify a copy of her immense chess wit, romantic interludes and shinnigans with a royal family that just doesn't quit when their world turns upside down and topsy turvey. Five romantic thumbs up!

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Don't be fooled by the cover of this book..its not a strictly romance/erotica type novel..there's also the sci-fi aspect that makes up the majority of the story..this isn't what I expected as I started reading it either, so I was pleasantly surprised. From reading the quotes on the back cover, as well as inside the book, I gather that 'Insufficient Mating Material' is actually a sequel to Rowena Cherry's novel 'Forced Mate.' I didn't realize this until I was finished reading the book, and all of a sudden things started to make a lot more sense. From the start of this book, I was slightly confused and had a hard time keeping the characters and their family trees straight in my head...at times I also felt like the author was taking for granted that I would know things that in fact, I didn't know. Occasionally I was a bit overwhelmed by my confusion, and tempted to abandon ship so to speak, and move along to another book. That being said, I now realize that its a sequel, and that explains why the author would assume I knew certain things.. The plot is actually sort of tricky, but I'm going to do my best to simplify here..the story revolves around a young prince named Djetth, who is forcibly marooned on a desert island with Martia-Djulia. The two were supposed to mate, but Martia-Djulia refused Djetth in public during their mating ceremony. In order to force the mating process, Martia-Djulia's brother Tarrant-Arragon, strands them together on this island. Sounds sort of strange I know, but what follows is a journey as the two discover who they really are, and get to know one another in a sincere fashion. There's more to the story..of love and obsession, deceipt and dishonor, lies and manipulation.. I assume all of these things were continuations of events in the first book, but I'm not entirely sure. It was an entertaining read, aside from my being confused through some it. I'd recommend probably reading the first book before reading 'Insufficient Mating Material,' to avoid the overwhelming confusion I encountered. If you're just looking for something different, erotic, romantic or intriguing, this is a good one for you..
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1994 (earth equivalent date) in the Tigran Empire, Prince Djetthro-Jason knows he lost the duel to Tarrant-Arragon in which to the victor went the empire, the Ark Imperial, and any woman he desired. To the loser in the Great Djinn tradition went death, but for some unknown reason the conqueror allows his opponent to live as a love slave to Princess Martia-Djulia, the sister of the taunting winner. Alpha male Commander Jason is dead and crippled surgically with a tattoo you know where to symbolize his insufficiency. The altered Prince Djetthro-Jason must live as a subservient FORCED MATE to a beta female.------------- Prince Tarrant-Arragon's brilliant plan is to eliminate two natural enemies by forcing them to mate. Thus the loser Jason is stuck with the centerfold of Fashionista. However, Martia-Djulia refuses to wed that loser so she runs away to avoid the public mating rite. Soon she and her INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL are stranded on a not so deserted isle with enemies surrounding them who want them both left dead there.--------------- This is a terrific science fiction romance in which the world building is so stupendous readers will believe they are visiting an alien landscape with different societal values and norms. The action-packed story line focuses on two manipulated individuals with pasts that make both vulnerable and threats. As they struggle to survive while falling in love, Djetthro is willing to die to keep his ¿Marsh¿ safe and Martia concludes she willingly mates with a hero. With her Tigran Empire tales, Rowena Cherry is staking a claim as the Empress of heated science fiction romantic thriller.------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
What is it like, exactly, when two gods go head to head? One will come out the top dog for sure, but it might not be the one readers originally think of. Even on a (supposedly) deserted island, Rowena Cherry can spice up our lives hotter than the blazing sun and it's survival of the royal fittest in her latest futuristic romance, sequel to the phenomenal 'Forced Mate'. Princess Martia-Djulia, sister to the hero in Cherry's first book, is enraged when she is deceived by her brother and almost tricked into a royal marriage to an insufficient and malnourished prince. Where is her beloved Jason, the lusty and enigmatic lover she cannot, nor wants to, forget? When she flees the ill planned Mating ceremony, her twisted emperor brother has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. Prince Djetthro-Jason must mince words and actions--literally. After a brutal beating at the hands of the Tigron Emperor, he must tread carefully if he wishes to live. Fortunately all the carefully laid steps are taking him in what has become an increasingly intriguing direction. The Princess Martia-Djulia makes for quite an entertaining and vexing partner when they become stranded on a deserted An' Koori island. Survival has met its match in the pampered and fluffy-minded woman and it's all the prince can do to see that they both survive the long, enticing nights let alone meet their more basic needs. Oh, what fun can be had under the cover of golden sheets! Author Cherry doesn't mince words in her amazing sci-fi tales. Stellar wit, wonderful characters and amazing research into basic and not so basic survival techniques make for a very real and relatable environment for the prince and princess. This was without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2006! Cherry's style is very unique, her voice a fresh and sidesplitting barrel of non-stop fun. She has created one of the more unique sci-fi worlds and her seamless weaving of the main and subplots only supports that she is an author to watch as she rises to the top of the genre. Please keep the fresh and unique tales coming, Ms. Cherry! Hungry for more of this insatiable and lusty culture!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Insufficient Mating Material is Rowena Cherry's follow up to Forced Mate (Dorchester Love Spell, November 2004) and her novella Mating Net. And if you haven't read this utterly droll, perfect British wit, she is tweaking your noses! These are chess terms, not her...hmm...preoccupation with the mating rituals of humans--and in this, case human beings, godlike ones, mind. She is an intelligent writer that dishes up this sizzling, heady mix with equal servings of originality, humour and hotter-than-hot romance. One of the hardest parts of writing Off-world/Alternative-world Sci-Fi romances is the world building. Some writers just fail to deliver that crafted realm needed to sustain this genre. Other writers merely 'adjust' their worlds, such as J.D Robb does, making the future where Eve and Roarke live not TOO different from now. A handful--C.J. Barry, Robin Owens, Susan Grant--take this to a new level, creating worlds with so many layers they truly carry the readers into their alternative universe. Quite possibly, Cherry is one of THE bests at creating this special world for her characters. Judging by the interactive family tree on her website and the rules of her Djinn-universe, which are so precise and drawn in vivid detail, I would not be surprised to one-day see a Mating Net Video game coming out, along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons. I have a feeling it would be an overnight success! This second installment of the Djinn realm (with more to come) Princess Martia-Djulia (sister to the hero in Forced Mate) is not happy with her arrogant brother Prince Tarrant-Arragon's machinations. Fresh from claiming Djinni Vera, the last virgin female of the royal Djinn, the arrogant Prince is now trying to set straight the rest of his royal life, and that includes sorting out his arrogant, bitchy sister, Cherry describes as the ultimate Fashinista! Martia-Djulia had a wild night with Tiger prince Djetthro-Jason, the perfect lover. Only now she is being forced to wed this 'insufficient' weakling? Faced with no options, she flees the public mating ceremony, only to be stranded on a desert isle. Complications abound, as someone is clearly out to kill the princess and her hunk of insufficient mating material, who bears a remarkable tattoo that may give the whole game away! In movies, very rarely do sequels ever achieve the brilliance, the spontaneity of the original. That is precisely what Cherry does with this wickedly funny, tongue-through cheek tale. When so many of the big names of Sci-Fi Romance have moved into other genres, Cherry now stands on the cusp of inheriting the title as queen in this category. Men, especially, will be drawn to Cherry's special mix of sex and humour.
bravewarrior More than 1 year ago
First rule of writing a book: do not name all of your characters in your book with the letter J. And don't disguise it by putting a D in front. It was way too confusing and not too cutesy. I could not even get through the first 20 pages before it was too confusing. If Rowana Cherry want to make this a series, she is going to have to break her Dj rule. Maybe, all the characters will have Ph in front of their names. Think of the possibilities, Phrancis, Phrank, and Phreddie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago