Integrated Accounting for Windows / Edition 2

Integrated Accounting for Windows / Edition 2

by Dale H. Klooster

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ISBN-10: 0538871849

ISBN-13: 9780538871846

Pub. Date: 09/28/1997

Publisher: Cengage South-Western

Quite possibly the easiest-to-understand product on the market, Klooster and Allen's Integrated Accounting For Windows teaches all the aspects of computerized accounting and the operating procedures for all Windows-based programs at the same time. The software was specifically designed to be very similar to the commercial software packages used in business, which will


Quite possibly the easiest-to-understand product on the market, Klooster and Allen's Integrated Accounting For Windows teaches all the aspects of computerized accounting and the operating procedures for all Windows-based programs at the same time. The software was specifically designed to be very similar to the commercial software packages used in business, which will help users hit the ground running when they get that first real job. Plus, because the software is introduced gradually throughout the book, readers won't become overwhelmed with the program. The result? Users will be able to concentrate more on the accounting principles being taught.

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Table of Contents

Opening Balances Data3
User Data Files4
Installation and Memory Requirements4
Integrated Accounting Start-Up4
Operating Procedures5
The Menu Bar5
Selecting and Choosing Menu Titles and Menu Items6
Window Controls6
File Menu11
Edit Menu13
Help System14
On-Screen Calculator16
Planning Tools17
Accounting Review18
The Accounting Equation18
Classifying Accounts and Analyzing Transactions20
Explore Accounting System24
Internet Web Browser24
Internet FTP25
Chapter Summary26
Sample Problem 1-S28
Student Exercises33
Problem 1-A37
Audit Questions 1-A39
Problem 1-B41
Audit Questions 1-B43
2Accounting Cycle of a Service Business and Bank Reconciliation45
Chart of Accounts Maintenance46
General Journal47
General Journal Transactions48
Adjusting Entries50
Printing the Contents of a Report Window52
Copying Report Information to the Clipboard in Spreadsheet and Word Processor Formats52
General Journal Report53
Financial Statements54
Income Statement55
Balance Sheet56
Statement of Owner's Equity57
Bank Reconciliation59
Closing Journal Entries60
Chapter Summary62
Sample Problem 2-S64
Student Exercises77
Problem 2-A81
Audit Questions 2-A85
Problem 2-B87
Audit Questions 2-B91
3Accounting Cycle of a Merchandising Business93
Vendor and Customer Maintenance94
General Journal--Debit and Credit Memorandums96
Purchases Journal96
Cash Payments Journal98
Sales Journal99
Cash Receipts Journal100
Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Ledger Reports101
Chapter Summary101
Sample Problem 3-S103
Student Exercises125
Problem 3-A127
Audit Questions 3-A133
Problem 3-B135
Audit Questions 3-B141
4Voucher System and Budgeting143
Vouchers Journal144
Budget Report148
Chapter Summary148
Sample Problem 4-S149
Student Exercises171
Problem 4-A173
Audit Questions 4-A179
Problem 4-B181
Audit Questions 4-B187
Comprehensive Problem 1189
Audit Questions--Comprehensive Problem 1 (June)195
Audit Questions--Comprehensive Problem 1 (July)201
5Accounts Payable: Purchase Order Processing and Inventory Control203
Inventory Stock Item Maintenance205
Enter, Change, and Delete Inventory Stock Items205
Purchase Orders207
Purchase Order Transactions208
Enter Purchase Order Transactions209
Change a Purchase Order Transaction209
Delete a Purchase Order Transaction210
Purchase Invoices and Vouchers210
Voucher Transactions211
Enter Voucher Transaction212
Change a Voucher Transaction213
Delete a Voucher Transaction214
Purge Invoices and Purchase Orders214
Purchase Order Register215
Voucher Register215
Inventory Items216
Inventory Transactions217
Inventory Exceptions217
Inventory Valuation Reports217
Chapter Summary219
Sample Problem 5-S222
Student Exercises237
Problem 5-A241
Audit Questions 5-A245
Problem 5-B247
Audit Questions 5-B251
6Accounts Receivable: Sales Order Processing and Inventory Control253
Sales and Sales Return Transactions255
Enter Sales Invoice or Sales Return Transactions256
Change a Sales Invoice or Sales Return Transaction258
Statements of Account258
Purge Sales Invoices259
Chapter Summary260
Sample Problems 6-S261
Student Exercises279
Problem 6-A281
Audit Questions 6-A287
Problem 6-B289
Audit Questions 6-B295
7Fixed Assets297
Straight-Line Method298
Double Declining-Balance Method299
Sum-of-the-Years-Digits Method299
Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System299
Maintain Fixed Assets Data301
Displaying Fixed Asset Reports302
Fixed Assets List Report303
Depreciation Schedules304
Generating and Posting Depreciation Adjusting Entries305
Chapter Summary306
Sample Problems 7-S307
Student Exercises321
Problem 7-A323
Audit Questions 7-A327
Problem 7-B329
Audit Questions 7-B333
Employee Maintenance336
Payroll Transactions337
Generate and Post Payroll Joural Entries341
Generating the Current Payroll Journal Entries341
Generating the Employer's Payroll Taxes Journal Entries341
Payroll Reports343
Employee List Report343
Payroll Report344
Quarterly Report345
W-2 Statement346
Purge Payroll Transactions (Year End)346
Chapter Summary347
Sample Problem 8-S348
Student Exercises359
Problem 8-A361
Audit Questions 8-A365
Problem 8-B369
Audit Questions 8-B373
9Partnerships and Corporations377
General Journal Entries383
Cash Payments385
Income Statement for a Corporation388
Balance Sheet for a Corporation389
Retained Earnings Statement for a Corporation389
Chapter Summary390
Student Exercises393
Problem 9-A(Partnerships)395
Audit Questions 9-A399
Problem 9-B(Corporations)401
Audit Questions 9-B405
Comprehensive Problem 2407
Audit Questions--Comprehensive Problem 2413
10Financial Statement Analysis415
Financial Statement Analysis Reports416
Horizontal Analysis416
Vertical Analysis417
Ratio Analysis417
Statement of Cash Flows417
Financial Analysis Reports418
Comparative Income Statement, Horizontal Analysis418
Comparative Income Statement, Vertical Analysis420
Comparative Balance Sheet, Horizontal Analysis422
Comparative Balance Sheet, Vertical Analysis423
Ratio Analysis Report425
Statement of Cash Flows425
Chapter Summary428
Sample Problem 10-S429
Student Exercises461
Problem 10-A463
Audit Questions 10-A469
Problem 10-B473
Audit Questions 10-B479
11Departmentalized Accounting483
Departmental Accounting486
Chart of Accounts486
Purchase Orders487
Vouchers (and Purchases Returns)488
Cash Payments489
Sales Invoices489
Cash Receipts490
Gross Profit Statement490
Chapter Summary493
Sample Problems 11-S494
Student Exercises519
Problem 11-A521
Audit Questions 11-A527
Problem 11-B529
Audit Questions 11-B535
Comprehensive Problem 3537
Audit Questions--Comprehensive Problem 3541
12Accounting System Setup545
System Setup Specifications546
Customize Accounting System547
System Setup Data555
Accounts Pick List555
Opening Balances556
Fixed Assets556
Chapter Summary557
Sample Problem 12-S559
Student Exercises577
Problem 12-A579
Audit Questions 12-A585
Problem 12-B587
Audit Questions 12-B591

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