Integrated Physics and Calculus, Volume 1 / Edition 1

Integrated Physics and Calculus, Volume 1 / Edition 1

by Andrew Rex, Martin Jackson

ISBN-10: 0201473968

ISBN-13: 9780201473964

Pub. Date: 11/05/1999

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Table of Contents

1. Functions and Vectors.
2. Derivatives and Their Applications in Kinematics.
3. Definite Integrals and Antiderivatives.
4. Kinematics and Curves in Two and Three Dimensions.
5. Newton's Laws of Motion.
6. Differential Equations.
7. Work and Line Integrals.
8. Evaluating Definite and Indefinite Integrals.
9. Systems of Particles, Momentum, and Collisions.
10. Rotational Motion and the Cross Product.
11. Sequences and Series.
12. Oscillations and Second-Order Differential Equations.
13. Functions of More Than One Variable.
14. Multiple Integrals.
15. Gravitation.
16. Electric Charges and Forces.
17. Vector Fields and Electric Fields.
18. Partial Derivatives, Gradients, and Electric Potential.
19. Capacitors, Dielectrics, and Electric Current.
20. Optimization.
21. DC Circuits.
22. Line Integrals.
23. Gauss's Law and Surface Integrals.
24. Magnetic Fields I
25. Magnetic Fields II; Divergence and Curl.
26. Faraday's Law and Inductance.
27. Vector Calculus and Maxwell's Equations.
28. The Bohr Atom.
Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems.

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