Intelligence, Heredity and Environment / Edition 1

Intelligence, Heredity and Environment / Edition 1

by Robert J. Sternberg

ISBN-10: 052146904X

ISBN-13: 9780521469043

Pub. Date: 02/28/2009

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Intelligence, Heredity and Environment provides a comprehensive and current survey of theory and research on human intelligence.  See more details below


Intelligence, Heredity and Environment provides a comprehensive and current survey of theory and research on human intelligence.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Part I. The Nature-Nurture Question: New Advances in Behavior-Genetic Research on Intelligence: 1. Behavior genetics and socialization theories of intelligence: truce and reconciliation S. Scarr; 2. The puzzle of nongenetic variance A. R. Jensen; 3. Identifying genes for cognitive abilities and disabilities R. Plomin; 4. Heredity, environment, and IQ in the Texas Adoption Project J. C. Loehlin et al.; 5. IQ similarity in twins reared apart: findings and responses to critics T. J. Bouchard; Part II. Novel Theoretical Perspectives on the Genes and Culture Controversy: 6. The invalid separation of effects of nature and nurture: lessons from animal experimentation D. Wahlsten and G. Gottlieb; 7. Between nature and nurture: the role of human agency in the epigenesis of intelligence T. R. Bidell and K. W. Fischer; 8. A third perspective: the symbol systems approach H. Gardner and T. Hatch; 9. A cultural psychology perspective on intelligence J. G. Miller; 10. A bio-ecological model of intellectual development: moving beyond h2 S. J. Ceci et al.; 11. An interactionist perspective on the genesis of intelligence E. W. Gordon and M. P. Lemons; Part III. Specific Issues in the Nature-Nurture Controversy: 12. Educating intelligence: infusing the Triarchic theory into school instruction R. J. Sternberg; 13. Raising IQ level by vitamin and mineral supplementation H. J. Eysenck and S. J. Schoenthaler; 14. The resolution of the nature-nurture controversy by Russian psychology: culturally biased or culturally Specific? E. L. Grigorenko and T. V. Korilova; 15. The emerging horizontal dimension of practical intelligence: polycontextuality and boundary crossing in complex work activities Y. Engestrom et al.; 16. Cognitive development from infancy to middle childhood Stacey S. Cherney et al.; 17. Intelligence, language, nature, and nurture in young twins J. S. Reznick; 18. Sources of individual differences in infant social cognition: cognitive and affective aspects of self and other S. Pipp et al.; Part IV. Integration and Conclusions: 19. Conclusions E. Hunt; 20. Unresolved questions and future directions in behavior genetics studies of intelligence I. Waldman.

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