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The Bronx: A priest is found dead with a sharpened crucifix sticking in his neck. Is a crazed killer on the loose, or is this the work of a damaged man with an extreme sense of justice? Four, tough, New York City cops are hot on the trail, led by Detective Vic Gonnella, a smart, no-nonsense investigator with secrets of his own. As they track down clues, they


The Bronx: A priest is found dead with a sharpened crucifix sticking in his neck. Is a crazed killer on the loose, or is this the work of a damaged man with an extreme sense of justice? Four, tough, New York City cops are hot on the trail, led by Detective Vic Gonnella, a smart, no-nonsense investigator with secrets of his own. As they track down clues, they realize the prime suspect has already bought twelve crucifixes. It becomes clear that the killer is on a mission, when more bodies are found, that will penetrate all the way into the heart of the Catholic Church and beyond ...
In the tradition of Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch and Dan Brown's Robert Langdon, INTERCESSION is a thriller that takes us from the streets of New York City, into Dublin and Rome, and through the halls of the FBI, NYPD, and the Vatican. This novel, the first in its series, introduces the gritty, street-wise investigator, Vic Gonnella.

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Louis Romano, born in the Bronx in 1950, is a successful businessman who began his literary career writing urban poetry in 1968. His career in sales, advertising, and marketing campaigns continues in his capacity as CEO and principal of Informa Energy, Inc., an energy brokerage company. His Gino Ranno series is partly inspired by stories from Sicily that were passed down through the generations, stories of murder, revenge, and of family ties and loyalties that carried through to the family’s move to New York. Romano attributes the series’ theme largely to the influence of his own heritage. A second-generation Italian, his great-grandmother came to America from Sicily in 1891. Romano’s real-life experience of growing up in New York at a time when the mob and Italian culture was peaking, influenced more than just the characters in his book.

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Intercession 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From David O'Regan: Thank you Louis Romano offering your book free to help survivors. Intercession is a fantastic book! As a childhood survivor of clergy sexual abuse I could not read and turn the pages fast enough it was filled such suspense. I certainly could relate my own feelings and emotions to that of John Deegan who was molested as a boy and takes justice into his own hands. I had a chill come over me when I read I shared the same birthday as this fictional character. I highly recommend survivors and anyone seeking knowledge of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal read this book. A fiction that is closely tied into the reality of Church's cover-ups and sin of this centuries old atrocity.
DETERMINED-D More than 1 year ago
Sadly, Flynn and Clancy are no longer with us. But never fear, Lou Romano has taken their place." Intercession", is Romano's fifth contribution to the thriller genre. I know you're familiar with all the clichés: page-turner, fast-paced, seat-of-your-pants, roller coaster ride. In all honesty, Louis Romano's writing embodies all of those terms and then some. I was hooked from the first page. Lou Romano sets the scene in riveting detail; he leaves nothing out. I entered the rectory when Father O'Gorman opened the door to see who was knocking at such a late hour. I was in the booth when he heard the man's confession and I was there when Father O'Gorman took his last breath. I was there when Vic Gonnella, Romano's brilliant NYPD Detective, was called to the scene of the crime. That's how Lou Romano writes. You cannot read Intercession and dissociate yourself from the action. Every page is hard-hitting, the action never lets up. By now, everyone has read about several cases of child molestation within the Catholic Church. Lou Romano has taken this a step further, revenge can be bitter and sweet at the same time. Intercession overflows with emotion: self-hate, power and lust, greed, love and the need to be loved, deep-seated secrets. If you're looking for a fantastic quick summer read, Intercession will be just perfect for you. But make sure you wear gloves when you turn those pages, they are hot with action. Lou Romano, keep writing. The world will never forgive you if you stop, neither will I as I wait for your next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an absolutely amazing read. Louis just hits the nail on the head in his description of the suffering and horror that priest rape victims go through. But he also tackles the abuses in the Jewish, Boy Scouts and the Magdalene Launderies. His descriptions of how the leaders, the Cardinals and Bishops acted in the cover ups, how they just do not care one bit about the victims who had their hearts, souls and minds destroy by these rapist priests, but how they do everything they can to cover it up and further harm the victims. It is an incredible story of John Deegan and trust me, I was rooting for him all through the book. The murders are fitting for the crimes these perpetrators of rape of children committed. The police detectives on his trail are more human than most and some of the revelations will keep you on edge. The final chapters tie everything together. Louis is one of those rare authors who can take such a subject matter like this and make it come alive. Hopefully many, many Parishioners of the RCC will read this book to get a real glimpse of what we, priest rape survivors have gone through. Frank LaFerriere
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
Intercession is the first book in a Detective Vic Gonnella crime series and opens with a bang - or, rather, a rap on the door of a rectory where a late visitor intent on making a confession turns out to be something quite different … something from his past that the good Father Deegan can no longer escape. What evolves from this encounter is a serial killer who leads Detective Gonnella and his sidekick and romantic partner Raquel on a trip out of the country to hunt down a murderer with connections to the church, and a deadly plan that promises to elude even their combined force. One important note about Intercession is that everything is not as it seems: it's a twisting plot that at first leads in one direction; then in another. Another note is that it tackles some of the most venerable institutions in the world and winds them into a killer's mind and purposes, introducing a (somewhat predictable) element of pedophilia and church connections into the mix. Fake belief, false love of god and man, and disturbing reflections on social structures designed to protect and shelter - all these are unexpectedly wound into the overall murder mystery/detective thriller format to create something just a little different; and while some of the story line is predictable from the outset, there are still enough surprises and superior characterization to keep the reading riveting and the action swift. As Vic wonders if Raquel is "another fantasy he can't have" and both become mentally drained by their pursuit of an elusive killer, romance seems far in the side wings of deadly story. All this leads to a sum greater than its parts, ultimately making Intercession a multi-faceted, absorbing mystery.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was soooo disappointed in the ending. I mean geesh. Most of the story was good...a good cat and mouse, with a very wicked mouse. There was a huge build up to nothing. I was left bewildered