Interdisciplinary High School Teaching: Strategies for Integrated Learning / Edition 1

Interdisciplinary High School Teaching: Strategies for Integrated Learning / Edition 1

by John Henrik Clarke

ISBN-10: 0205157106

ISBN-13: 9780205157105

Pub. Date: 07/08/1996

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction: From Atomization to Integration1
Pt. IConnecting Subject Areas19
Ch. 2Focusing Inquiry: Using Questions to Organize Learning Inquiry Showcase21
Inquiry Showcase: Human Impact on the Champlain Basin36
Ch. 3Fusing Subject Areas: Linking Subject to Subject48
Fusion Showcase: Humanitas Program: Richard Rorty and Postmodernism73
Ch. 4Teaching Themes: Organizing Learning Around Ideas79
Thematic Teaching Showcase: Team Zenith: Integrating Teams, Themes, and Projects95
Pt. IIFocusing on Process105
Ch. 5The Thinking Process: Multimodal Intelligence107
Thinking Process Showcase: Thinking Conceptually with 4MAT: A Study of Nationalism130
Ch. 6The Writing Process: Writing to Learn138
Writing Process Showcase: Writing to Understand Local History and Culture161
Ch. 7Computer Processing: Managing Electronic Information170
Computer Processing Showcase: Using Technology to Learn about Technology191
Pt. IIISolving Problems205
Ch. 8Problem-Based Learning: Meeting Real-World Challenges208
Problem-Based Learning Showcase: The Icarus Project: Studying Water Quality from Macrosystems to Molecules223
Ch. 9Science/Technology/Society: Complex Issue Analysis236
STS Showcase: From Minuteman to Star Wars: From Chernobyl to Yucca Flats - A High School Nuclear Chemistry Unit253
Ch. 10Learning to Work: Experiential Learning258
Experiential Learning Showcase: School-Based Businesses: REAL Enterprises at Riverside High School279
Pt. IVAdapting Systems to Support Performance291
Ch. 11Integrating Teaching and Testing: Authentic Assessment293
Assessment Showcase: Student Trek: Assessment at University Heights High School318
Ch. 12Supporting Continuous Renewal: Systems Adaptation335

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