Intermediate Business Statistics: Analysis of Variance, Regression, and Time Series / Edition 1

Intermediate Business Statistics: Analysis of Variance, Regression, and Time Series / Edition 1

by Robert B. Miller, Dean W. Wichern, Dean W. Wichern

ISBN-10: 0534510833

ISBN-13: 9780534510831

Pub. Date: 05/28/1995

Publisher: Brooks/Cole

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION Perspective on Statistics / Overview of the Book / The Computer and Statistics 2. PROBABILITY THEORY Basic Concepts / Probability Distributions and Random Variables / Sampling Distributions / Final Comments 3. ELEMENTS OF STATISTICAL INFERENCE Introduction / Confidence Intervals / Hypothesis Tests / The Relationship between Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests / Determining Sample Size in Experimental Design / Large Sample and robust Procedures Based on the t Statistic / Comparing Means and Variances of Two Normal Populations / Methods for Deriving Estimators and Tests / Final Comments 4. ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE Introduction / One Factor Analysis of Variance / The One-Factor Model and Assumptions / The F-Ratio and the Analysis of Variance Table / Unequal Sample Sizes / Comparison of Means / Departures from Assumptions and the Examination of Residuals / Two-Factor Analysis of Variance / The Two-Factor Model and Assumptions with and without Replication / ANOVA Table and F Tests for the Replicated Two-Way Layout / Multiple Comparisons / More on Departures from Assumptions / Final Comments 5. SIMPLE LINEAR REGRESSION AND CORRELATION Introduction / The Least Square Values / Fitted Values / Residuals, and the Analysis of Variance / The Mathematical Model and the Underlying Assumptions / Inferences about a, B and Future Values of Y / The Analysis of Residuals / Correlation Analysis / The Relationhops between Regression and Correlation / Autocorrelation / Rank Correlation / Final Comments 6. MULTIPLE REGRESSION AND CORRELATION Introduction / The Regression Model / Analysis of Variance / Inference / Multiple and Partial Correlation / Statistics Useful in the Analysis of Residuals / Final Comments 7. TOPICS IN REGRESSION ANALYSIS Introduction / Dummy Variables / Transformations / Multicollinearity / Selection of Explanatory Variable / Nonlinear Estimation / Final Comments 8. REGRESSION ANALYSIS: A CASE STUDY Introduction / The Data / Regression Models Incorporating All Dependent Variables / Variable Selection / Fits of Selected Models / Analysis of Predictions / Final Comments 9. TIME SERIES ANALYSIS: AN INTRODUCTION Introduction / Example of a Time Series / Model Building / Forecasting / Final Comments 10. TIME SERIES ANALYSIS: MODEL BUILDING AND FORECASTING Introduction / Example of Time Series / Time Series Models / A Model-Building Strategy / Model Identification / Parameter Estimation / Diagnostic Checking / Forecasting / Final Comments 11. ANALYSIS OF SEASONAL TIME SERIES Introduction / An Example: Investments of Large New York City Banks / Further Examples / Final Comments / APPENDIX ONE / APPENDIX TWO / APPENDIX THREE / APPENDIX FOUR / BIBLIOGRAPHY / INDEX

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