International and Transracial Adoptions: A Mental Health Perspective

International and Transracial Adoptions: A Mental Health Perspective

by Christopher Bagley

ISBN-10: 1856280829

ISBN-13: 9781856280822

Pub. Date: 04/28/1993

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Table of Contents

Adjustment in Adoption: A Review
1The Institution of Adoption1
2Adjustment in Adoption: Follow-Up Studies15
3Genetic, Physical and Constitutional Factors Influencing Adjustment in Adoption38
4Adjustment, Identity and Special Needs Adoption: Clinical Research and Policy Change48
5Adjustment and Identity in Transracial and Inter-Country Adoption71
Adjustment in Adoption: Empirical Studies in Canada and Britain
6A Follow-Up of Adopted Children in the National Child Development Study90
7Mental Health and Adoption in a Community Survey of Adults114
8Social Work Practice and the Adoption of Special Needs Children: A Canadian Case Study121
Intercountry and Transracial Adoption: Empirical Studies and Policy Review
9Inter-Country Adoption: History and Policy Formation135
10Further Developments in Inter-Country Adoption167
11Adopted Girls from Hong Kong in Britain: A Twenty Year Follow-Up of Adjustment and Social Identity195
12Adopted from Vietnam: A Ten Year Follow-Up of British Adoptees207
13Transracial Adoption of Aboriginal Children in Canada: A Disturbing Case Study214
14Transracial Adoption in Britain: A Follow-Up With Policy Implications240
15Attitudes to Transracial Adoption in Samples of Afro-Caribbeans in London, 1979 and 1989256
Adopted Children in Residential Care: A Typology of Disrupted Adoptions
16A Survey of Adopted Children in Two Residential Treatment Centres: Methods of Study and Initial Results264
17Comparison of 61 Adopted Children and 61 Control Children in Two Centres for Seriously Disturbed Children274
18Types or Clusters of Adjustment: Classification of Adopted Children by Case Study and Statistical Methods302
19Adjustment in Adoption: Conclusions326
Subject Index361

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