International Business Law: Text, Cases, and Readings / Edition 4

International Business Law: Text, Cases, and Readings / Edition 4

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by Ray A. August

ISBN-10: 0131014102

ISBN-13: 9780131014107

Pub. Date: 02/04/2003

Publisher: Prentice Hall

August, 5e emphasizes the diversity and similarity of how firms are currently regulated and governed around the world.

Structure of the legal environment for global business, international relations, multinational enterprises, dispute settlement across national borders, rules for global trade in goods and services, and legal issues involving foreign investment,


August, 5e emphasizes the diversity and similarity of how firms are currently regulated and governed around the world.

Structure of the legal environment for global business, international relations, multinational enterprises, dispute settlement across national borders, rules for global trade in goods and services, and legal issues involving foreign investment, intellectual property, money and banking, slaes, transportation, financing, and taxation.

For professionals who would like to understand about recent trends in the legal environment for global business.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introduction to International and Comparative Law1
A.What is International Law?1
B.The Making of International Law2
C.Sources of International Law3
D.The Scope of International Law in Actual Practice8
E.International Persons12
F.The Rights of Individuals under International Law43
G.Comparison of Municipal Legal Systems46
Chapter Questions58
Review Problem59
Chapter 2State Responsibility and Environmental Regulation61
A.State Responsibility62
B.Standard of Care69
F.Environmental Regulation96
Chapter Questions106
Review Problem107
Chapter 3Dispute Settlement109
A.Settlement of Disputes through Diplomacy109
B.Settlement of Disputes in International Tribunals111
C.Settlement of Disputes in Municipal Courts134
D.Immunities of States from the Jurisdiction of Municipal Courts146
E.Choosing the Governing Law159
F.Refusal to Exercise Jurisdiction168
G.Proving Foreign Law171
H.Recognition of Foreign Judgments172
Chapter Questions173
Review Problem174
Chapter 4The Multinational Enterprise176
A.The Business Form177
B.The Multinational Organization192
C.International Regulation of Multinational Enterprises198
D.Home State Regulation of Multinational Enterprises199
E.Host State Regulation of Multinational Enterprises231
Chapter Questions238
Review Problem239
Chapter 5Foreign Investment241
A.Foreign Investment Laws and Codes241
B.Supervision of Foreign Investment268
C.Securities Regulations275
D.Enforcement of Securities Regulations Internationally292
Chapter Questions297
Review Problem298
Chapter 6Money and Banking300
B.The International Monetary Fund306
C.Currency Exchange312
D.Currency Support324
E.Development Banks327
F.The Bank for International Settlements328
G.Regional Monetary Systems330
H.National Monetary Systems332
Chapter Questions351
Review Problem352
Chapter 7Trade in Goods354
A.History of Contemporary International Trade Law354
B.The World Trade Organization362
C.The 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade369
D.Multilateral Trade Agreements389
Chapter Questions413
Review Problem415
Chapter 8Services and Labor417
A.General Agreement on Trade in Services417
B.Regional Intergovernmental Regulations on Trade in Services427
C.The International Labor Organization432
D.Regional Intergovernmental Regulations on Labor439
E.Movement of Workers447
Chapter Questions466
Review Problems467
Chapter 9Intellectual Property468
A.The Creation of Intellectual Property Rights469
B.International Intellectual Property Organizations501
C.Intellectual Property Treaties503
D.The International Transfer of Intellectual Property509
E.Licensing Regulations510
F.Compulsory Licenses530
Chapter Questions531
Review Problem533
Chapter 10Sales535
A.United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods535
B.Transactions Covered in CISG536
C.Contractual Issues Excluded from the Coverage of CISG539
D.Interpreting CISG542
E.Interpreting Sales Contracts544
F.Formation of the Contract552
G.General Standards of Performance562
H.Seller's Obligations563
I.Buyer's Obligations565
J.The Passing of Risk569
L.Excuses for Nonperformance585
Chapter Questions588
Review Problem589
Chapter 11Transportation590
A.Trade Terms590
C.Inland Carriage610
D.Carriage of Goods by Sea611
F.Maritime Liens630
G.Maritime Insurance633
H.Carriage of Goods by Air635
Chapter Questions640
Review Problem641
Chapter 12Financing643
A.Financing Foreign Trade643
B.Bills of Lading644
C.Bills of Exchange644
D.Promissory Notes648
E.Negotiability of Bills and Notes650
F.The Negotiation and Transfer of Bills and Notes654
G.Letters of Credit667
H.Financing Foreign Operations681
Chapter Questions682
Review Problem684
Chapter 13Taxation686
A.Purposes of Taxation686
B.Income Taxes689
D.Bases of Income Taxation706
F.Double Taxation722
G.Tax Treaties726
H.Tax Incentives732
I.Tax Avoidance and Evasion734
J.Other Forms of Taxation752
Chapter Questions760
Review Problem761
Case Index763
Statutory Index767
Topical Index775

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International Business Law: Text, Cases, and Readings 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Christian-Stadtlander-PhD More than 1 year ago
Ray August pointed out that “Business today is truly international … [and an] enterprise … that chooses to ignore all but the laws and legal procedures of its own country is choosing to work half blind.” International Business Law: Text, Cases, and Readings is a book that can be used to learn about the different law systems of the world, how companies conducting business abroad are governed and regulated, and what kinds of customs, treaties, conventions, and agreements exist to make international business possible. This book was primarily designed as an instructional text for students as it includes numerous case studies, chapter questions, and review problems. However, I believe readers other than business and law students who have an interest in learning about different law systems and their applications will find this book also useful. August divided the book into 13 chapters. The first chapter is an introduction to international and comparative law. The author defines several terms (e.g., international law, comity, treaties, conventions, and customs) and describes the differences and similarities of the Romano-Germanic Civil Law, the Anglo-American Common Law, and the Islamic Law. He also describes the role of arbitration and the practice of international tribunals. Chapter 2 is entitled “State Responsibility and Environmental Regulation.” August takes a look at the doctrine of imputability and at the meaning of fault and causation, standards of care, types of objections, the role of insurance, and the various regulations that exist for environmental protection. The following chapter deals with dispute settlement. August discusses, for example, settlements through diplomacy, international tribunals, and municipal courts. In Chapter 4, he points out that “The organization of a business is a matter of municipal law.” August evaluates business forms in different law (state) systems and then describes the functionality of multinational enterprises. The topic of the fifth chapter is foreign investment with a focus on laws, codes, and enforcement. Chapter 6 deals with money and banking (e.g., regional and national monetary systems, currency exchange, etc.). In Chapter 7, August discusses trade law (history, trade organizations, multilateral trade agreements). The eighth chapter is about agreements of trade in services and about issues related to labor law. He turns his attention in Chapter 9 to intellectual property (e.g., its creation, licensing and regulation), and in Chapter 10 to the contractual issues for the international sale of goods (formation of contracts, interpretations, etc.). Chapter 11 is about transportation of goods (i.e., carriage of goods by land, sea, and air). The twelfth chapter discusses various aspects of financing, including negotiations, bills, notes, letters of credit, and sources of capital. The final chapter (Chapter 13) deals with the complex issue of taxation. August explains the purpose of taxation and describes types of taxes, regulation, and protection. I purchased this book for a graduate program in international management. What I liked most about this book is the combination of comprehensive, but not overwhelming information about international business law and the opportunity to apply this information to ‘real-world’ problems through excerpted law case studies, law interpretations, and court judgments. This is a great book and I highly recommend it to the reader.