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International Business Negotiations, 2nd Edition / Edition 2

International Business Negotiations, 2nd Edition / Edition 2

by N. Ghauri Pervez N. Ghauri

ISBN-10: 0080442935

ISBN-13: 9780080442938

Pub. Date: 09/30/2003

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

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Emerald Group Publishing
Publication date:
International Business and Management Series
Edition description:
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1. International business negotiations (introductory chapter) (P.N. Ghauri). How national culture, organizational culture and personality impact buyer-seller interactions (S.H. Kalé). A model of the negotiation process with different strategies (C. Dupont). Vis-á-Vis: international business negotiations (J.L. Graham). Part 2. Cultural aspects of international business negotiations (J.-C. Usunier). Hofstede's dimensions of culture and their influence on international business negotiations (G. Hofstede). Cross-cultural communication: issues and implications (C.P. Schuster, M.J. Copeland). The role of time in international business negotiations (J.-C.Usunier). The role of atmosphere in negotiations (P.N. Ghauri). Part 3.Negotiating sales, export transactions and agency agreements (J.B. McCall). Negotiating licensing agreements (V. Parker). Negotiating international joint ventures (S. Urban). Project negotiations: an episode in the relationship (B. Cova et al.). Preparing mergers and acquisitions in the European Union: the asset of cooperative negotiation (V. de Beaufort, A. Lempereur). Part 4. The IBM-Mexico microcomputer investment negotiations (S.E. Weiss). Negotiating with East and Central Europe (P.N. Ghauri, J.-C. Usunier). Business negotiations between Japanese and Americans (J.L. Graham, Yoshihiro Sano). Negotiating with East Asians (R.L. Tung). Some general guidelines to negotiating international business (J.-C. Usunier, P.N. Ghauri).

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