International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials / Edition 1

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials / Edition 1

by M. Cherif Bassiouni

ISBN-10: 0890898626

ISBN-13: 9780890898628

Pub. Date: 01/28/1996

Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

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Carolina Academic Press
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments and Permissions
Ch. 1Customary International Law1
Ch. 2Self-Executing Treaties51
Ch. 3Exceptions to the Last in Time Rule and the Primacy of Custom81
Ch. 4The President Is Bound143
Ch. 5On Human Rights: The Use of Human Right Precepts in U.S. History and the Right to an Effective Remedy167
Ch. 6Congress and Genocide293
Ch. 7Rereading the First Amendment in Light of Treaties Proscribing Incitement to Racial Discrimination or Hostility313
Ch. 8Human Rights and the Ninth Amendment323
Ch. 9Avoiding "Fraudulent" Executive Policy: Analysis of Non-Self-Execution of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights361
Ch. 10Bases of Jurisdiction under International Law387
Ch. 11Universality and the Enforcement of International Criminal Law405
Ch. 12The Invalidity of Pardons for Violations of International Law413
Ch. 13The Unconstitutional Detention of Prisoners by the United States under the Exchange of Prisoner Treaties421
Ch. 14Declarations of War and the Peace Power439
Ch. 15Law and National Security, Necessity and Discretion469
Index of Founders479

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