International Economics-Text

International Economics-Text

by Paul R. Krugman

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Table of Contents

2Labor Productivity and Comparative Advantage: The Ricardian Model13
3Specific Factors and Income Distribution39
4Resources and Trade: The Heckscher-Ohlin Model67
5The Standard Trade Model93
6Economies of Scale, Imperfect Competition, and International Trade121
7International Factor Movements159
8The Instruments of Trade Policy187
9The Political Economy of Trade Policy219
10Trade Policy in Developing Countries253
11Industrial Policy in Advanced Countries275
12National Income Accounting and the Balance of Payments301
13Exchange Rates and the Foreign Exchange Market: An Asset Approach331
14Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates367
15Price Levels and the Exchange Rate in the Long Run399
16Output and the Exchange Rate in the Short Run439
17Fixed Exchange Rates and Foreign Exchange Intervention487
18The International Monetary System, 1870-1973535
19Macroeconomic Policy and Coordination Under Floating Exchange Rates571
20Optimum Currency Areas and the European Experience613
21The Global Capital Market: Performance and Policy Problems649
22Developing Countries: Debt, Stabilization, and Reform683
23International Economic Problems of Former Communist Countries719
Mathematical Postscripts739
Postscript to Chapter 3: The Specific Factors Model741
Postscript to Chapter 4: The Factor Proportions Model746
Postscript to Chapter 5: The Trading World Economy749
Postscript to Chapter 6: The Monopolistic Competition Model757
Postscript to Chapter 21: Risk Aversion and International Portfolio Diversification759

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