International Management

International Management

by Rosalie L. Tung

ISBN-10: 1855214008

ISBN-13: 9781855214002

Pub. Date: 04/01/1994

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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International Library of Management
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Table of Contents

Series Preface
1Globalization Versus Regionalization: Which Way For the Multinational?3
2The Competitive Advantage of Nations17
3A Framework for Integrated Risk Management in International Business39
4The Environment and Internal Organization of Multinational Enterprises61
5Changing Dimensions in International Business91
6Cultural Roots of Economic Performance: A Research Note101
7Changing Patterns of International Competition113
8Managing across Borders: New Strategic Requirements145
9An Eclectic Theory of the Choice of International Entry Mode157
10The Eclectic Paradigm of International Production: A Restatement and Some Possible Extensions169
11Strategic Capital Budgeting Decisions and the Theory of Internalisation201
12Joint Ventures: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives209
13The Characteristics of Joint Ventures in Developed and Developing Countries223
14Competition for Competence and Inter-partner Learning within International Strategic Alliances231
15The Multinational Corporation as an Interorganizational Network255
16Strategy and Structure in Multinational Corporations: A Revision of the Stopford and Wells Model279
17Patterns of Strategic Control Within Multinational Corporations293
18Technology Development in the Multinational Firm: a Framework for Planning and Strategy311
19The Relationship Between the Global Strategic Planning Process and the Human Resource Management Function329
20Selection and Training of Personnel for Overseas Assignments345
21The Psychological Impact of Expatriate Relocation on Partners357
22Analysis of Complex Negotiations in International Business: The RBC Perspective395
23Managing in the Twenty-first Century: The Need for Global Orientation429
24Global Work Force 2000: The New World Labor Market443
25Countertrade, Offsets, Barter, and Buybacks457
26The Study of International Business: A Plea for a more Interdisciplinary Approach473
27Recent Developments in International Management Research499
Name Index535

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