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International Pop Overthrow 2004, Vol. 9

International Pop Overthrow 2004, Vol. 9


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Release Date:
Not Lame Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Morris   Bass
Phil Angotti   Guitar,Vocals
Berton Averre   Guitar
Rick N. Backer   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Barton   Guitar (12 String Electric)
Tony Cooper   Bass,Background Vocals
Vance DeGeneres   Bass,Vocals
John Easdale   Background Vocals
Edan Everly   Background Vocals
Tom Hofer   Bass,Vocals
Brian Mitchell   Drums
Rick Rosas   Bass
Brett Simons   Bass
Gary Stockdale   Keyboards,Vocals
Butch Young   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Lee Elliott   Guitar,Vocals
John McMullan   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Greg Thompson   Drums
Tom Rose   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Sean McCurley   Drums
Glen Oyabe   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Piper   Guitar,Vocals
Jayson Jarmon   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Scott McPherson   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
James Driscoll   Bass
Matt Munoz   Drums
Morty Shallman   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Jason Wormer   Dulcimer,Bass
Sean Gaffney   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
Jeff "Duval" Brown   Drums,Vocals
Brandon Schott   Dulcimer,Guitar,Piano,Harmonium
Ross Vick   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Andy Brohard   Dulcimer,Percussion,Bells
Aaron Kelley   Electric Guitar
Todd Borsch   Guitar,Vocals
George Kralj   Percussion,Drums
Martin Hansen   Bass
Bobby Macintyre   Percussion,Drums
Dave Dietrich   Drums
Phil & Debi Jones   Percussion,Drums
Satch Kerans   Bass,Guitar,Piano
Mike Astrachan   Guitar
Chris Ross   Percussion,Drums
John R. Shafer   Drums
Blake Jones   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
David Loren   Vocals
Terry Bowness   Organ
Karen V. Cavazos   Vocals
Doyle Dean   Drums
Jon Ecklund   Guitar,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Neil Young   Composer
Vince Jones   Producer,Engineer
Chris Carter   Producer
Jill Sobule   Composer,Producer
Cat Miller   Composer,Producer
Parthenon Huxley   Composer
Michael Hayes   Composer
Robert Bonfiglio   Composer,Producer
Benny Andersson   Composer
Phil Angotti   Composer,Producer
Rick N. Backer   Contributor
Matt Boudreau   Producer
Steve Clark   Composer
Vance DeGeneres   Composer,Producer
Steve Hodge   Producer
Gavin MacKillop   Producer,Engineer
Chris Manning   Producer
Roger Moutenot   Producer
Ray Roper   Producer
Joey Stec   Composer
Tom Tatman   Producer,Engineer
Björn Ulvaeus   Composer
David Wills   Composer
Butch Young   Composer
Willie Wisely   Composer
Richard Bosworth   Producer
Nick Walusko   Mixdown Producer
Walter Clevenger   Producer,Engineer
Kevin Packard   Composer,Producer
Steve Stanley   Producer,Art Direction,Mixdown Producer
Eric Fritsch   Engineer
David Mills   Composer
Stuart Brawley   Producer
Noah Lifschey   Producer
François Porterie   Engineer
Tom Rose   Composer
Roger Manning   Composer,Execution
Stig Anderson   Composer
Lori Michaels   Composer
J. Vaz   Composer
Jeremy Morris   Composer
Barbara West   Composer
Ronnie Stone   Composer,Producer
Charles Newman   Producer
Chris Brown   Producer
Carolyn Edwards   Composer,Producer
Chris Bowman   Composer
Osamu Seino   Engineer
Glen Oyabe   Producer
Charlie Piper   Producer,Engineer
Sylvia Massy Shivy   Producer
K.C. Bowman   Producer
Phamous Phaces   Composer
Cherelle Jardine   Composer
Jayson Jarmon   Composer,Engineer
Scott McPherson   Composer,Engineer
Lisa Mychols   Composer
David Bash   Liner Notes
Eric Barao   Composer
Marykate O'Neil   Composer
Morty Shallman   Composer,Producer
Jason Wormer   Producer
Manfred Sittmann   Composer
Mike Milchner   Engineer
Cliff Calabro   Engineer
Brandon Schott   Composer,Producer
Ross Vick   Composer
Aaron Kelley   Engineer
Todd Borsch   Composer
Jeremy Rubolino   Engineer
Bobby Macintyre   Producer,Loop
Rina Bardfield   Compilation Assistant
Roxanne Heichert   Composer
Jerry Juden   Composer,Producer
William Messner   Producer
Stephen Quinn   Composer
Jesse Ruggles   Composer
Pensive   Composer
Satch Kerans   Composer
Charles Touber   Composer
Adrianne Lenker   Composer
Blake Jones   Composer
Susan Hedges   Composer
Hiroshi Abematsu   Producer,Engineer
Aidil   Producer
Jesse Anderegg   Composer,Producer
Steve Cirkvencic   Composer,Producer
Sean O'Brien   Composer
Chris Machart   Composer
Osamu Satoyama   Composer
Simon Williams   Composer

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