International Seminar on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencies: 34th Session

International Seminar on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencies: 34th Session

by Richard Ragainl

ISBN-10: 9812567399

ISBN-13: 9789812567390

Pub. Date: 03/28/2006

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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Table of Contents

A brief report on some recent WFS/WL-CCAST activities in China - A WFS achievement in China on an important aspect of the cultural emergency11
Energy technologies for the 21st century - the roles of renewable energy17
Nuclear power in Europe28
Current status of deep geological repository development31
The Asian nuclear power issue33
The next generation nuclear energy76
JET, ITER and the future of nuclear fusion84
From concern to controversy : science and non-science in global climate105
Celestial climate driver : a perspective from four billion years of the carbon cycle116
Attributing variations to various forcings : a global perspective145
Understanding natural and anthropogenic contributions to the climate of the 20th century155
Observational climate data and comparison with models163
How effective is greenhouse warming of sea surface temperatures?176
Recent temperature changes in Greenland : coastal stations and the Greenland ice sheet183
Understanding common climate claims189
Emerging viral diseases : the role of wildlife in disease emergence213
Ebola viral, haemorrhagic fever, nipah encephalitis, SARS avian influenza : episodes in a never ending story?214
Vaccine development : a major challenge215
Emerging virus infections in a changing world220
Update on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies223
Migration and freedom of speech227
A West African point of view on migration230
International migrations : the case of Argentina233
Migration in the 21st century : a Mexican perspective243
International migration : theories and realities260
Subsurface laser drilling applications271
Desertification in the Sahel revisited283
Desertification, the global perspective : dryland degradation and primary productivity284
Integrated approaches to desertification289
The negative effect of rainfall increase along a climatic gradient in a sandy arid area294
AIDS and infectious diseases permanent monitoring panel303
From missionary interventions to local academies306
Desertification permanent monitoring panel307
Energy permanent monitoring panel309
Terrorism permanent monitoring panel313
Information security permanent monitoring panel315
Floods and extreme weather events permanent monitoring panel317
Limits of development permanent monitoring panel320
Major shortcomings in U.S. immigration policy : get tough or get real?322
Conceptual approach in the creation and implementation of the national strategy for sustainable development of the Republic of Macedonia329
Mother and child permanent monitoring panel345
Pollution permanent monitoring panel350
The nuclear non-proliferation debate357
Will the non-proliferation treaty survive?361
Comments on the non-proliferation treaty364
Health of the non-proliferation regime365
Carbon sequestration and storage - the needs376
Consensus and disagreement on climate change due to carbon dioxide386
Implementing information security and its technology : a line management perspective401
Contributions and recommendations for bridging the digital divide413

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