Internet-Based Intelligent Information Processing Systems

Internet-Based Intelligent Information Processing Systems

by Robert J. Howlett

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Series on Innovative Intelligence
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Ch. 1A review of search and resource discovery techniques in peer-to-peer networks
Ch. 2Adaptive content mapping for Internet navigation
Ch. 3Flexible queries to XML information
Ch. 4Agent-based hypermedia models
Ch. 5Self-organizing neural networks application for information organization
Ch. 6Emotion-orientated intelligent systems
Ch. 7Public opinion channel: a network-based interactive broadcasting system for supporting a knowledge-creating community
Ch. 8A new era of intelligent e-commerce based on intelligent Java agent-based development environment (iJADE)
Ch. 9Automated Internet trading based on optimized physics models of markets
Ch. 10Implementing and maintaining a Web case-based reasoning system for heating ventilation and air conditioning systems sales support
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