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Internet Killed the Video Star

Internet Killed the Video Star

by Andre Gray

Editorial Reviews

DJ. Kool Herc
"This is a great book and an instant classic. It should be considered the quintessential Bible for musicians and business people alike. Andre Gray stands head and shoulders above all other digital media thinkers and he freed our minds the way Tim Berners-Lee freed our creativity." --
Father of Hip Hop
Eddie Williams
"Right on target. It should be required reading for everyone in the music business and anyone contemplating getting into the music business. It is written on a level where a seventh grader can understand it and a Ph.D. would not have to condescend to the material."
Founder, itsfun.com
Susan Schrank
"Gray doesn't pull any punches when discussing what's wrong with what he sees as an antiquated recording industry. He advises musicians how and why they should circumvent the major labels and is not afraid to tell 'Big Music' that their reign is over."
Senior Editor, The Online Reporter

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From the Foreword:

"The Internet, in all its semantic glory, has collated the disparate countries and continents into one cohesive digital global village and instantaneously signaled the arrival of globalization.  This digital revolution has rendered many business models and industries obsolete by placing the power of art, commerce, and science into the hands of the common people.  Such is the case of the music industry. 

This is a very brief treatise on the much written about subject of the digital music revolution.  It is important to note that whatever decisions are made in the first two decades of the 21st century will invariably serve as a fairly accurate barometer in determining the outcome for the remainder of the century and perhaps beyond.  If this tiny volume can serve as a contributing factor to the confluence of factors that will lead to the empowerment of the common people, then I would be honored.  And, while not everyone in the digital age is an artist, at least we have found a means of expression."

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