Internet Piracy

Internet Piracy

by James D. Torr

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Children's Literature
One of the most controversial issues today is the topic of internet piracy. Is file sharing a harmless pastime or is it the same as shoplifting a CD from a store? In this volume from the "At Issue" series, various people talk about the issue. The opinions are very diverse. Some, like singer Janis Ian, claim that file sharing actually helps the artists by creating more exposure and thus increasing concert attendance. Others object to, over many years, having to buy the same album on record, 8-track, cassette, and now CD or mp3. Most vehement are people in the music industry who claim they loose millions in CD sales from file sharing. This issue is of particular interest to teenagers, as they are the largest demographic group guilty of file sharing. This book does a wonderful job of presenting the many sides of an issue that is very gray rather than black and white. Internet Piracy is an excellent book that deals with an subject of concern to many students and it will promote many lively and intelligent discussions. 2005, Greenhaven Press, Ages 12 up.
—Amie Rose Rotruck

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Greenhaven Publishing
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At Issue Series
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9.00(w) x 8.52(h) x 1.00(d)
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16 - 18 Years

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