Interpreting the Moving Image

Interpreting the Moving Image

by Noel Carroll

A collection of film essays by the well-respected critic, Noël Carroll.See more details below


A collection of film essays by the well-respected critic, Noël Carroll.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Studies in Film Series
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.87(d)

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Forward; 'Through Carroll's Looking Glass of Criticism' Tom Gunning; Introduction; 1. The cabinet of Dr. Kracauer; 2. Entr'acte, Paris and Dada; 3. The Gold Rush; 4. Keaton: film acting as action; 5. Buster Keaton, The General and visible intelligibility; 6. For God and Country; 7. Lang, Pabst and Sound; 8. Notes on Dreyer's Vampyr; 9. King Kong: ape and essence; 10. Becky Sharp takes over; 11. Interpreting Citizen Kane; 12. Mind, medium and metaphor in Harry Smith's Heaven and Earth Magic; 13. Welles and Kafka; 14. Nothing But A Man and The Cool World; 15. Identity and difference: from ritual symbolisim to condensation in Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome; 16. Text of Light; 17. Joan Jonas: making the image visible; 18. Introduction to Journeys from Berlin/1971; 19. The future of allusion: Hollywood in the seventies (and Beyond); 20. Back to basics; 21. Amy Taubin's bag; 22. Herzog, presence and paradox; 23. Film in the age of postmodernism.

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