Interracial Romance: Winter's Last Dance

Interracial Romance: Winter's Last Dance

by Blue Davis
Interracial Romance: Winter's Last Dance

Interracial Romance: Winter's Last Dance

by Blue Davis


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Winter Monroe isn't your average ballerina. She's strong, she's confident, and... she's black.

She is an African-American student who attends the Moskvina Ballet Academy in Moscow. Her biggest dream is to grace the stage with legendary Russian ballet dancers and she has worked her entire life just to be able to be trained by the best. Will she actualize her dream of dancing on stage with the Company, or will she remain a starving student, forever longing to be a world-class ballerina?

Nikolai Vasilek's sole desire is to leave the life of crime behind. His wife was killed last year, due to his own negligence. He's had it. He's done with it all. He wants to check out of Russia, and find a small oasis in Croatia or Greece, where he can spend the rest of his life in solitude.

However, a friend is in peril and calls for help. Nikolai reluctantly commits to a single task. His job is to steal the ballerina and keep her locked away for three days, no questions asked. Will he succeed in kidnapping her for the duration of the job?

Further, will Nikolai be able to control his urges around the limber ballerina, or will he succumb to her curves and screw the job up, forfeiting his chances of ever leaving the treacherous mafia life behind?

WARNING: This is a fast-paced story that contains elements of sex and violence. For adults only.

Interview with Blue Davis

Why did you choose to have the main character be a black ballerina?

I love the stories of successful black ballerinas. Many of them are phenomenal dancers that have raised our level of awareness to support black ballerinas in their quest to succeed on a stage where only whites have traditionally performed. I had always been a fan of ballet, but I didn't even realize race and discrimination was an issue in the ballet world until I saw something on Facebook one day. Then I started researching. These dancers are an inspiration to young black women everywhere.

Why is the story set in Russia? Because it's fun to go abroad with the story. And where else would we go, but Russia? Russians are world-renown for their remarkable contribution to ballet, and I think it's interesting to have a black American woman come over and walk in on their turf. The whole story is completely fictional of course, but it is so intriguing to imagine the types of conflicts that could occur.

Does this book contain sex or violence? Yes. This is a fast-paced interracial romance book (BWWM or black women white men) for Kindle that contains both sex and violence. It is very steamy, so please be ready for that. Is it series or stand-alone? This is a stand-alone novel that contains no cliffhangers. Please enjoy and thank you for reading!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781523624331
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/29/2016
Pages: 130
Sales rank: 759,674
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

*****Have you downloaded your FREE copy of Love in Transit? It's available on Blue's website here:*****

When you purchase one of Blue's books, she sends 10% to a shelter for abused women in Los Angeles.

Hey! Thanks for checking me out. I'm a friendly girl from L.A. who loves to write and experience different cultures. I currently live in northern Europe.

I have degrees in English Literature and Black Studies.

I write complex, fast-paced stories about love, and they almost always involve a strong black woman who takes a journey to some place in the world.

Love isn't always rosy. I've been in and out of bad relationships since I was a teenager. I finally broke the cycle and found myself a good guy and we have been living happily ever after.

I hope you like my stories! I have so many more books on the way. My laptop is nearly bursting at the seams. I love to hear from readers, so please send me a note at

Also, please drop me a line if you are a fellow author and would like to collaborate on a future project together.

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